World never sleeps

Your browser does not support the video tag. Well behind us are the times when the planet was black, only every so often the darkness disturbed by light of an occasional fire, at first from a lightning, later from bonfires of the first human geeks. Fire has given humans the ability to shine light at […]

On Social Jetlag

We need regular sleep Numerous studies have shown the importance of regular sleep. Not only we need sufficient quantity of sleep, we should also go to bed at and wake up at a regular hour. Various metabolic processes in our body follow cyclic daily patterns (circadian rhythm), and sleep has its own place in it. […]

Want to stop snoring? Have a beer!

Naturally, the headline is wrong … for the most part. You can easily google countless studies showing that alcohol before sleep worsens your snoring. And they are right … for the most part. We have verified the relationship between alcohol and snoring on the live data collected from our users (where did we get the […]

How do the data look?

Between Jan 2010 and Aug 2020, we have gathered about 30 million individual sleep records. Most of the data come from the western world, mainly the U.S., as SleepCloud has the most users there. Check the Evidence tab below. Sleep records hold a lot of information about the individual sleeps – we can look at: how long […]

A case for the smart alarm

On average, people sleep around 7 hours a night. But according to our research, it differs a lot with the location. For example, people around the equator tend to sleep less – up to 30 minutes less than the average American! Summary Using smart alarm has a positive effect on the morning mood About 30% […]

Snoring: an apology for the pathology

Everyone will snore a little now and then. But how much can be considered normal? We ran an analysis over 2.5 million nights of snorers and found 3 basic types of snoring behaviour. We’ve also statistically confirmed the common knowledge that alcohol worsens your snoring – and that physical activity will help. Summary 3 types […]

How do we sleep post-brexit?

Do politics get on your nerves? Or are you the type who cannot be bothered by just another corruption affair or election campaign? Turns out that a lot of people are so concerned with political events that it affects the way they sleep. Scientists from National Institute of Mental Health turned their attention to United Kingdom leaving […]

SleepCloud study

“Do early birds and night owls really exist? Will you sleep better if you jump to bed before midnight? How much snoring is too much? How much sleep do we need? Does it really help to have a smart alarm that wakes you up in the light sleep phase?” There is too much unknown about the […]