Sleep Phaser version 2

Urbandroid is proud to introduce the second generation of their sleep tracking bedside lamp Sleep Phaser! The new version is a big change in design and a step forward in usability.

Buy it here!
Buy it here!

What does it do?

Sleep Phaser is a bedside lamp that detects your sleep phases using a passive infrared sensor – a similar sensor to what comes in burglar motion detectors.

By connecting your Sleep Phaser to an Android app Sleep as Android (full licence included), you can track your long-term sleep statistics and wake up every morning in the right sleep phase with a sunrise-effect alarm of the lamp.

How does it compare to the previous version?

The first version of Sleep Phaser was a big success. As a pioneer, it had a few pain points, and thanks to everyone who purchased the device, we’ve gathered a lot useful feedback. Based on this feedback, we’ve designed the new version of the device to be much more usable.

New features include:

  • Severely enhanced stability with new base-centered design. The previous version was keen to falling over when pushed.
  • Button on the top. The light toggle button is on the top of the device – no need to search for it. Just hit it on the head!
  • Battery that lasts 2-3 nights. Makes your Phaser portable!
  • Last but not least: it’s cheaper!

Make sure to grab your version 2 Phaser on the Happy Electronics e-shop!

2 thoughts on “Sleep Phaser version 2

  1. This looks great. Could you please let us know if there is any way of making the sleep phaser 2 turn off as you fall asleep?
    An example use case: SAA running with automatic sleep tracking; turn the Sleep Phaser 2 light on to read a book; continue reading until fall asleep; SAA identifies sleep state and begins proper tracking; dims Sleep Phaser and turns it off.

    Add to this, can the Sleep Phaser be used for lucid dreaming? Can it turn on and off automatically during REM and/or other stages?


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