Automatic sleep tracking

Bye bye, moon button!

This is a historic moment for Sleep as Android and for sleep tracking at home. We are rolling out our smart automatic sleep tracking feature so you can finally ditch your fitness tracker.

No more missed sleep tracks. You will always get a pleasant wake up with smart alarm even when you forgot to press the button. No need for any additional device. Now you phone is the only thing you need to track your sleep automatically and accurately.

Sleep as Android sets itself apart from all other sleep tracking apps: finally you don’t have to start sleep tracking manually.

So far, only fitness trackers could track your sleep automatically without you telling them to start. The reason? Only manufacturers of such devices could do this battery efficiently because only they have full control over the device software as well as hardware.

On smartphones, sleep tracking was traditionally a process initiated by a button tap, or by a hard timed trigger. But now Sleep as Android offers a smart way to track your sleep automatically similarly to what fitness trackers can do. And we can do this in a pretty precise and battery efficient way.

The secret is the use of Google’s activity recognition API with some clever tricks on top to minimize battery use and still get a pretty good picture about your activity.

This feature is available in the latest BETA version of the app 20190312. If you are not yet part of the BETA and want to try this out, please opt-in at or get this version form here. After you install it please enable Setting > Sleep tracking > [Automatic sleep tracking] > Start sleep tracking > After fall asleep..

Please read here for more details on how this feature works and how to configure it properly.

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