Full-blown sleep tracking with new Polar devices.

Sleep as Android now fully integrates with the new fitness-tracking devices from Polar – H10, OH1 and Sense. In addition to heart rate measurement, the app uses the integrated accelerometer to monitor sleep phases and trigger smart alarms. The Polar devices present an affordable, comfortable, and easy-to-use alternative to sleep-tracking with a traditional smartwatch. Read […]

Sleep As Android is All Ears

Have you enjoyed snoring detection in Sleep as Android? Did it work well for you, or did it make lots of mistakes? In any case, we are proud to announce a new, redesigned, improved version of this feature, and you should give it a try. More sounds are recognized    Talk Actually, we added talk […]

Checking your light conditions

After getting all sci-fi with the introduction of sonar as a revolutionary no-addon sensor to be used for sleep tracking more than a year ago, you might think there’s nothing left on your smartphone that could enhance sleep tracking further. Let’s shed some light on this! You guessed it – we’re introducing usage of the […]

Automatic sleep tracking

Bye bye, moon button! This is a historic moment for Sleep as Android and for sleep tracking at home. We are rolling out our smart automatic sleep tracking feature so you can finally ditch your fitness tracker. No more missed sleep tracks. You will always get a pleasant wake up with smart alarm even when […]

Mi Band 3 supported by Sleep as Android

Thanks to another breath-taking effort of Zdenek Horak, the mastermind behind the Tools & Mi Band app, we can announce that Mi Band 3 is fully supported by Sleep as Android. All features are working exactly the same as on Mi Band 2 – you get sleep tracking, heart rate measurement and alarm vibration on […]

Will Sleep as Android ever support Gear Fit 2?


SURPRISE!! We support it! READ MORE. The previous version of this post below states how we weren’t able to get the Gear Fit 2 app to the market. We leave it here for historical reasons 🙂 For more technically inclined readers, check out https://medium.com/@roundedeverett/how-to-develop-apps-for-samsung-gear-fit-2-16119801da1b. Since the Gear Fit 2 had been introduced onto the market, there […]