Sleep as Android goes all Pie

Sleep as Android is now all about your Sleep Score and about how to focus on the 6+ different dimensions of your sleep and keep them in balance.

With the latest redesign of the Stats, Graphs and Sleep Score we wanted to even further focus on the Sleep Score and its connection to each individual sleep record you have.

This is why we created a unified visual language to be used in the Sleep Score as well as in the Graph detail screen. The common element is the pie chart – but also each dimension got an consistent icon and consistent way of showing the figures across the app.

How do you like the new look of Sleep as Android? Please let us know what you think. 

One thought on “Sleep as Android goes all Pie

  1. Fantastic to see deep sleep duration and a quick way of identifying details. I’d very much like the other states in a similar representation, esp REM and to a lesser extent Awake. Is efficiency duration inverse awake?

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