Heart rate detection – beta feature

Why heart rate detection?

If you own an Android Wear smartwatch with heart rate (HR) sensor or a dedicated Bluetooth HR strap, you can use them to make sleep tracking more accurate.

How to setup heart rate detection?

For using with Android Wear or Pebble:

  • Go to Settings > Wearables and enable both Sleep tracking (Use wearables) and Heart rate monitoring – Android Wear, Pebble, Garmin, Mi Band

NOTE: For HR with Mi Band, you also have to enable heart rate measurement in Mi Band Tools. Go to Navigation drawer > Heart rate > Settings and set the interval at which you want heart rate to be measured. This will then send heart rate to Sleep as Android at selected rate during sleep tracking.

For using with Bluetooth HR strap:

  • Go to Settings > Wearables and enable Bluetooth Smart (LE)

Now just start sleep tracking and you’re good to go! The sleep tracking screen will show a heart symbol every once in a while to confirm that HR data are getting through.

Sleep graph with heart rate

A normal sleep graph with heart rate detected will look like this:

Heart rate graph

The red line shows the actual heart rate value, numbers represent minimal and maximal value.