Will Sleep as Android ever support Gear Fit 2?


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SURPRISE!! We support it! READ MORE. The previous version of this post below states how we weren’t able to get the Gear Fit 2 app to the market. We leave it here for historical reasons ūüôā For more technically inclined readers, check out¬†https://medium.com/@roundedeverett/how-to-develop-apps-for-samsung-gear-fit-2-16119801da1b. Since the Gear Fit 2 had been introduced onto the market, there […]

Closing comments on our documentation pages

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Hello all folks! We hope this wouldn’t hurt anyone, but we have closed comments on our documentation, in an effort to centralize input from our users. Most of the interaction in the comments was directed towards us as the app developers and it was mostly questions that would qualify as support requests. We feel that […]

Shiny & new Sleep as Android

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Finally, a new theme.Settings search + collapsed settings categoriesSleep ScoreSleep time suggestionWhere are we heading? Release romance for the biggest update of the year With the latest update, we’ve begun a transition to what you might call “layman-friendly Sleep as Android”. We realize that the app is very complex and needs quite a bit of […]

Sleep Phaser

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A smart bedside lamp that tracks your sleep phases. Get your own Sleep Phaser now! Urbandroid Team¬†introduces¬†a¬†different kind¬†of¬†sleep tracking¬†device. With bedroom-friendly design and uniquely used infrared contactless sensor,¬†sleep tracking¬†can¬†finally¬†get¬†invisible. The story¬†behind Sleep Phaser We knew¬†that¬†for¬†the best future compatibility with Sleep as¬†Android,¬†we¬†have to¬†develop¬†our own¬†device.¬†Yes, Sleep as Android¬†offers a lot¬†of integrations with¬†third-party¬†hardware,¬†but¬†at¬†any¬†moment¬†those¬†integrations¬†can break¬†for reasons¬†out of¬†our¬†control. Sleep tracking […]

The best of the best: Sleep as Android among 16 Android Excellence Apps of 2017

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We are honored to see that Sleep as Android was selected by Google Play Store editors as one of the Android Excellence Apps of 2017. Only fifteen other apps were chosen for this award – for example Skyscanner, Runtastic, Evernote. Android Excellence Apps is a new category in Play Store, awarding the best apps of […]