Sleep as Android talks to Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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Sleep as Android talks to Xiaomi Mi Band 1&2

It was a long quest. Starting with the introduction of the first version of the budget band from Xiaomi, we have been flooded with requests from you, the users of Sleep as Android, to make good use of the band.

Unfortunately, there was no documented protocol which we could use and the task seemed repeatedly possible and impossible with the efforts of various independent developers who seemed to crack the Bluetooth protocol that Mi Band used.

But Xiaomi always stroke back and changed the protocol.

After a long long long and seemingly impossible quest to get Mi Band talk to Sleep as Android, we got a word from Zdenek Horak, the author of Tools & MiBand (called MiBand Tools then) that he might be able to get this relationship working. But even for him, it was not an easy task, and even Zdenek felt at times that it’s an impossible thing.

But he didn’t give up. And finally, here we are.

Today, we can announce that Sleep as Android supports Xiaomi Mi Band 1&2!


How to:

For the integration to work, please buy & download the amazing Tools & Mi Band – the best Mi Band app on Android – Sleep as Android gets a full featured Mi Band support.

Motion tracking (sleep phases tracking)

Enable Settings > Wearables > Use wearable. 

Heart rate measurement

You need to enable heart rate in Tools & Mi Band:

Go to Tools & Mi Band > Navigation drawer > Heart rate > Settings and set the interval at which you want heart rate to be measured. This will then send heart rate to Sleep as Android at selected rate during sleep tracking.

You also need to enable heart rate monitoring in Sleep as Android:

Enable Sleep as Android > Settings > Wearables > Heart rate monitoring.

And battery life? With a full charge, you get to 95% in the morning after a whole night’s track. So we are probably better off than the Pebble (RIP)…

CAUTION: Sorry Mi Band 1 users, the integration only works with the Mi Band 2 with the newer firmware. For Mi Band 1 it is not technically possible. No access to its data. Mi Band 1 has been integrated as well! Please see Now Sleep as Android talks Mi Band 1+2 (-1S)


84 thoughts on “Sleep as Android talks to Xiaomi Mi Band 2

  1. Dear Jiri Richter and SaA (Sleep as Android) Team,

    Great work! I love the application, it helps me to wake me up in the morning on time.

    About this article, I have a question…
    You said it need MBT (Mi band tools) continuous HR reading to work. But I notice there’s already HR sleep assistant on Mi fit official app.

    Why SaA app can’t read from Mi fit official app?
    Should I enabled both?
    Or on MBT only?

    Best Regards.

  2. What about heart rate measurement option in Sleep as android? “Mi band” is listed in description of the switch which turns it on (Settings=>Smartwatch=>Heart rate measurement), but still we need to set up heart rate measurement in Mi band tools. Why?

    1. This is because Mi Band Tools is the middleman who has deciphered the Heart rate protocol from mi band. So effectively Mi Band Tools is the provider of the heart rate data, and Sleep is the receiver.
      You control both sides of the relationship. In Mi band tools you enable sending HR data, in Sleep receiving HR data.

  3. In tools & miband app it states that it is possible to snooze an alarm in sleep as android with just pressing the miband button. I turned this function on but it doesn’t trigger anything when the alarm rings. Is there a solution?

  4. Hi,
    Do you think Mi Band 2 does a good work on the sleep tracking? I’m asking because i already read somewhere that the data showed by the Mi Band 2 are not much accurate.

    Please, someone answear asap.

    Best regards

    1. Hello Francisco, Mi Band 2 is very accurate. In fact it is accurate the same as any other band or smartwatch. At the heart of the band is a motion sensor called accelerometer which is a really well produced and standardized component. Nothing can go wrong there. Sleep as Android gets raw data from the accelerometer and works with them.
      What have you most probably read is that the processing done on the data by the Mi Fit app is tad crappy. We circumvent Mi Fit and get directly at the raw data, so this inaccurate step is out of the way.

  5. Hi. Could I use SaA in this way: setup a morning alarm in app, sync it to mi band, turn off Bluetooth and do not use app at all. And in the morning sync mi band with the app?

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