Mi Band 3 supported by Sleep as Android

Thanks to another breath-taking effort of Zdenek Horak, the mastermind behind the Tools & Mi Band app, we can announce that Mi Band 3 is fully supported by Sleep as Android.

All features are working exactly the same as on Mi Band 2 – you get sleep tracking, heart rate measurement and alarm vibration on your wrist.


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  1. Not true!! First the watch stores its data as *.fit files. They are downloaded by Garmin Express like the other Garmin watches. The exercise is available to other apps like Strava and Speedo. My guess is that the same is true for the sleep data. Look for it. It may not be in the form you want it for “Sleep…”, but it most likely is there!!

    1. That’s a different thing. If you want to have your data from Vivofit 3 in Sleep as Android for statistical analysis, you can already do that using to get your data from Garmin cloud to Google Fit or S Health and from that we import them automatically.
      But what I was talking about was that you cannot get the data from the watch in realtime, so the smart wakeup and other realtime features like awake detection won’t be available.

  2. Hi I have the vivosmart 3 and was hoping for just bluetooth heart rate monitoring. Is there any chance that may be supported in the future? I know ghostracer sees it as a bluetooth hrm sensor so was hoping this could be added to your app? I prefer using sonar but with hrm…

    1. Hi Michael, if ghostracer can see it as bluetooth hrm sensor, then so should we — could you please try it? Just enable Settings > Wearables > Bluetooth smart and then start sleep tracking. The app will do a search for nearby BT HRM devices. Please send me a debug log (menu > report a bug) after about 5 minutes.

  3. I am going to invest in a miband just for SaA. Is there any advantage to getting a 3, or are all functions equally available on a 2 including heart rate.?

  4. I am also wondering this. Exactly the same thing here, I would buy the band for the sole purpose of sleep tracking. Should I save some money and just get the 2?

    1. Hello, sorry about that, we have this already fixed in the latest version of Sleep as Android. Please update to Beta or wait for a stable update to get rolled to you.

  5. If you want to have your data from Vivofit 3 in Sleep as Android for statistical analysis, you can already do that using to get your data from Garmin cloud to Google Fit

  6. For some reason I cannot get the snooze alarm to function on the Mi band 3. I really liked the tap to snooze and tap and hold to dismiss on the Mi band 2. Is there something I am missing in the setup? The only function on the 3 band when alarm goes off is to tap to dismiss. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  7. Sadly the Mi 3 doesn’t work probably for me. Not sure how the sensor works or the intervall of checking the movement but somehow my last sleep was tracked as 92 deep sleep. My nights before where always around 40-60% with a change of light sleep, rem and deep sleep every 20-30 min with phone sensor tracking. Does the mi 3 somehow only track the movement every 10 sec or so?

  8. Hi Jiri, sorry I didn’t see this reply until now! Ok so I just tried again I turned on heart rate broadcast on the vivosmart 3 and started sleep tracking with bluetooth smart enabled It tried to find a bluetooth hrm, asked if I want to pair with an apple tv but did not find the vivosmart. I then started ghostracer and it found the heart rate almost immediately. It shows it as an ant+ device in the ghostracer sensor list. So I imagine it’s the ANT+ feature of the samsung S7 that connects it. Is there any chance you could implement ANT+ like ghostracer?

  9. Hello,

    I just bought my first wearable, Mi Band 3, and I don’t quite understand what it is that these other apps (Tools & Mi Band or Notify & Fitness for Mi Band) do. I just enabled “use wearable” and “heart rate monitoring” under settings for Sleep as Android. The sleep graph looks as usual, with spikes and troughs, but the bar graph doesn’t work. Could you please explain to me what the other apps are for?

    1. Hello Tatiana, thank you for asking.
      Mi Band has no public API, which means that we cannot connect to it and get the sensor data.
      It communicates with phone via Bluetooth, so in theory it is possible to crack the protocol to send and receive commands from the wearable.
      This is a very time consuming task that is hard to do correctly, so we don’t do it ourselves.
      This is what apps like Miband Tools and Notify and Fitness do.

      Sleep as Android has an API to which those apps connect. So the apps effectively work as a bridge between Sleep and the device.

  10. Many thanks Jiri. What confuses me is that even without the extra app Sleep as Android produces a line graph, so it seems like the telephone (which is lying unmoved on teh bed table) does receive some kind of signal from MiBand. Is it the body movement rather than the heart rate?

  11. Hi I hope someone is still here to help me.

    I’m a little lost on how this multi app syncing work.
    My issue is I am not seeing the red line on the sleep graph(on sleep as Android) which indicates heart rate monitoring .
    I’ve enabled wearables and heart rate detection on SAA. Enabled interval heart rate monitoring (30 mins) on Mi Band Tools. Enabled 30mins monitoring on Mi Fit.
    I’m seeing the numbers and graph on both Mi Fit and Mi Band Tools however it is not sending the data to SAA.

    Hope someone is still around to help.
    Happy new year!

    1. Hi, sorry for late reply – please set the heart rate monitoring interval to around 2 minutes. 30 minutes is way too long to be meaningful for sleep tracking so we just throw that data away if they are too sparse.

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