Health Connect

Allows you to synchronize data between Sleep as Android and Health Connect.

  • Export of your sleep phases from Sleep

  • Import of 3rd party sleep data into Sleep

  • Exchanging data about resting HR

  • Exchanging data about SpO2 data

Settings → Services → Health Connect

Note Health Connect service is still in BETA.

1. How to connect to Health Connect

hc 1
Figure 1. In Sleep as Android, enable Settings → Services → Health Connect.
hc 2
Figure 2. Grant permissions to Sleep as Android
hc 3
Figure 3. Tap the button to sync your data
hc 5
Figure 4. You can go back to Settings. Health Connect is now enabled.
hc 4
Figure 5. Edit permissions if needed
Warning You need a version from our web installed to access SpO2 data, the version deployed by the Play Store cannot read them - this issue has been reported to Health Connect support. Get the app from our download page.