Now Sleep as Android talks Mi Band 1+2 (-1S)

The genius Zdenek Horak (Tools & Mi Band) did it again. After introducing the Mi Band 2 earlier Zdenek used his BT hacking superpowers again to make even Mi Band 1.0 (Color) and Mi Band 1A (White) talk with Sleep as Android. Any firmware should be supported on those devices.

So now the only stubborn Mi Band which refuses to work is Mi Band 1S. Hopefully, we will see that integrated too one day. Let’s see.

How to set it up

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6 thoughts on “Now Sleep as Android talks Mi Band 1+2 (-1S)

  1. Hi,

    I so love your app! But I’m still frustrating that Mi Band 1s isn’t supported. Is there any chance that it will be fixed someday?

    1. Hello Anastassia, please note that making Mi Band support is an incredible BT sniffing effort by Zdenek Horak of Tools & Mi Band who is a genius..We would never make it to even support the other Mi Band models as there are no APIs all is just reverse engeneered.. so from my point of view it already incredible that we talk to at least some Mi Bands.. and if Zdenek was not able to find a way to make 1s working there is probably a good reason for that 🙁

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