SleepCloud study

SleepCloud study


“Do early birds and night owls really exist? Will you sleep better if you jump to bed before midnight? How much snoring is too much? How much sleep do we need? Does it really help to have a smart alarm that wakes you up in the light sleep phase?”

There is too much unknown about the great human mystery – sleep. For the first time in history, everyone has an opportunity to help the research from the comfort of their own homes. If that sounds intriguing, read on.

Millions of users use our Sleep as Android app daily to track their sleep behaviours, to help them understand better how they function. With Sleep as Android, you have free access to SleepCloud – a web app for visualisation and backup of sleep data.

Over one hundred thousand of SleepCloud users agreed to share their sleep data for analysis and scientific research. Urbandroid Team now presents the largest sleep study in the world. It is very special – the SleepCloud community is fueling it with new data all the time.

Dive with us into one of the greatest mysteries of human behaviour. Urbandroid Team is proud to present the results of the largest sleep study in the world.

The research has just begun – we will provide you with constant updates. As soon as we find another interesting part of the story, we’ll append it to this series. Wait for the updates on Twitter, Google+ and subscribe to the RSS feed.

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7 thoughts on “SleepCloud study

  1. I am hoping to learn how to achieve better rem sleep using sleep with droid, Samsung health, and my gear 3. I would also like to request insights, is this possible?

  2. I am happy to be able to contribute to a large study on the humans sleep, the sleep as android app is amazing and has features that I have not seen on any other sleep app (those features are things that should be standard in any of those sleep apps). I hope i can do many more nights of sleep tracking and upload them to the sleep cloud so I can help with the study. Thanks for creating this awesome app and using all the sleep cloud data to study how we humans sleep and figure out what’s best 🙂

  3. I just started tracking my sleeping habits and details to better understand their effects on my health specially after an open heart surgery two years ago and decided to stop all medication and use preventative measures I also use Weltroy application to track my heart condition and they recommended Sleep application to me and connect to it as another source of input to analyse my health status and what adjustments in my lifestyle needed to improve my totality health and safety conditions so far I’m very impressed by the result. I upgraded both applications to be able to use their full potential.

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