We finally have a new king of smart watch!

I have been working on sleep tracking tech for the last 13 years and since 2010 I have integrated many different wearable devices and platforms with Sleep as Android (our pioneer sleep tracking app). We integrated nearly every wearable with an open API… Starting with the king of smartwatches the Pebble and the early Android […]

Sleep Regularity Index

Regularity is the key to healthy sleep. For many years now Sleep as Android makes your sleep regularity a central focus in your Sleep Score just beside the Duration measure. In fact more evidence is emerging that regularity may play even be more important role in sleep than duration. See for instance Sleep regularity is […]

Lullabies and Ringtones new look!

Most common feedback from new Sleep as Android users is not about features, reliability, data or integrations. We have focused on that heavily over the last 12 years. Instead they ask for the app to look nicer and the UX to be easier to use and understand.  We have heart you folks! I would like […]

Sleep as Android adds Android 12 Material YOU colors

Sleep as Android will completely re-color when you change your wallpaper on Android 12 with Material YOU.  This is now being rolled out to production or you can get it right now when joining our BETA testers group on the Play Store page of the app (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/sleep-as-an-droid forum membership required)  Watch this video on YouTube […]

Sleep as Android goes all Pie

Sleep as Android is now all about your Sleep Score and about how to focus on the 6+ different dimensions of your sleep and keep them in balance. With the latest redesign of the Stats, Graphs and Sleep Score we wanted to even further focus on the Sleep Score and its connection to each individual […]

Heart Rate Variability tracking with Sleep As Android

Working hard? Sporting actively? Being dragged into destructive habits? Not getting enough rest? Get a new level of insight into your bodily processes and the quality of your sleep. We proudly announce a new feature in Sleep as Android, monitoring heart rate variability via a wide range of wearable devices. Read on to learn more. What […]