SleepCloud study

How do the data look?

Between Jan 2010 and Aug 2020, we have gathered about 30 million individual sleep records.

Most of the data come from the western world, mainly the U.S., as SleepCloud has the most users there. Check theĀ EvidenceĀ tab below.

Sleep records hold a lot of information about the individual sleeps – we can look at:

  • how long was the sleep
  • in which town was the sleeper located
  • how well did he sleep (based on deep sleep ratio and subjective rating)
  • whether he was snoozing and for how long
  • how much did he snore
  • usage and usefulness of smart alarm
  • heart rate data

For people easily excited about tabular data (yes, we do exist!), an exact example is available here.

With that, we’re doing all sorts of analyses.

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2 thoughts on “How do the data look?

  1. Why don’t you track sleep apnea stats? I would like to see more information on my sleep apnea stats. You do not show the sleep apnea alarms. You do not tell me what generates a sleep apnea alarm. I see a lot of sleep apnea alarms on my phone but not on the SleepCloud. I would like to study that condition more.

    1. Hi, many thanks for your suggestion! Could you please add it in Sleep apnea is important for us but we haven’t had much feedback regarding it.

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