Now Sleep as Android talks Mi Band 1+2 (-1S)

The genius Zdenek Horak (Tools & Mi Band) did it again. After introducing the Mi Band 2 earlier Zdenek used his BT hacking superpowers again to make even Mi Band 1.0 (Color) and Mi Band 1A (White) talk with Sleep as Android. Any firmware should be supported on those devices. So now the only stubborn Mi Band […]

Sleep as Android talks to Xiaomi Mi Band 1&2

It was a long quest. Starting with the introduction of the first version of the budget band from Xiaomi, we have been flooded with requests from you, the users of Sleep as Android, to make good use of the band. Unfortunately, there was no documented protocol which we could use and the task seemed repeatedly […]

Introducing chronotype detection

For some reason, the western civilization favors morning people with its predominant 9-to-5 job schedule. A portion of people is okay with that, a portion is extremely happy about it, and then, well, there’s the night owl. When we started our big SleepCloud study1 last year, one of the first things we wanted to find […]

SONAR: Revolutionary contactless sleep tracking

Introducing a new way of sleep tracking using ultrasonic waves. Have you been interested in monitoring your sleep, only to be repelled by the fact that you need a phone in your bed? Or an expensive hardware? Sleep tracking has been known as a notoriously uncomfortable process, where you worry about hot phones under your […]

Samsung Gear integration: current state

UPDATE 20161104: The Gear S2 addon is back on the Gear store. Find it under name Sleep as Android – Native Gear Companion. Also make sure to install Sleep as Android – Gear Addon on your phone. UPDATE 20160919: Samsung has instructed us how to solve the issues. We have to rewrite the watch app from […]

How to fight jet lag?

What is jet lag? Jet lag, or timezone syndrome, is an extremely unpleasant consequence of traveling to a different time zone. You feel dizzy, exhausted, also your bowels may complain a little bit. Why is that? After all, you just sat on a plane, you weren’t doing anything exhaustive. But your body thinks otherwise. Your […]