UX Improvements

Tabs for power-users, outlined icons

Hello folks,

another UX update is heading your direction. We are listening to your feedback regarding the dashboard, tabs and everything :). We understand that some of you still find the dashboard cumbersome – especially regarding configuring alarms.

One of the issues we hear a lot is that the floating action button on the alarm screen doesn’t start sleep tracking. It adds a new alarm, which is not what you want before sleep. We have addressed this issue in the latest BETA dashboard.

We have also learned that around 14% of you use tabs instead of dashboard. This is quite a high number. Instead of making tabs gradually deprecated, we decided to keep them around for power users and specific use-cases and make them more powerful and customizable.

We want Tabs users to get all of the advantages of the new dashboard. This is why the Dashboard is now one of the tabs. The only limitation is that “swipe to hide” is not working as it clashes with “swipe to change tab”. You can still hide cards using the Show/Hide option at the bottom.

Tabs are now easier to configure using the last tab (also removable) which serves as tab configuration screen. If you remove this config tab, you can bring it back in Settings > Miscellaneous > Tabs.

We are experimenting with a new default tab setup – Alarms | Dashboard | Graphs | Tab config. If you do not like this setup,  you can switch to the previous defaults in the Tabs config tab.

We have also updated most of the icons in the app with their outlined version which look more aesthetically aligned.

More over – the “Alarms-only” homepage setup hides some more of the unnecessary sleep related stuff – for example makes settings simpler.

Hope you will enjoy our latest update, please give us feedback and also many thanks for using our apps.

4 thoughts on “

UX Improvements

Tabs for power-users, outlined icons

    1. Hey Nick, yep we like it too! This beta does not have the target API level 26, we do have this only in alpha version. I’m curious – why are you interested in the target API level?
      If you want to get to the alpha so you can test how it works with the new target API level (the biggest rewrite being implicit to explicit intents), let me know! You can join in our Google+ group.

  1. I would be absolutely into joining the alpha group!!

    I just get a vague feel of how “modern” an app is by the API level they target and love to see my current apps updated to a higher one. Not to mention the new features that become accessible to the developers and possible efficiencies in performance and battery use it can provide. I actually have an app that shows every installed app’s target API level on a pie graph so it’s always fun to see the older versions get smaller and new ones increase. Maybe a little obsessive but it’s something I enjoy. 😁

  2. Lol. I do the same exact thing!
    Sleep as Android is actually one of the earliest APIs I have on the AppChecker list.
    Sleep is Marshmallow and Sleep Unlock is Lollipop 🤷‍♂️

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