UPDATE2: Not everyone has the latest Android version, so we have made few hacks and workarounds on Android 11 and earlier devices to make the Bedtime widget work well in the 1×1 and not too much worse in the default 2×1. Hopefully this will further address some of the issues reported in the discussion below.   

Android 11 and earlier:

UPDATE: There has been some controversy about the round widgets now redesigned as rectangles with round corners. This is more in line with the Material V3 widgets takeaways. It allows us to better align the widget with the home screen icons especially in the 1×1 view and at the same time allow the widget to be resizable, make layouts dynamically adjust to the selected size (Android 12+) and use all of the available space efficiently.

Latest version with fixes and improvements based on your feedback is here or in the BETA channel.

The image below demonstrates the alignment problem of the old widgets:

Latest version of Sleep as Android adds redesigned material widgets. They are more useful showing more info and hopefully better looking and aligned with modern home screens. Please let us know what you think in the comments section.

Android 12+


The graph widget is even more useful now showing the different sleep score measures including duration, regularity, depth, efficiency… You can configure the order of shown measures on the Sleep Score card > Sort.. 


75 thoughts on “Widgets!

  1. FWIW I like the new designs and the little droid guy is cute.

    I don’t know why people are complaining about it taking up too much space – it’s still a 1×1 widget. The home screen spaces are rectangular now and not square (who knows why Android did that) so it makes sense to move away from circular icons and widgets.

    1. Hello Julianne, big thanks for your feedback, maybe the problem was on Android 11 and earlier, where we cannot dynamically change the layout with different widget sizing, this is now fixed and even people on older Androids can use a 1×1 widget with the droid visible.. hopefully this will help.. big thanks for the positive feedback.

  2. Since there are so many negative comments I want to say I’m very thankful for your commitment to following the latest Material Design.

  3. Hi!

    This morning I had some trouble silencing my alarm with this new widget. Usually, if I somehow exit the alarm screen I’d be able to tap on that widget and it would take me to my alarms, and I’d be able to address any current alarms from that screen. Instead, it takes me to create a new one, while the old one is still ringing. It took long enough that it woke up my kids.

    I have my screen set up in a way that is highly predictable, so I can navigate one-handed when I need to, and the old widget was nice as it had a decent tap target, but it’s unfortunate that I have to switch this out. I know you were considering the UI, but also consider the impact to the user experience of changing things up.

  4. I am also in the camp of not liking the redesign of the “next alarm” widget. I understand why you did it, but is there a reason you couldn’t leave the previous one as an option for those who preferred it? I’m obviously not alone. Name your new one (1×1 resizable) vs the old one (1×1 round) or something like that. Is there a reason you can’t do that? I didn’t particularly care that it didn’t align, I preferred it looking like an icon vs a widget. I realize this is a preference, which is why I say offer both options please.

    1. Hello Ron, any thanks for the feedback, honestly leaving legacy options is the shortest road to hell, making the app bloated and unusable over time, we have learned that lesson already and still trying to clean the app.. I hope you can understand it..

  5. Whed I enter the list of alarms through the next alarm widget and then press the ‘return’ arrow in the list in the top left corner, it closes the app instead of returning in the main menu as it used to be. This is anoying.

  6. Whilst I appreciate your explanation regarding the alignment, it has never affected me (and it seems it hasn’t been an issue for other people commenting).
    Is there a reason you can’t give users the option of the previous style along with the new style?

  7. Since you’re getting so much negative feedback regarding the new widget design, I want to leave some positive feedback for you: the new widgets looks good to me and I appreciate you explaining why you changed the look of them.

    I love your app – you’re doing a great job and have been doing so for years. Thank you!

  8. I don’t use widgets, but the app itself has started being “weird” when I end my sleep in the morning lately. It used to display my results and graph when I input my stars and clicked the done button, but now it immediately closes the app instead after I click “done” and I then have to go back to the shortcut icon to reopen the app to see my results and graph. Annoying.

    1. Hello @Jules, I do not see this issue, can you please ideally use menu > Support > Report a bug.. first I would check if you have the latest version of the app, then I would check Settings > Personalization > Morning screen and see what is your settings.. when you tap done on that screen maybe just the lock screen is kicking in? This is normal as the morning screen displays on the lock screen, but other screens in the app do not..maybe this is causing the issue for you?

  9. I liked the little circle widget with just the alarm time on, please can you bring that back, why not have two versions, I personally will not use the new one and miss my little circle icon with my alarm on it.

  10. My 1×1 widget now in fact takes up a 2×1 space, despite me specifically selecting 1×1. Is there a way to force it to take up only a 1×1 space. I’m using Android 12 on a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

  11. Hello, it’s not possible to make the widget transparent anymore. Mine is brown right now , probably because of the android theme? Please return the option of transparency in widgets 😪 it’s so ugly

    1. Hello Zue, the widget uses dynamic themes on Android 12+ brows is apparently your current theme color, but you can easily change it and maybe more apps will look better, just long press on your home screen.. choose wallpaper and styles and choose a color scheme which matches your preferences..did that help?

  12. no it doesn’t help. I know how themes work. My request is, like many others, to return the option of transparent background as it was in former version.

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