Finds you anything inside Sleep as Android. Settings, documentation, alarms, sleep records…​

We are aware that Sleep as Android is a very complex app. If you need anything done, then search is your best friend.
That is why you find it on almost every screen inside Sleep as Android - in the top bar.

Search will search through:

What can it find What can you search by Example query


Anything inside the settings - tapping takes you to the specific settings screen and emphasizes the searched option

  • Option name

  • Option description

  • Various aliases

Just try what comes to your mind.

eng - find the "Force English" option to switch language


Looks through this documentation

Documentation chapter names

search - finds you this page


Looks through active and inactive alarms

Alarm time

2:50 - finds you alarms that occur at 2:50


Looks through add-ons for Sleep as Android

Add-on name

cap - finds the Captcha pack add-on


Looks through your sleep records

  • Sleep record date

  • Time

  • Comment

  • Tags

watch - finds all records that have been created with a smartwatch


Looks through your sleep noise recordings

  • Date

  • Comment

  • Tags

talk - finds all recordings with #talk detected