Personalized Sleep detail and Morning briefing

Similarly to the main Dashboard screen in the latest version of Sleep as Android you can also personalize your Sleep detail and Morning briefing screen. You can swipe unnecessary cards away or pin important cards to the top. 

Morning briefing can be customized independently on Sleep detail. So if you decide you want to see weather at the top in the morning just long press the weather card. 

At the same time we have kept all the advanced edit feature with selecting certain duration and zooming into the graphs in the next screen, when tapping on Edit.

Hope you will enjoy this new look. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.



6 thoughts on “Personalized Sleep detail and Morning briefing

  1. Hello Michael, many thanks, we have separated zooming and edit from the overview as combining both into one screen made it boated and chaotic.. you can still zoom in and use the edit features on the next screen after you pres Edit.. did that address your concerns?

  2. _from a support conversation_
    Why is everything so spread out on my morning graphs? Can we please stop changing how it looks and making it harder to read? How do I revert it to how it was before?
    How do I customize it so that it’s not cards with most the screen space wasted and instead a single card with all the details presented in a concise easy to read graph like it was a couple of years ago?

  3. Hi Petr
    My big wish would be to be able to zoom in further on the overview/combined screen with or without the individual panels. I find the level of zoom on the overview to be a little lacking as it’s hard to ascertain why certain events occur from up high. Many of the watch sleep tracking charts allow quite granular zoom to within minutes and allow you see individual value/data points. This would be a killer feature in my opinion as right now I need to export and use another app to do it. I also preferred seeing the circles above the overview as these change if you edit the session.

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