Google Fit

Allows you to synchronize data between Sleep as Android and Google Fit.

Settings → Services → Google Fit

1. Features

  • Upload your sleep data into Google Fit

Note When enabling the integration, you are asked whether you’d like to synchronize your past records. This is currently limited up to 3 years. All new sleep records are then send to Google Fit.
Warning The app will only store entries without cloud icon (that were already synced from another cloud service).

2. Sync methods

Normal sync

Saves data for the past 2 weeks. Happens everytime sleep tracking ends, or when you create a sleep record manually. Also everytime you start the app, if a sync did not happen in the past 24 hours.

Full sync

Saves data for the past 3 years. Can be triggered from Settings → Services → Google Fit (you have to toggle off and on) → Upload_ (button in the lower right corner)

Note Heart rate data are saved only for the past 7 days in both normal and full sync (they are computationally intensive).
google fit month
Figure 1. Sleep data from SAA app in Google Fit.
google fit day
Figure 2. Sleep data for one night
google fit1
Figure 3. Google Fit goals progress - 80% goal reached on (Thu), Fri, Sun, and Tue
google fit2
Figure 4. Goal synced to Sleep - #sport tag added to Sat, Mon, and Wed