1. What it does

Set a Spotify album or playlist as an alarm ringtone.

2. Where to find it

Settings → Services → Spotify

The Spotify app is available on Play Store.

3. Guide

After you enable Spotify in Settings → Services, Sleep as Android will connect to your Spotify account to be able to download information about your saved albums and playlists. Then you can set up one of those as your alarm’s ringtone or lullabies. See Ringtone.

Warning Our Spotify integration is all reverse engineered and thus may stop working any time Spotify updates their app.


  • Unfortunately, our Spotify integration is all reverse-engineered and thus may stop working whenever Spotify updates their app.

  • If the alarm goes off and your phone is locked, we will no be unable to change the playlist or album in your Spotify app. In this case the app will simply play where you last left it. We have not found a fix for this yet.

  • Using a VPN service may block playback of the online content.