How we measure your dreams

The science, craft, art, and magic of sleep phases detection

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Executive summary For years we have been skeptical about REM estimates from actigraphy (the mother for sleep tracking which can be used at home). At first glance this tasks seems like an attempt to measure your IQ through your running speed. But after analyzing a large PSG (Polysomnography) data-set we have found out there are […]

Pair Tracking

Get a cleaner sleep record for yourself and your partner

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We are proud to announce a new feature in Sleep As Android – Pair tracking. It helps you to get a cleaner record of your sleep phases by combining the measurements from your and your partner’s phone, using any combination of sensors. The very core function of Sleep as Android is monitoring sleep phases – […]

Sleep ❤ Gear Fit 2

Sleep as Android supports Gear Fit 2 / Gear Fit 2 Pro after all!

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Whaaaaa? Oh yeah, you read that right! Sleep as Android is coming to Gear Fit 2. In fact, you can download it right now. Go ahead, do it! It’s right there, on the Galaxy Store! You’ll find it, somewhat cryptically, under Watch Faces > Digital > New. Or under Watch Faces > Sports / Health […]

UX Improvements

Tabs for power-users, outlined icons

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Hello folks, another UX update is heading your direction. We are listening to your feedback regarding the dashboard, tabs and everything :). We understand that some of you still find the dashboard cumbersome – especially regarding configuring alarms. One of the issues we hear a lot is that the floating action button on the alarm […]

Will Sleep as Android ever support Gear Fit 2?


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SURPRISE!! We support it! READ MORE. The previous version of this post below states how we weren’t able to get the Gear Fit 2 app to the market. We leave it here for historical reasons 🙂 For more technically inclined readers, check out Since the Gear Fit 2 had been introduced onto the market, there […]