Allows you to choose color of the graphs, theme, sort your alarms…​ and much more.

Settings → Personalize

3. Home screen

Chooses the Home screen mode (Dashboard, Tabs. or Alarms only).

4. Show Tabs

Only For Tabs Homescreen, allows you to add Tabs (alarm tab is always displayed).

5. Morning screen

You can choose from three screen you see in the morning after tracking, or you can disable the morning screen completely:

Morning briefing

The app opens the full graph directly.


The app opens the main screen of the app.


No screen is opened when you finish the tracking.

You can further customize the the morning briefing:


Hides the weather tile.

Automatic sleep tagging
Hide stats before rating

Will hide the sleep tracking results till you rate your sleep - enable if you feel that seing the results may influence your rating.

6. Theme

You can choose a theme (background color of the app):

Automatic (Android OS)

Follows the switching of changing dark / light themes by your system.

Automatic (Bedtime)

Uses dark theme between bedtime and sunrise.

Night owl

Dark theme (black background, white font) all the time.

Morning lark

Light theme (white background, black font) all the time.

Device settings

Follows your system settings.

7. Color palette (Graphs)

You can choose 7 different color palettes for your graphs:


The current default on new installations (a color may vary!).


Teal really is the best color, it’s cyan-tiffically proven.


Yoda green forever!


Feeling blue?


Been born in the purple?


A combination of blue, teal, and yellow, to match your colorful personality.


Original graph palette from the good old times.

8. Screen transition animations

Disables animations (for search bar, bar, graphs, stats…​)

9. Text to speech

If enabled, Sleep will tell you when it’s time to go to bed, wish you goodnight when you start sleep tracking, tell you it’s time to wake up when the alarm rings, and tell you weather in the morning, after you dismiss the alarm.

The app uses the system TTS engine. You can change your preferred voice in the system settings → Accessibility → Text-to-speech output.

10. Force English

Set app language to English, regardless of your system locale.

11. Temperature

Choose temperature units for weather, Default option follows your system.

12. Start week on

Choose which day is the first day of a week, Device detauls option follows you system locale.

13. Time format

Choose the format of the time in the app:

Device default

Uses the format set in system settings


24 hour time format


12 hour time format

1:00 PM

AM / PM format

14. Alarm sorting

Sort alarms in alarm list based either on time or day.


Default value, alarms are sorted based on they day


All your alarms will be sorted by time regardless on which day are they scheduled to ring.

15. Analog time picker

A round analog clock time picker will be shown when creating new alarms instead of the digital one.

16. Release notes

If disabled, you won’t be seeing release notes card/dialog when Sleep is updated to a new version. To check the release notes at will, tap Left ☰ menu → ic help Support → Release notes.

17. Show advanced settings

All advanced Settings are expanded on all settings screens.

18. Hide droid avatar

Hides the Droid on the home screen. It’s probably not the Droid you were looking for.