1. What it does

Allows you to use Sleep as Android as a trigger for IFTTT tasks.

We use the IFTTT Webhooks (formerly Maker) channel to send triggers/events from Sleep as Android.

2. Where to find it

Settings → Services → Automation → IFTTT

When you enable the option, you will be taken to its settings.

3. Guide

3.1. Setup

  1. In Settings → Services → IFTTT, tap on Retrieve. An IFTTT login screen will show up below.

  2. Enter your email and password and tap Sign in.

    Note Don’t use Google/Facebook login. It doesn’t work when the web browser window is embedded inside our app.
    If you don’t want to fill your email/password inside our app, you can copy the needed ID from your own browser. Check https://ifttt.com/services/maker_webhooks/settings – the ID is in the page’s URL, after /use/)
  3. Your ID gets loaded automatically and “IFTTT connected” message will appear.

  4. Now you can add IFTTT recipes on the IFTTT create page.

    • Click on +THIS and select Webhooks > Receive a web request.

    • In the “event name” field, type one of the events below. Click Create trigger.

    • Click on +THAT and choose your desired action.

      Note In +THAT, you can also add variables (or "ingredients" as IFTTT calls them) from the event. For example with alarm_alert_start, we are sending the alarm timestamp and label.