Release notes

Sleepless work since October 2010.

Download past versions here.

– Fix for add/remove awake buttons menu color in graph detail
– Lullaby is back in the menu drawer and removed from shortcuts, many thanks for your feedback on this
– NFC and QR Code CAPTCHA fallback when you loose the code/tag now depends on set difficulty and starts at 50 sheep
– Small parametric changes in actigraphic sleep phase detection
– Material You button shapes on Android 12
– Option to force scoped storage in Settings > Privacy > Backup
– Potential fix for unresponsive buttons on rating screen
– Fix for notification icons styling with Material You
– Styling of alarm dismiss button on rating screen
– Fix in online radio alarm regression
– Fix for some import export issues with scoped storage
– Fix for backup of OGG noise files into Media Store
– Fix for add-ons still showing when already installed
– Menu drawer headers used for Android 12 Material YOU now used also for older versions
– Better Material YOU adjusted Lark and Owl badges
– Fix for Wear OS app backward compatibility with Wear OS 1.0 devices
– Bedtime info on next alarm again showing minutes for bedtimes <4 hours
– Gentle volume increase – disabled option reverted to minimal volume up with an addition of 30 seconds option up to current system volume
– Better Bedtime info formatting in Japanese

– Google Fit Fix: Quick fix for missing sensitive scope permission after Google Fit privacy update
– Privacy policy dialog before connecting to Google Fit
– Some Google Fit features such as profile sync or automatic #sport tag has been reverted due to Google privacy requirements
– Support for alarm on arbitrary day
– Clean up of the menu drawer – clean and simple
– Report a bug and release notes are now under the menu > Support dialog
– Fix for m4a noise recordings not uploading to Android’s MediaStore
– Better home screen picker dialog
– Gentle volume increase: Disabled – this option now includes a short 30s volume increase period but still respects your system’s alarm stream volume
– Alarm default settings vs. Individual alarm settings made more explanatory
– Fix for changing noise storage location on Android 11+
– Option to import backups from arbitrary location
– Delayed sound start now resets to beginning of the alarm song
– Dialog asking for update to latest version of the app has been removed

– Galaxy Watch 4: dedicated option in Settings > Wearables
– SPO2 on Galaxy Watch 4 is currently not possible 🙁 see
– Wear 3.0 (read GW4) support: Ongoing tasks, Custom Tile, Battery improvements
– More Wear OS 3.0 features – next alarm time, pause time indicator, long press to resume
– Option to add awake or delete awake in a specific selection on the graph
– Prevent Sonar volume increase when headphones are connected
– All the different wearable options for legacy Gear / Galaxy watches put into a single entry
– Option to skip alarm till arbitrary date
– Ordering tags by occurrence in stats and charts
– Fix for a crash when starting FitBit tracking
– Fix for day indicator for skipped alarms
– Attempt to allow HR (not HRV) and SPO2 data both from TicWatch
– Option for a custom Wearable add-on package for own sleep tracker hobby projects
– Configurable ringtone and vibration for low breath rate alarm
– Tag drop down in Charts only shows tags available for selected time period
– Automation bedtime event is not send when tracking is already running
– Fixed glitches in bottom sheet on tracking screen

– Android 12: Material YOU Theme using system colors from wallpaper (Force other colors in Settings > Personalization > Color palette)
– Android 12: Splash Screen API implemented with animated sun/moon
– Warning dialog when background restrictions are applied to the app
– New better color aligned icon
– Card round corners (Material You style)
– New image resources to work well with Material YOU
– Targeting Android 11 APIs (please report any issues e.g. issues with other apps interoperability)
– Partnering with Sleep Master Solutions for medical grade Apnea testing at home – Only in US
– Sonar can be used even when your device is connected to a BT phone system (Calls over wearables…)
– Fix for an issue when paused sleep takes the whole session
– Fix for a bug which does not allow to add second estimated sleep segment
– “Smart wake up > Not before sleep goal” now accounts for awakes (BETA only)
– 90 minute snooze option added
– Fixes in location retrieval for Sleep records
– Fix for the battery optimized settings desync with the settings checkbox
– Fixes in Wear OS if connectivity drops you still get all your data
– Fix for heart rate export to Google Fit
– Potential fix for very rare crash in Settings screens
– Bigger update in Latin Spanish translation

– use on non-sensitive scopes for Google Calendar Sync (Setting > Services > Google Calendar)
* fixes the “App is blocked” issue for new users
* instead of the “Sleep” calendar now data will be stored in the app created “Sleep as Android” calendar
– Best of noises card now support also laughter, cough and sneeze and baby crying
– Fix for #light tag being added even when there wasn’t significant light most of the night
– Fix for rare crash in slider preferences – e.g. on the set alarm screen
– Fix for slider values not being persisted if selected form the drop down menu
– Fix for 1 minute precision differences in sleep duration on graphs list vs. graph detail
– Better handling of tapping on the last sleep card to showing last graph detail
– Fix for already owned error when purchasing CAPTCHA wagers
– Tag filter drop down on Stats screen now shows tag counts
– Fix for disabled slider color
– Big update in Spanish localization (many thanks!)

– Material Components theme – improved visual appearance of many default components – more Material look
– New material design time picker (needs enabling in Settings > Personalization > Material Time Picker)
– Quick fix for time picker not showing SET button on some screen sizes
– Best of noises card now support also laughter, cough and sneeze and baby crying
– Blind fix for a rare crash on set alarm screen
– Fix for 1 minute precision differences in sleep duration on graphs list vs. graph detail
– Tag filter drop down on Stats screen now shows tag counts
– Fix for disabled slider color
– Rounded corners for dialogs
– Fix for crash in goals
– Material sliders replace seek bars
– Standard Material RangeSlider is used when adding sleep times
– More components adhere color palette settings
– Fix for SPO2 measurement on Wear OS when starting from
– Open time picker when accessing alarm from quick settings
– Consistent styling of dialogs and menus with theme colors
– Use of condensed fonts in several places e.g. card titles or times
– Fix for sleep score pie charts with large fonts on some devices
– Fix for default alarm fallback when Wifi is off with online radio ringtone
– Potential fix for an issues with missing SPO2 when starting sleep tracking from Wear OS watch
– Better coloring of postpone time on alarm cards
– Lullaby Stop is now a dialog button
– Fixes in Automatic sleep tracking when using Google Sleep API
– Fine-tuning confidence levels for automatic sleep tracking when using Google Sleep API
– Fix in Sleep Score pie views in extremely large font settings
– Updates in German, Italian, Spanish and Albanian translation (big thanks!)


  • Material Components theme – improved visual appearance of many default components – more Material look
  • New material design time picker
  • Consistent styling of dialogs and menus with theme colors
  • Use of condensed fonts in several places e.g. card titles or times
  • Fix for sleep score pie charts with large fonts on some devices
  • Fix for default alarm fallback when Wifi is off with online radio ringtone
  • better coloring of postpone time on alarm cards
  • Lullaby Stop is now a dialog button
  • Fixes in Automatic sleep tracking when using Google Sleep API
  • Fine-tuning confidence levels for automatic sleep tracking when using Google Sleep API
  • Fix in Sleep Score pie views in extremely low DPI screens
  • Updates in German, Italian and Albanian translation (big thanks!)

– Other people stats updated with latest data from 2020 and 2021
– News card promoting Other people stats
– Fix for rare cases when Unlock app is not recognized
– Link to updated app video
– Fix for rate ANRs when starting services
– New automation event will trigger 1 hour before scheduled alarm
– Fix for faster loading for dashboard
– Better contrast for sleep score description text
– Faster loading of main screen fix
– Big update in Hungarian and Romanian (Big thanks to Dora)

– 4th generation of sound recognition neural networks: Networks are an order bigger with higher success rare in problematic environments and on problematic devices
– More improvements in new sound classification – fixes for some breath types being misclassified as snoring
– Charts > Advice shows efficiency bars in addition to deep sleep and rating
– Fix for syncing Cloud and Health services when connectivity is available
– Fix hor HRV gain pie chart not shown when gain is negative
– Stats screen redesign:
* filtering by tags
* compare your data with others in your country or in the world – list of all countries
– Fix for rare ANR issue related to sleep tiem estimation using Sleep API
– Fix for sleep time suggestions being shown again
– Several minor bug fixes
– Fix for showing actigraph markers better at the edge of the graph
– More smaller color palette tweaks
– Bigger update in Hungarian (many thanks)

– Teal color palette (aka Color palette: Theme) is now default option
– Color platte (Settings > Personalization) now affect more UI elements
– Different Color themes are now more fine-tunes
– Color theme tutorial and news cards
– Advice regressions are back in a better shape (less likely to over-fit) and with efficiency added
– Fix for zero progress shown as 50% in sleep score pie charts
– Sleep API threshold adjustments, for cases when automatic sleep tracking does not start
– Sleep API sleep time estimates only shown if sleep is in a probable range
– Google Sleep API opt-out option in Settings > Sleep tracking > Automatic sleep tracking > Use Google Sleep API
– Fix for light based awake detection when there is no location
– Showing nap smart wake up time properly..
– Hint on pie views scroll-ability in sleep detail view
– HRV pie chart adjustment – now shows HRV Gain in the middle and HRV before wake in the bottom
– Fix for dismiss button on rating screen
– Screen Score radar chart updated to show all sleep score measures
– Warning on Sonar sensor test about headphones being plugged
– Fixes in last sleep record card on Dashboard in case of short graphs
– Automation event Before Smart Period for those who need to turn their thermostat earlier
– New shortcut to start track for target sleep duration + before bedtime offset
– Fix for fine location requirement when using SleepPhaser on new Android versions to make BT devices visible
– Chinese translations (big thanks!)

– Redesign of Stats, Charts and SleepScore
– Option to prioritize sleep score measures in the Stats screen (Personalize button)
– Integration with new Google Sleep API for more precise sleep time  estimates and automatic sleep tracking with minimal battery impact (can be controlled in Settings > Sleep tracking)
– Experimental support for Polar Sense
– Fix for snooze snackbar on main screen
– Improved landscape view of sleep tracking screen
– Fix for “Force English” in combination with be-weekly alarm schedules. If you use both options, please check your alarms!!!
– Experimental Google Assistant app actions added (open/start/stop tracking, alarms, dashboard)
– Google Fit/S Health data download/import with process bar notification
– BETA Only: New sleep noise classification neural network – an order larger network with advance architecture for better noise classification
– Option to rename tags in menu – Graphs – long press – Rename tag
– Fix for binaural beats not playing
– Support for unlocking premium through monthly subscription – an alternative to Lifetime license
– Default theme on Android R+ is follow system – fix main screen brought to front by system during theme switching
– Option to set different sleep duration goals for each alarm to support polyphasic schedules
– Ideal sleep duration renamed to Sleep duration goal
– Better normalization of noise chart to handle extreme values
– Support for latest Ads SDK
– Screen Score radar chart updated to show all sleep score measures
– Warning on Sonar sensor test about headphones being plugged
– Fixes in last sleep record card on Dashboard in case of short graphs
– Color theme – Theme will be the default for new install after 20th April 2021
– Color theme tutorial card
– Automation event Before Smart Period for those who need to turn their thermostat earlier
– Color themes (Settings > Personalization) now affect more UI elements
– More fine tunes color themes
– New shortcut to start track for target sleep duration + before bedtime offset
– New splash screen
– Fix for Snooze snackbar not going away from the alarm screen when dismissed
– Sleep Mask intensity settings is respected
– Support for experimental Wearables e.g. O2Ring, Go2Sleep, Maxim Integrated by ChakaponDen to provide SPO2 and HR data in parallel to another wearable providing activity – this requires the Settings > Wearables > Automatic option
– Reduction in permission for Google Fit
– Default DND mode on Android Q+ is now priority mode
– Fix in walking tag from Samsung Health
– Fix for MQTT freezing during sending events
– Fix for HRV -/+ chart
– Fix for not awake automation event NOT_AWAKE and TRACKING_STARTED
– Warning about NFC CAPTCHA and CAPTCHA cheating protection incompatibility when lock screen is enabled
– Workaround to stop CAPTCHA cheating protection when NFC CAPTCHA is on and screen is locked
– Two-phase bridge search for Philips HUE should work better to find your bridge in some network setups
– Fixes in automation Smart period event
– Silent option in Backup alarm settings is the first prominent option
– Fix in automation starting of foreground service
– Fixes in Ad card to not show multiple Ads at once
– Fix for Goal screen showing up even goal is not finished
– Fix for blurry times on the goal chart
– Fix for a rare crash in Google Fit sync screen
– Automatic sleep tracking tutorial card
– Fixes in selection graph intervals with typing
– Adding deep sleep duration chart to Dashboard
– Adding smart light bridge and lights flow made more clear with an OK button
– Option to enable / disable Oximeter tracking on Smart watches such as Tic Watch 3 Pro (Wear OS), the Wear OS app needs tobe updated to support this
– Sleep tracking button on alarm list now shows when tracking is running
– Support for more efficient messaging with FitBit watches
– Fix crash in app startup in Belorussian localization
– Update in Arabic, Norwegian, Danish, German Indonesian and more (Many thanks)

– New beginners’ tutorial card explaining all features and linking to settings
– HRV tracking: See how well does sleep rest your body (supported on: Stresslocator oximeters, Polar OH1 and H10, Some Wear OS devices) more at
– Fix for a rare issue when the next alarm card does not react to touch
– New Automation dashboard in Settings > Services
* Automation event filter (choose only required events)
* NEW MQTT service (in addition to IFTTT, Tasker, Webhooks and Intents)
– Google Fit: Support for sleep phases and correct awake times with new version of Google Fit client
– Google Calendar:
* fix for repeating holiday skip alarm notification
* fix for skipping alarm one day earlier for holiday
– Backup: Newly import Sleep records also from Google Fit and Samsung Health
– Quick setting tile: double tap to start sleep tracking in battery saving mode, long press to access alarms
– Fixes for distorted lullaby playback and binaural beats not stopping
– Clean up job of junk app files produced by a bug in Android webview, shrinks the app storage size
– Storage size debugging in crash reports
– Option to delete all not tagged noise records
– Fixes in Tradri and Hue smartlight integration
– Lower max color temperature for smartlight sunrise wake up
– WiFi turn off button on Android R leads to settings page (no more WiFi control from app)
– Experimental options under Settings > Noise recording > Input / Output to debug new recording quality issues on 1+
– Fixes for overlapping segments in Google Fit sync
– Fix wrong Google Fit record duration – sync is needed to correct Google Fit records
– Fix for requiring fine location with Polar wearables for sleep tracking
– Changes in how we recognize premium version though in-app purchases (please report any issues)
– Fix for playlist mode “loop single” which always played the first song
– Fix for duplicate Google Calendar Sleep events (old duplicate events must be cleaned manually)
– Updates in Spanish, German, French, Chinese (HK).. big thanks to our contributors!

– Fix in using fallback OGG recording as default, so now MediaCodec M4A should be default again resulting in lower battery consumption
– Fixes in battery consumption when syncing starred noises to media library but there are errors
– Experimental support for SPO2 tracking on TicWatch Pro 3 and maybe few other Wear OS watches
– Fix for Google Fit not syncing – because of missing activity recognition permission
– Fix for a crash on newer Wear OS watches when using pause or stop from the notification on watch
– Fix for IFTTT being disabled and IFTTT key retrieval
– Option to use port number when connecting to Hue or Tradfri bridge manually
– Fixes and fine tuning in screen transitions
– Fix for proper week interval in stats
– Option to not use delayed alarm sound start when snoozing
– Fix for refresh of sleeping droid widget
– Fix crashes in dialog for selecting BT devices
– Fix for snooze limit text layout issues on alarm screen
– Fix for extracting API keys from latest IFTTT website
– Fix for automatic sleep tracking with Sleep Phaser
– Captcha cheating protection tweaks
– Fallback option of QR/Barcode Code. If you lose your code there is hope!
– Bigger Portuguese update (big thanks)

– Brand new CAPTCHA cheating protection:
* to make working make sure to grant the app permission to ‘Draw over other apps’
* This feature won’t let you out of the alarm screen without completing CAPTCHA
* If you are using the CAPCTHA pack with additinal CAPCTHA’s please make sure to update first it
– Fallback option of QR/Barcode Code. If you loose your code there is hope!
– Workaround for Automatic sleep tracking not starting recording or Sonar on Android 11, more details at
– Fix for keeping alarm states when swiping from recents
– Fix for properly handling week start days (Settings > Personalization) in bi-weekly alarms
– Fix for issue to purchase CAPTCHA anti-cheating motivation wager
– Support for your own Wearable integrations though Tasker or Automate
– Fix for HR not showing for some stable HR value periods
– new in-app review API integration
– new like this app dialogs
– Fix for snooze limit text layout issues on alarm screen
– Fix for automatic sleep tracking not starting with Sleep Phaser
– Fix for extracting API keys from latest IFTTT website
– Fix in using fallback OGG recording as default, so now MediaCodec M4A should be default again resulting in lower battery consumption
– Fixes in battery consumption when syncing starred noises to media library but there are errors

– Fix for automatic sleep tracking issues because of too sensitive activity recognition
– Fix for white theme to use light navbar
– Sunrise effect using screen-backlight is now default on the alarm screen (turn off in Settings > Alarms > Alarm screen)
– Tracking screen dimming is now by default with clock (turn off in Settings > Sleep tracking > Advanced > Screen dimming)
– Alarm screen background is now black to make it look better on OLED screens
– Another fix for rare longer than real awake times
– Fix for rare awake when using phone mis-detection
– Communication with BT devices rewritten
– Support for Bluetooth Sleep Mask from Happy Electronics
– Fixes for SleepCloud upload/download from cloud
– Fix for clickable location field in Google Calendar
– Optimizing bandwidth on Calendar API
– Fix Lullaby loading on Android 11
– Fix for stopped noise recording when lucid dreaming fails to playback
– Lower threshold for ambient light tracking
– Fix in a rare issue in noise recording finalization
– Fix for not disabling activity recognition when estimates are turned off
– Fix for accumulation of threads when using oximeters
– Fix for Wear OS deprecated messaging APIs which cause a crash on later Wear OS update
– Wear OS targets Android 8.0 – please report any issues
– Fix for too long snooze option on alarm screen
– Fix in best of noises card
– Star on/off icon made more clear
– Fix for tutorial colors in light theme
– More fixes in light graph
– Fixes in light graph
– Fix for showing sleep time estimates twice a day
– Fix for not properly resetting sleep record duration after deleting awake
– Fix for smart light behavior with delayed sleep tracking enabled
– Fix for unwanted vibrations in alarms when using system default ringtone on Pixels
– Fix for morning lark theme on the rating screen (recent regression)
– Fixes in the not before ideal sleep option
– Fixes in Philips HUE support to make sure it is tuning off when sleep tracking starts
– Fix for lost graph labels when deleting any selection
– Fix for very rare ANR when alarm starts
– Fix for a rare issue when Sonar was not used properly in case of disabled sleep noise recording
– Fix for duplicate nap times in Shortcuts
– Longer lullaby force stop times
– Adding support for ChakaponDen 3rd party wearable support for Go2Sleep, Maxim Integration and Garmin
– Experimental support for AmazMod Amazefit watchfaces for PACE, Startos or Verge
– Fix in refund of CAPTCHA cheating wager
– Fix for a recent regression in noise card records count and not showing the noise card on dashboard
– Slower fade of lights when tracking starts
– Not showing te #dark tag as it is problematic when no light is tracked
– Fix for occasional blurred graph even the app is already Premium
– Big update in Farsi (Persian) and Latvian texts and more new translations (Big thanks)

– Fix for long waiting times in noise playback in case of a slow SD card
– Recording does not get paused because of lullaby if lullaby does not have a timeout
– Fixes in keeping order in default ordered playlists, indicator of next song and order in playlist screen
– Optional vibrate once wearable connects in Settings > Wearable
– Fix for SleepPhaser short light blink when starting tracking
– Fix for all night long pause with Sleep Phaser when smart light features of the Phaser are OFF
– Fix for rare all nigh long awake times
– Workaround for cases when local backup does not work as external public directory is not writable for the app
– Fixes in light monitoring
– New theme option to follow “Device settings” dark or light
– Order for ordered playlists is now shown in the Ringtone picker screen along with the next song.
– Better headphones detection – ability to detect USB headset and BT routing – useful for Sonar and recording during lullaby and binaural beats mixing into lullaby
– Potential fix for hearable Sonar when using Anti-snoring or Lucid dreaming
– Bigger update in Hungarian and Croatian translation
– Fix for recent regression when adding sleep based on time estimates from notification
– Fix for DND mode not reverted properly in special case on Android Q+
– Brand new Google Calendar support with use of new APIs – you may need to reconnect in Settings > Services
– Update in Italian
– Editing graphs now adds shortcuts to easily add sleep after and before the current graph
– Fix for adjusted times when adding sleep records from sleep time estimates
– Fix for rare inability to connect HUE bridge
– Theme-based Navbar color
– Fix for deleting heart rate based awakes when using “Delete awake”
– Fix for rarely showing high ambient light values though out the night even it was dark
– Fix saving your alarm once you confirm “Skip next” on the alarm detailed settings screen – no need to press done
– Fix for duplicate nap times in shortcuts
– Longer forced lullaby timeouts
– Fix for a rare issue when Sonar was not used properly in case of disabled sleep noise recording
– Fix in light graph
– Fix for sleep time estimate notification shown twice
– Farsi translation (Big thanks!)

– CAPTCHA Cheating Protection! Allows you to set a wager on not cheating CAPTCHA in Settings > CAPTCHA > Cheating protection
– Goal wagers are now in-app purchases which can be refunded directly from the app in first 7 days or when completed
– Workaround for time format in text to speech
– Fix for not showing not supported playlists in lucid dreaming, anti-snoring and alarm backup
– Ordered default playlist keeps order so that next alarm starts where the last alarm left it
– Automatic resolution for added sleep times overlapping already existing sleeps
– Fix for sunrise wake up when smartlight is disabled
– Fix for a rare crash in noise playback
– Connection to wearable is confirmed with a single vibe when starting sleep tracking
– Tracking screen asks for BT when airplane mode is enabled and wearable connected
– Fix for anti-snoring vibration preview to work on watch
– Configuring your smart bulbs is now possible without disconnecting from bridge first
– Fix for a race in “Track without” smart watch option when starting tracking which may result in empty graph
– Fix for missing CHANGE_MULTICAST_STATE permission on Android 5-
– Fix for crash when deleting part of graphs (recent regression)
– Fix for asking for permission when doing an data import
– Fix for goal showing failed text in first 14 days even progress is over 100%
– Properly deleting snoring events when shrinking graphs
– Close button on RDI notice
– Fix for sleep time estimates when updating to a new version of the app
– Fix for droid widget sleeping all day long
– HR Wearable choice dialog now allows to choose form a list of devices
– Fix for Wifi dialog occurring on Xiaomi when using smart lights
– Fix for Lucid dreaming headphones only not working in preview
– Fix for snooze though volume buttons if snooze limit is reached
– Fix for sleep anpea link
– Fix for HR tracker connectivity restarting
– Updates in translations e.g. big update in Arabic translation and more

– Awake detection improvements – greater hit rate, works also with Sonar and Sleep Phaser! Please report any false positives.
– Copying starred noises to local MediaStore (On devices with scoped storage)
– New App data backup: increases backup size from 5 MB to 25 MB – ought to be enough for anybody 🙂
– Backup: import/export from/to zip file (sleep records, noises metadata, preferences and alarms)
– Backup: sharing of export file though email and other
– Dropping support for Lollipop and below!
– More robust recovery from SleepPhaser connection failure.
– Fix for rare issue with scheduling alarm for 2:XX on the day after day light saving day, such alarms where scheduled for +1 hour
– Little re-design of cards – making them more flat in white theme
– Fix for a loop-hole which allowed to snooze in case of a snooze limit
– Pausing lullaby at alarm, resuming at snooze and stopping at dismiss
– Fix for disconnecting/re-connecting smartlights
– Backup dialog redesigned
– Fix for tracking automatic start if no alarm is scheduled
– Fix for extensive awakes in special cases
– More restart attempts for HR tracking BTLE devices
– Automatic tracking: not starting in the first hour when phone is used
– Fixes in sleep time estimates
– Selected song is shown first in Alarm > Ringtone
– Fix for wearable bug reports on Android 10 – requires add-on update too
– Proper shuffle on alarm playlists – same song is never played twice
– REM detection: No REM is signalized in the first 50 minutes of sleep. Neither via lucid cues nor in the hypnogram. Based on statistical analysis of PSG data. – Improved actigraph normalisation, better dealing with high activity periods.
– Not doing BT discovery when a particular BT Smart device is configured (BT Discovery may cause SleepPhaser disconnects on some devices)
– Fix for Snooze buttons not visible for R-t-L languages
– support for backup of (sleep records, noises metadata, preferences and alarms) though SleepCloud Backup add-on (BETA version required)
– Fix for Undo operation doing nothing in very rare cases
– HR Wearable choice dialog now allows to choose form a list of devices
– Fix for Wifi dialog occurring on Xiaomi when using smart lights
– Fix for Lucid dreaming headphones only not working in preview
– Fix for snooze though volume buttons if snooze limit is reached
– Fix for sleep anpea link
– Fix for HR tracker connectivity restarting
– Fix for droid widget sleeping all day long
– Tracking screen asks for BT when airplane mode is enabled and wearable connected
– Fix for anti-snoring vibration preview to work on watch
– Configuring your smart bulbs is now possible without disconnecting from bridge first
– Fix for a race in “Track without” smart watch option when starting tracking which may result in empty graph
– Fix for asking for permission when doing an data import

– IMPORTANT Fix for missing sleep sessions in Google Fit and Samsung Health, please go to Settings > Services and resync to make sure all data is in the service!
– Experimental IKEA Trådfri support in Settings > Smart light
– Prevent escaping CAPTCHA now works on all screens
– Sensitivity settings for awake detection in Settings > Sleep tracking > Awake detection
– Brand new documentation and documentation links across most screens in the app, look for (?) icons
– Option to force time format 24 / 12 / 12 with AM/PM in Settings > Misc > Localization
– We are switching to Dashboard by default even for legacy users – you can get back to tabs using Settings > Personalize > Home screen > Tabs.
– Bedtime card much more useful with access to next alarm and dismiss of snoozed alarms
– Goal card now shows next target to keep on track
– Sleep tracking in progress indicator on the FAB (Big thanks to Robin)
– Red warning for alarm more than day away on tracking screen
– Rewarded Ads to extend trial period are back
– Fixed for sleep time estimated notification not shown, or shown if it should not
– Fix for Lucid dreaming preview breaking noise recording
– More preferences are now shown in Search – like Lucid dreaming or Jet-lag prevention which were missing
– Charts card in dashboard now respects last selected period in the graphs screen (limited by 14-90 days range)
– Fix for Flip to pause when using wearables
– Anti-snoring icon in graphs
– Alarm starts won’t stop lullaby – it will get stopped at tracking stop or dismiss
– Visual refresh of alarm dialog
– Fix for issue with automatic sleep tracking when alarm is not scheduled.
– Fix for resetting smartlight connection
– Fix for long awake times over whole sleep period
– Fix for crashing regression on older Android
– Fix for recent regression in sleep regularity goal
– Fixes in layout with low DPI
– Fix for checking charging with Automatic sleep tracking + Sonar
– More restart attempts for HR tracking BTLE devices
– Configurable loop repeat for anti-snoring sound and vibrations
– Smaller time-picker to fit in the split screen mode
– Fix for not showing Spotify when choosing a ringtone for lucid dreaming and anti-snoring
– Updates in many different languages (big thanks to our contributors!)

– Last sleep card now shows all your sleeps for the day
– Many improvements in Goals: advice on next target, sqrt guideline, better use of space in charts
– Better scheduling of sleep times suggestions – ideally just after expected sleep time
– Awake: Enforce 5 minutes minimum and improved activity data aggregation during awake phases
– More options for Lucid dreaming
– Fix for a specific native crash on Pixel 1 Android 10
– If no theme is selected in Setting > Misc the app does a dark theme by default if system wide dark mode is on, otherwise theme is automatic based on time of day
– Settings cleanup: Misc category divided into Privacy, Personalization, Stats and other categories
– Option to always make alarm full screen in Settings > Alarm > Snooze and Dismiss
– Starting screens from background even on Android Q if permission to draw over other apps is granted
– Option to allow headphones only mode for anti-snoring and lucid dreaming
– Ability to reset noise storage path to default
– Help button in Settings
– Graphs color palette can now be changes directly from graphs detail menu
– Red delete button on alarms
– Alarm revert button is shown only when it does something
– Fix for LOL Captcha to properly silence alarm to not affect sound detection
– Force black navbar color on Samsung
– Day cut off option is back in Settings > Sleep > Stats > Advanced
– Fix for a rare crash in alarm screen
– Fix for Tasker start tracking issue
– GET_ACCOUNTS permission is no more needed
– Snooze snackbar in addition to notification to easier snoozed alarm dismiss
– Fix for skip next alarm from alarm settings screen not cancelling snooze
– Fix for snoring text size when sharing graphs
– Fix for app icon in recent to use dynamic icon
– Fix for some non-English text in Force English
– Disabling Settings > Awake > Light will also turn off the orange line in graphs
– Fix for missing body sensors permission in production
– Updates in Romanian, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Danish, Spanish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, German… (Big thanks to our contributors)

– Better scheduling of sleep times suggestions – ideally just after expected sleep time
– Awake: Enforce 5 minutes minimum and improved activity data aggregation during awake phases
– Lucid dreaming: fine-tuning of thresholds
– If no theme is selected in Setting > Misc the app does a dark theme by default if system wide dark mode is on, otherwise theme is automatic based on time of day
– Settings cleanup: Misc category divided into Privacy, Personalization, Stats and other categories
– Option to always make alarm full screen in Settings > Alarm > Snooze and Dismiss
– Starting screens from background even on Android Q if permission to draw over other apps is granted
– Option to allow headphones only mode for anti-snoring and lucid dreaming
– Ability to reset noise storage path to default
– Help button in Settings
– Graphs color palette can now be changes directly from graphs detail menu
– Red delete button on alarms
– Alarm revert button is shown only when it does something
– Fix for LOL Captcha to properly silence alarm to not affect sound detection
– Force black navbar color on Samsung
– Day cut off option is back in Settings > Sleep > Stats > Advanced
– Snooze snackbar in addition to notification to easier snoozed alarm dismiss
– Fix for skip next alarm from alarm settings screen not cancelling snooze
– Fix for snoring text size when sharing graphs
– Updates in Korean, Portuguese, Danish, Spanish, Ukrainian… (Big thanks to our contributors)

– Restore purchase guide for cases when Unlock does not work out of box
– Android 10 compatibility fixes:
* Fix for automatic DND mode issues on 10
* Fix pair tracking (needs to be re-enabled in Settings)
* Fix for Google Fit and the activity recognition permission
* Android 10 now requires FINE location permission for features like Pair tracking or Oximeters
* Fix for turning of smart light and delayed tracking when starting from watch on 10
* Better handling of gestures when selecting parts of graph
– Fix for volume not going zero-zero with gentle volume disabled and CAPTCHA suppress volume in some cases
– Workaround for Android 10 fullscreen alarms – Draw over other apps granted and Flip to snooze needs to be enabled
– Fix for skipping next alarms for power naps
– Better bi-weekly indicator in alarm details
– New chart for snoring percentage
– Fix for flip to pause when using sonar
– Warning for sonar keeping media volume up on the tracking screen
– Legend and tag buttons for newly recognized sound categories: laughter, cough and sneeze, baby crying
– Fix for duration rounding issue of manually added sleeps
– Fix in crashing JetLag prevention tutorial
– Fix for a margin when automatically ending tracking which is too long
– Fix for sharing misclassified noises with custom storage path
– Fix for rare crash in sound recognition which breaks noise recording
– Fix for crash in Search in Russian locale
– IFTTT – alarm label is propagated as value2


  • 3rd generation sound recognition neural networks
  • New classes: laughter, cough and sneeze, baby crying
  • Better classification on more devices with less false positive
  • Detailed sound classification settings in Settings > Noise recording > Sound recognition
  • Awake detection changes
  • Fix in sound even awake detection, was not working properly, now baby crying and talking causes awake (when configured)
  • Sound, Light and When using phone caused awake does not result in pausing sleep tracking
  • Awake indication moved to instructions on the sleep tracking screen
  • Visibility of awake phases when no other phases are detected – in the actigraph
  • Option to sharing misclassified sound files to help us further improve
  • Improved navigation from graph details to previous sleep or to graph list through the bottom sheet
  • Volume boost when playing noises
  • Play noise screen redesign
  • Support for multiple smart lights – Philips HUE, Sleep Mask or Sleep Phaser can be used in parallel
  • Tags now more useful: Smart selection of tags in the Charts > Tags shows just tags which make the most difference
  • Fix for “Delete awake” to update sleep duration
  • Fix for flip to snooze to work on Android Q and also in non-full screen alarm
  • Properly asking for activity recognition permission when using automatic sleep tracking
  • Goals can be created even without any historic data
  • Fix for sound-based awake detection which was not working properly
  • Fix for some missing awake events when using Automatic sleep tracking
  • Fix for rating dialog to show it max 3 times in all cases
  • Ringtone picker volume change triggers preview
  • Minor re-design in ringtone picker playlists
  • Settings > Smartlight > Light up after Snooze or Never will turn lights off when alarm is dismissed
  • Collapsible categories in Search
  • Fix for Goal refunds and doing next goal
  • Fix for recent regression in 1 hour off alarm postpone
  • Material V2 redesign of the ringtone picker screen
  • Spotify fix targeted to version also available for Spotify
  • Support for Spotify albums and playlist in lullabies


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  • Targeting latest Android SDK
  • Spotify:
  • Support for Spotify playlists (in addition to albums) from your library as alarm ringtone
  • Fix for Spotify 8.5.18 issues
  • Support for Spotify albums and playlist in lullabies
  • CAUTION: Spotify albums and playlists alarms don’t not work when phone is secured!
  • Fix for IFTTT webhooks key retrieval
  • Smartlight:
  • Option to turn smart light full on also after snooze (Settings > Smart light)
  • Max light intensity setting for smart light’s sunrise alarm
  • Collapsible categories in Search
  • Fix for Goal refunds and doing next goal
  • Improved navigation from graph details to previous sleep or to graph list through the bottom sheet
  • Fix for tags icons in graph list
  • Material V2 redesign of the ringtone picker screen
  • NEW Sleep Phaser V2 (Last chance SALE 10% OFF with promo code ‘SUMMER’ till 31.8)
  • Option to disable automatic tagging of sleep records in Settings > Misc (#geo, #full_moon…)
  • Fix for a rare issue when advancing alarms with calendar events
  • Fix for updating graphs on widget
  • Fix for blank spaces in Settings on some devices
  • Notification if Android Cloud backup quota is exceeded for Sleep as Android
  • Targeting latest Android SDK
  • Fix for alarm time picker on small screens and large Display size setup

– Many new Material Design V2 updates
– Green and red buttons on alarm notification (10% experiment)
– Configurable week start day – Sunday or Monday in Settings > Misc > Week start
– Better week start Sunday locale presentation in alarms
– Fix for broken audio recording with delayed sleep tracking
– Fix for occasional crash in locked boot alarm

– NEW: Global search in settings, graphs, noises, doc., alarms on the main screen
– NEW: Two new goals – Awake and Fall asleep hour minimization
– Fixes in Sonar
– Fix for not recovering sleep tracking from a kill with automatic sleep tracking
– Many charts improvements
* Fix for out of memory with period “All time”
* NEW: Awake and efficiency charts, Awake vs. tags and Awake chart on dashboard
* Rolling average 30 days in charts for quarter+ periods
* Ability to scroll back into the part (twice the selected period)
* Fix for chart legend not fitting screen for some languages
* Unified sleep measure colors
* Fix for Y-axis in fall asleep charts
– Improved backup alarm experience after encrypted device reboot: gradual volume, full screen controls
– Fix for new moon and full moon tags in dark and light theme
– Changes in aggregation of SPO2, HR and LUX values
– Fix for Sleep tracking restarting in case of crash on Android Q
– Fix for snooze times in Japanese and Korean version
– Fix for backup alarm crash
– Fix for unwanted smart light turn off
– Fix for sunrise tag not visible in graphs
– Fix for no HR data on Wear OS when using automatic sleep tracking or when starting from watch
– Fix for delete awakes menu option in Graphs details


  • Configurable hypnogram and sleep graph colors in Settings > Misc > Color palette
  • You can revert the default colors in Settings > Misc > Color palette > Legacy
  • Light detection features (see
  • Awake detection (if there is disturbing light after sunset we consider it awake)
  • Use of light detection in better Automatic sleep tracking
  • Light (Lux) plotted in sleep graph
  • Dark room / Light room tags in graphs
  • Fix for a severe security vulnerability, many thanks to Julien Thomas (, Protektoid (
  • Fine grained Awake detection settings (see Settings > Sleep tracking > Awake detection)
  • Android Q Compatibility
  • Fix for Android Q activity starts – alarms and sleep tracking starts from wearable
  • Fix for fullscreen alarm issue on Android Q
  • Fix for dismiss (no CAPTCHA) from Smartwatch on Android Q
  • Fix for auto start = bedtime / smart period
  • Fix for staring tracking from widget
  • Time series (e.g. HR, Light, SPO2) show more values
  • Fix for delete button when creating a new unsaved alarm
  • Fall asleep hour chart can be put on dashboard
  • Fix for rare too long automatic sleep tracks
  • Sunrise alarm scheduling now uses the alarm’s date instead of now
  • Use of new location APIs
  • Fix for “Not before ideal” not working with automatic sleep tracking
  • Fix for a rare smart light issue during sunrise alarm
  • Fix for not properly adding location to graphs
  • Collapsible FAB on Show tabs screen
  • Fix for accessibility of the last alarm when covered with a FAB in the alarm screen
  • Fix for fab in the tabs mode with only the alarm screen
  • Updated menu drawer header image in day theme
  • Simpler time labels when zooming
  • Fixes in edit animation on graph detail
  • Improved RDI (Respiratory disturbance) representation in graphs
  • Sleeping without glasses – Bigger texts on the alarm screen
  • Option to use Gadget bridge for Pebble and non-Play Store links for the official Pebble app


– Extended FABs from Material design V2
– Several AutoTracking fixes adjustments:    * uses hints from sleep talk detection
* fix for starting later in the morning,
* not properly stopped when awake
* starting with sonar only when charging
* starting with wearables only if connected
– Tag for auto tracking in graphs
– Latest Play Service libraries
– Fix for Alarm screen Dismiss button not working in free version
– Fix in theme settings (Android OS) on Pie
– Potential fix in rare ANR in alarm dismiss
– Fix in a rare 20s freeze of the app
– Fix for special case when calendar postponing could not be reverted
– Fix for persistent debug report dialog
– Fix for rare invisible HR value in sleep tracking
– Updated UX for adding sleep
– Fix for misbehaving FAB when using Tabs: Alarm + Dashboard + Tabs
– Fix for centering time picker layout on some screens
– Fixes in noise import/export
– Workaround for Nokia’s 8.1 buggy status bar extended to Nokia 6.1 Plus
– White icon in fabs
– Belorussian translation and other translation update(Big thanks!)

– FINALLY! Automatic sleep tracking (Bye bye moon button!) see
– IMPORTANT! New REM phase detection algorithm (See
– Experimental FitBit OS support, set Settings > Wearables > FitBit, and download the watch app from
– Redesigned sleep graph interval selection and editing (see
– Fix for a very rare lost alarm (when alarm is delayed by system and a time changes)
– Fix for a rare zero minute snooze leading to missed alarm
– Snooze button hints on active snooze limits
– Workaround for inability to stop Spotify playback in latest Spotify
– Playlists integrated directly into ringtone selector
– Spring clean-up in settings and graph detail menu
– Time picker layout fixes
– Fixes in new playlist picker
– Day-Night theme switching at bedtime (Settings – Misc – Theme)
– Recording volume gain option in settings and sonar sensor test (Experimental – can affect sonar)
– Tracking in free version on restricted days gets recorded but stats are blurred (after unlocking users get all data)
– Snooze chart and snooze goal fixed – now we track total snooze length for those
– Fix for restoring DND mode issue when tracking stops
– Fix for some sleep time suggestion overlapping recorded sleep issues
– Fix for not showing alarm icon on KitKat and earlier
– Workaround for broken status bar on Nokia 8.1
– Better handling of volume in online radio lullaby with Sonar
– Fix for missing snooze button when using total snooze time limit
– Fix for rare ANR in alarms
– Fix for Ideal sleep time shortcut in case of power nap
– Awake detection when using phone improved (now detects when phone is hold in hands)
– Flashlight option in sleep tracking works even with smartlight
– Undo snackbars for delete show indefinitely
– Fix for low volume in noise recordings on some devices
– Workaround for date picker problem on exotic devices
– Fix for automation intent receivers with latest API levels (all intents need to be suffixed with ‘_AUTO’, see
– Fix for syncing data into cloud automatically with SleepCloud add-on
– New texts in French, Italian, Ukrainian…(big thanks to our contributors! Become a contributor

– Workaround for Nokia killing all processes and alarms after 20 minutes (see
– Guides for badly behaving phone vendors (Nokia, OnePlus, Xiami, Huawei..) now link to
– Fix for rare issue in actigraph data corruption
– Redesign of the sleep tracking screen with bottom sheet
– Layout fixes in alarm time pickers
– Fixes for few notifications not showing
– Fix for rare crash in Dashboard
– Fix for giving up goals with subscription refund
– Fix for tags not being saved in graph detail screen
– Slide up transition from graph detail to list of graphs
– Edit fab and edit panel in graph detail
– Experimental redesign of the alarm dialog (10% experiment)
– Fix for rare crashing bug when starting sleep tracking or reporting bugs
– Lullaby timeout drop down menu description
– Rating dialog can now be better cancelled
– Fix for rare crash in the dashboard when used for first time

– Targeting API level 26 (please report any issues)
– Workaround for recording on Pixel 3 – a bug in Pixel 3 requires us to use custom codec
– Few Material design V2 stylings
– Collapsible ringtone categories
– Improvements in permission dialogs and permission justifications in various places
– Wearable selection – select a particular wearable for sleep tracking
– No need to unlock the screen to scan QR Code with CAPTCHA
– Sleep score radar chart
– Deficit / surplus in deficit chart more self explanatory
– Redesign of the goal card
– Fix in dream diary CAPTCHA
– Fix for inability to turn off sleep time estimates
– Fixes in pair tracking
– Fixes for various status bar and toolbar styling issues
– Fix for white color in Chronotype bar chart
– Configurable pee light timeout (Philips HUE)
– Fix for correct color temperature with pee light and Philips HUE white ambience
– Latest raw activity data are now automatically attached to error reports
– Fix for requiring CAPTCHA even it was solved already less than 5 min ago
– Fix for Sleep phaser auto-start on new api levels (Sleep Watch Starter app required)
– Notify & Fitness: Fix for latest API levels + Amazefit support
– Fix for Huemanic integration and new API levels
– Fix for Digital Detox Challenge integration
– Fix in tab selection tab
– Updates in Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Polish and German (many thanks to our contributors)

– UX improvements (details at
* action button on alarm list starts tracking (instead of adding alarms)
* dashboard is now also a tab
* easier to remove tabs through a tab’s config tab
* outlined icons everywhere for more aesthetically aligned experience
* few right to left support fixes
– Gear Fit 2 support. Finally! (details at
– Garmin watch app fixed. Finally!
– Pair tracking support (details at Pair your partner phone in Settings -> Sleep tracking -> Pair tracking and get rid of partner’s movement artifacts
– Google Play Music integration (in Alarm -> Ringtone)
– Collapsible ringtone sections
– Fix for sleeping droid icon in Bedtime card
– Fix for not hiding measures on Sleep score when changing period
– Fix for disabling of pee light for Sleep Phaser
– Fix for rare double data issue in Pebble
– Fix for lullaby names in notification when changing lullaby
– Fix for snooze till alarm time regression
– 4 hours bedtime shown on widgets
– Recordings shown on noise card
– No need to unlock screen in QR code scanning when using internal scanner
– New ask for rating dialog

– Direct boot support reintroduced (Alarms should ring even after device reboot)
– Configurable sleep time suggestion to add records automatically
– Fix fox Mi Band integration on Android P, Mi Band 3 working with Tools & Mi Band
– Fix for automatic Twitter sharing
– Fix for negative snoozes in special cases
– Fix for more than 2 hours alarm pre-pones
– Clean up of unnecessary logging which is taking up storage
– Show more music in alarm ringtone picker
– Filtering false breath rates caused by systematic artifacts
– Fix for disappearing Rating screen in special cases
– Fix for properly showing smart bedtime on the Dashboard’s bedtime card
– Ability to select device default alarm ringtone in alarm settings
– Fix for rare interruptions in activity data when tracking with Sleep Phaser
– Fix for sleep length inconsistencies when deleting selection of sleep records with awake periods
– Fix for Samsung alarm limit problem with sleep suggestion
– Fix for crash in settings on some lollipop devices
– Fixes in RtL support
– Force English forces LtR and other RtL fixes
– Fix to prevent power off the phone in captcha with the right option
– Fix for a rare issue in alarms when resolving default alarm ringtone on the phone
– Big update in Vietnamese and other languages (many thanks)

– Fix for Spotify always playing our fallback albums instead or selected album, sorry for the issues
– Fix for alarms in battery saving mode on Android P
– Fix for Sleep Phaser compatibility with Android P
– Want to test experimental direct boot support? Please contact
– 3 home screen modes to switch between – Dasboard, Alarm only, Tabs
– Alarms only mode – for people who are not interested in sleep tracking but only in alarms
– Fix for crash when playing lullaby during a phone call or other high priority audio
– Menu – Peelight in Sleep tracking screen handles smart lights properly if configured including SleepPhaser
– Properly show silent alarms on alarm screen
– Experimental direct boot support – needs to be enabled in Settings – Misc – Dangerouns options – Direct boot
– Fix for removing DND priority mode in the morning in some cases
– Fix for DND on Huawei
– Option to collect raw data for debugging purposes
– Don’t keep alarm screen and CAPTCHA in recent apps
– Smooth transitions for settings categories
– Less frequent auto-sleep detection updates
– Layout fixes in sleep graphs
– Bedtime card shows time to alarm too
– Native ads card redesign
– GDPR compliance updates

– Redesign
* Transitions from dashboard to alarms, stats and graphs (Android 5+)
* Lighter font, ripple effect fixes (Android 5+)
* Cleaner menu drawer – shortcuts moved to a shortcut card
* Dream diary layout fixes
* Cleaner Set alarm screen
* Advice card styling fixes
– New card on dashboard: Best of last night’s noises
– Fix for alarms in battery saving mode on Android P
– Fix for Smile CAPTCHA permission request
– Bedtime card shows time to alarm too
– Skipped alarms and alarm labels shown in the dashboard card
– Snoring detection improved – less false positives on noisy recordings
– Fix for making the delete all disabled alarms more clickable
– Fixed in SleepPhaser auto-start when connected to power feature
– Few fixes in settings search
– Fix for rare crashing in widgets after reboot
– Fix for some issues when cancelling sleep tracking with wearables
– Fix for missing red sections when MI Band disconnects
– Native ads card redesign
– GDPR compliance changes

– Fix for a severe issue when alarm controls were not shown if notifications have been disabled in phone settings
– All notifications are based in notifications channels and can be controlled in your phone settings
– Fix for rare issue when preponing alarms, alarms could have been skipped for the next day, big sorry for this alarm related issue
– Awake detection when using phone does use phone position in addition to screen on as indication of awake
– If alarm is active, returning to apps main screen will start the alarm screen for better navigation to the alarm
– Stop trying noise recording when we do not have permission to store recordings
– Fix for a crash on the year option in stats
– Better sleep time suggestions
– Fix for Wear app Google Play Services inconsistency
– Week option in Stats/Sleep score
– Deep sleep length in charts
– Blind fix for a memory leak when the app does not have permission to write to custom noise recording path
– Fix for crash in SleepPhaser – auto start when Bt is disabled…
– Fix in IFTTT – alarm dismiss even called when snooze is cancelled
– New texts in Romanian, Japanese, Polish, Vietnamese and more (Big thanks folks!)

– More people using Dashboard by default (please give us feedback, you can revert back using menu – tabs)
– Sleep graphs are shown on the stats screen with link to graphs on tap
– Fix for bug sleep efficiency calculation in sleep score
– Sleep Phaser support in Settings – Smart light – Sleep Phaser
– Fix for a rare but severe issue when preponing alarms, alarms could have been skipped for the next day, big sorry!
– Fix incorrect time for advanced alarm notification
– Fix sleep time suggestion for long no active intervals
– Fixes in charts, e.g. fix for blank spaces in irregularity chart
– Fixes for the hypnogram over actigraph option
– Fix for notification channels when snoozing and headups
– Alarm’s only mode: hide all tabs in settings – misc and the main screen will get more adjusted to the alarm-only-no-sleep-tracking use-case
– Headups notification when leaving alarm dialog (2% experiment)
– Sleep score’s sleep duration dimension can now use your year of birth to provide better advice
– Long press on alarm card in Dashboard allows to quickly skip alarms and more
– Year of birth may be configured in Settings – Misc – Sleep score
– Right-to-left layout support
– Fine tuning charts axis labels and some charts appearance
– Fix for Sonar Test with sonar
– Fix for showing the trash icon in QR code CAPTCHA initially
– Fix IFTTT – not enabling Wifi if there is already connectivity
– You can now adjust lullaby volume using volume buttons with sonar
– Android O – added Notification Channels for notifications
– Android O – bedtime notification settings now via app system notification settings
– Silent alarm marked in dashboard
– Grammatically better advice in German
– TTS uses the same stream as the alarm
– Fix for droid avatar not showing in tabs screen
– Fix for anti-snoring when recording is off
– two column layout in portrait only on tablets
– fix for loading the advice card in dashboard
– Elevation fixes for few bottom bars
– Support for Emoji tags in sleep comments 😀
– Fix for weather from
– Fix for some dialog button color in dark theme
– Correct back button handling in main screen
– Option to completely hide device incompatibility warning on the tracking screen (tap it – never again)

– Dashboard – the new main screen for Sleep as Android
* Dashboard collapses all the different tabs into a single highly customizable screen with smart contextual ordering through out the day
* Hide cards with a swipe or pin them to top using long touch
* Switch to Dashboard using menu – show – Dashboard
* Please give us feedback, this will probably get default in the next release
– Charts screen redesign
– Fix for delete and delete old from the graphs screen
– Fine tuning status bar colors based on themes
– Ability to turn off sleep suggestion from the notification directly
– Right theme-colored bar in recent apps
– Fixed in status bar colors across Android versions
– Fix for alarm layout on Android 4.4 and earlier due to an Android bug
– Workaround for theme issues on Kyocera phones (only use morning lark theme)
– Dashboard in 2 column layout in landscape on tablets and larger phones
– Fine-tuning color schemas
– Fix for notification icon colors on older Android’s
– Attempt to fix WebView crashes on Android 8+
– Latest Google libraries
– Fix for Philips HUE issues
– Fix for crashing bug in sleep time suggestion
– fix for crash in settings search
– fix for per alarm preferences not saving properly
– fix for add graphs button on the graphs screen
– French, Japanese, Greek, Chinese, Norwegian, Italian… (many thanks to our contributors!)

– Day Night theme support, switches themes automatically based on your sunset, you can choose a fixed theme in Settings – Misc – Theme
– Sleep score – find out your overall sleep score – a multi-criteria sleep quality index
– Introduction of efficiency as another sleep score measure: efficiency = asleep duration / sleep tracking duration
– Redesign: Stats, Graphs, Alarms, Advice and more…
– Collapsible advanced settings (can be turned off in Settings – Misc – Show – restart app)
– Searchable settings
– Sleep time suggestions – when you forget to sleep track we use phones activity reporting to assume when you did most probably sleep (10% experiment)
– Direct boot support
– Option to hide the Graphs tab altogether
– fix for clean up duplicates (Google Fit, S Health)
– Colorful on-boarding cards – helps new users on board on features
– Fix in IFTTT Sign up
– Fixes in themes
– Better invites through the “tell friends” option
– Fix for sunrise alarm and DST
– Fix for Dropbox connect
– Awake detection can now be fully disabled in Settings – Sleep tracking – Awake detection, and is default ON..
– Blind fix for DND priority mode disabling on Samsung
– Support for 12 new lullabies in the Sleep Lullaby Add-on
– Fix for Mi Band awake detection
– Fix for a occasional crash on old Androids
– Fix for some rare ANRs
– Fix for noise recordings not tagged properly
– Fix for head ups notification when notifications are disabled for an app
– Fix for occasional dismiss not working on Android Wear
– Attempt to allow sensor batching on more Android Wear watches
– Updates in Danish, German, Hungarian, Chinese and more (many thanks)

– Android O adaptive icon support
– Neural network based noise classification, in addition to snoring we also classify talk (cough or baby crying coming soon, 5% experiment or join BETA)
– Wear 2.0: adapting watch notifications to work better with Wear 2.0, potential fix for inability to dismiss alarms on watch
– Awake detection which has been temporarily disabled is back
– Selectable anti-snoring ringtone
– Fix for not showing chronotype for a period of month and shorter
– Fix for maximum total snooze time with Captcha
– Fix for Google Calendar backup
– Fix for Sleep Cloud – profile popup window
– Fix for SleepBackup addon – in auto SYNC backup, preventing running backup more than once (staged rollout)
– Philips HUE sunrise now capped at 4500K and uses more hue for color bulbs vs. white ambiance bulbs
– Fix sleep irregularity min/hours in advice
– Documentation urls using https
– Disabling CAPTCHA per-alarm is shown in the alarm list

– GOALS: Improve your sleep through goals (menu – goals)
– Many Mi Band related fixes
– Alarm reliability: enhanced option for people suffering the recent alarm issue – probably caused by an android bug..settings – misc – alarm reliability
– Tasker option reset – made non-default, if you use Tasker please re-enable it in Settings – Services – Tasker
– Very rare issues on few device can cause the alarm not trigger, if you are affected, please use Settings – Misc – Alarm reliability: reliable and use menu – report a bug to give us some details on the issue
– New Unlock screen
– Fix for duplicate weather / temperature tags in rating screen
– Dialog to connect a BT Smart HR tracker before starting sleep tracking
– Fix in sensor test under Wearables to not use Sonar
– Issue with a backup beep beep alarm after alarm dialog is dismissed with Spotify
– Track your snoozing with the Snooze chart under Trends..
– Option to extend trial period through rewarded ads (may not be available always and in all countries)
– WifiEnabler run the job after timeout when there is any other connectivity
– Fix for Dropbox auto sync (few weeks may be missing, please sync now)
– Fix for crashing issue in Calendar
– Fix for delayed tracking with sonar
– Fix for crash in shortcuts
– Google Calendar sync delete issue fix
– Tasker – added user pause/resume events
– Spotify – refresh album list button
– Fix for 2:xx alarm on DSL change day
– Fix for crash in ringtone picker with Spotify
– Error toast when no permission in ringtone picker
– Cannot delete scanned QR codes during alarm
– Latest Play Services and support libs
– “Sync now” option added for Google Fit, Calendar and Samsung S Health
– New texts in Polish, Chinese, Slovak, Japanese, Czech, French..many thanks to our contributors!


  • NEW: Mi Band support through Tools & Mi Band by Zdenek Horak – the best Mi Band app on Android (Mi Band 2 Only)
– Sonar: additional sonar modes which may improve accuracy on some devices and leave less artifacts in sound reproduction and recording
– Sleep pattern chart added – a scatterplot of sleep length vs wake-up hour
– Better outlier detection in charts and chronotype statistics
– Localized date formatting on X-axes in charts
– Smart sleep pattern detection based on clustering. It tries to detect free/working days dynamically, based on typical wake-up time and sleep length. If there is no such pattern detected, it falls back to the original calendar workday/weekend grouping.
– Several fixes in controlling WiFi states properly
– Attempt to fix inability to snooze / dismiss on Wear when alarm not running on phone
– Use smooth gradual volume in alarms on 1+
– Fix for Google Fit timeouts
– Google Fit – export heart rates
 -fix IFTTT – disable wifi in automatic turn off wifi mode
 -IFTTT – added paused/resumed events
– Faster import times from local backup
– Fix for anti-snoring on watch regression
– Unchecking “Prevent escaping CAPTCHA removes the app from device admin”
– Import/Export progress bar
– Samsung specific DND handling – allow real DND on Samsung instead of just ringer silent (5% rollout or opt-in for BETA)
– DND: Priority mode on Samsung does not enable silent mode, Fix for DND mode after alarm on Samsung, DND warning with sonar on Samsung
– Show advice on rating screen
– Fix for IFTTT 404 error
– Fix for turning off WiFi when sleep tracking starts
– Better indicate alarms more than 24h away in sleep tracking screen instructions
– Improve code scanning CAPTCHAs for new users
– Fix for Spotify not playing via lullaby in sonar mode
– Fix in health service integration
– Stats headers made more clear
– More time to connect to online radio during morning alarm
– Weather from MET Norway on rating screen
– Fixes in weather on rating activity
– Fix for update of sleep tracking color on orientation change
– Fix for turn off lullaby when sleeping in some situations
– Night own 0 is now Night own 1
– Fix for wrong alarm day in calendar integration notification
– Fix for smart wake up when pausing or tracking is suspended
– Anti-snoring played through the notification stream instead of alarm
– Fix for anti-snoring on watch regression
– Improved sleep irregularity chart – captures more timely changes
– Google Calendar – using #holiday tag requires ‘Disable repeating alarms on holidays’ option enabled
– Updated Pebble libraries
– Android Wear: attempt to fix occasional missed dismiss and snooze
– Android Wear restarts sleep tracking when device reboots or package replaces
– New support libraries and Play Services
– Google Calendar fix – skipping custom holiday and resetting cache for custom holiday events
– Setting “not at home” threshold to 2.5 km
– New texts: Latvian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Italian, Czech, Chinese, German, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Japanese (Many thanks!)

* Fix for anti-snoring on watch regression
* Fix for DND warning with sonar on Samsung
* Unchecking “Prevent escaping CAPTCHA removes the app from device admin”
* Faster import times from local backup
* Import/Export progress bar
* Vibe mode is kept after alarm
* Fix for DND mode after alarm on Samsung Android 6.0+
* Show advice on rating screen
* Fix for IFTTT 404 error
* Fix for turning off WiFi when sleep tracking starts
* Better indicate alarms more than 24h away in sleep tracking screen instructions
* Improve code scanning CAPTCHAs for new users
* Fix for Spotify not playing via lullaby in sonar mode
* Fix in health service integration
* Stats headers made more clear
* More time to connect to online radio during morning alarm
* Weather from MET Norway on rating screen
* Fixes in weather on rating activity
* Fix for turn off lullaby when sleeping in some situations
* Experiment to always turn of DND in the morning regardless of state when tracking was started
* Night own 0 is now Night own 1
* Fix for smart wake up when pausing or tracking is suspended
* Anti-snoring played through the notification stream instead of alarm
* Fix for anti-snoring on watch regression
* Improved sleep irregularity chart – captures more timely changes
* Google Calendar – using #holiday tag requires ‘Disable repeating alarms on holidays’ option enabled
* Updated Pebble libraries
* Android Wear: attempt to fix occasional missed dismiss and snooze
* Android Wear restarts sleep tracking when device reboots or package replaces
* New support libraries and Play Services
* Google Calendar fix – skipping custom holiday and resetting cache for custom holiday events
* Setting “not at home” threshold to 2.5 km
* New texts: Czech, Chinese, German, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Japanese (Many thanks!)

* Sensor test improved – adjust Sonar volume freely, get rid of audible artifacts and see your signal strength for each volume level
* Better false positives filtering in respiratory detection
-Automatic activity-based Awake detection – works for smart watch tracking and phone in bed if you take to phone with you to the bathroom (30% A/B experiment)
-Chronotype (Lark or owl?), Social jet lag, sleep irregularity
* See if you are a morning lark or night owl and your rank (in menu drawer – after it gets calculated)
* Chart to see how your Chronotype diverges from the population
* Your all time Chronotype development chart
* Social jet lag chart and sleep irregularity chart and advice
-Google Fit and S Health
* Automatically start sync with health services on daily bases
* Google Fit – increasing timeouts as service gets slow
* Samsung S Health – SDK updated
Google Calendar
* Public holidays don’t skip alarms by default – only notify
* Fix for repeated holiday notification
* Records from health services get exported to Google Calendar
* #notholiday tag to exclude public holidays which do not apply to you
-Android 7.0 Quick settings tile to start and stop sleep tracking instantly
-Android 7.1 Shortcut support – activated through long press on launcher icon
-Round icon on Pixels
-Option to limit maximum total snooze time
-More precise use of location in the CAPTCHA’s not at home feature
-Experimental respiratory detections on Android Wear using solely actigraphy
-Improved charts loading speed + progress bar
-Ringtone can be selected from Google Drive or other media content storage provider
-“Application settings” now show currently selected default value in alarm settings
-Showcase for the tracking screen – explain Stop & save and pause
-Fix for pausing recoridng with auto-started lullabies
-20 minutes delayed tracking option
-Rating screen UI fixes
-Fix for sharing noise recording when in custom directory
-Exported data gets a backup if export is deleting more records, see sleep-export.backup.csv
-Confirmation dialog for postpone next alarm
-Fix for switching between multiple StressLocator Oximeters
-Fix for hiding the expanded status bar when not in alarm dialog when using “Avoid escaping CAPTCHA”
-Fix for vibrate issue on Samsung
-Fix for rare data corruption caused by inconsistent versions
-Workaround for TouchWiz issue disabling silent mode when alarm starts
-Better repeat weekly/even/odd dialog
-Fix for main noise recording default off on new installs
-New wild graphs fix attempt on S7 (and few other) with S Health
-Workaround for TouchWiz issue disabling silent mode when alarm starts
-Better repeat weekly/even/odd dialog
-Fix for main noise recording default off on new installs
-Fix for legend dialog in sleep graph detail screen
-Max 20 min noise recordings length (implies 10 min pause in recording)
-Remember position in list on screen orientation changes
-New texts in Chinese, Czech, Vietnamese, Japanese, Croatian, Italian, Russian, French (Many thanks!)

-Sonar – contact less sleep tracking, no need for phone in bed anymore
* Sonar uses your device speakers and mic to produce ultrasonic waves, and measure tiny changes in their reflection from your body
* See if you device is supported (only ~50% of devices are), use settings – sleep tracking – sensor – Sonar
* Tutorial on how to use sonar (settings – sleep tracking)
* Respiratory rate detection (right device and right setup needed)
* Conservative apnea event detection
* Warning that headset cannot be used with sonar
* Sensor test now guides you to remove audible artifacts when using sonar
-Snoring detection
* Improved detector with higher success rate
* Continuous detection, every second of your night gets checked for snoring (A/B test)
* Snoring error reporting (always requires your confirmation): let us know when we miss-detect your snoring and we will do it right next time
* Volume control for lullabies (when stream volume is forced by sonar)
* Improved snoring detection algorithm – based on the recordings you shared with us
-Google Calendar
* Sync with all calendars tagged #sleep in calendar name
* #holiday tag to skip alarms on private holidays
* Custom advance alarm time using tags e.g. #alarm-30m
* Fix for not not seeing repeating events
* Apnoe alarm when using Oximeter and low on blood oxygen levels (settings-wearables)
* Support for new BTLE BerryMed devices
* Requiring the location permission for Oximetry (Yes, Google really wants you to allow location access to measure your heart rate)
* Better handling of BT turned off when using Oximeters
* Faster reconnect to known BT HR devices or Oximeters
* Choose albums to wake up
* Use albums in playlist
* Gentle volume increase fixes
-Wearables: Pebble, Wear, Gear
* Pebble 2 HR heart rate reading support
* Pebble timeline updates even when bedtime notification is disabled
* Support for runtime permission on Wear
* We know about issues with Gear caused by Samsung careless doze mode implementation.We are working on a new watch app from scratch
-Android N compatibility
* Direct boot support – alarm will ring even when device reboots and does not get unlocked
* Workaround for Nougat bedtime notification sound on external storage
* Fix for Nougat volume control permission problem
-Animated tab icons
-New option – Prevent escaping CAPTCHA – in settings-CAPTCHA, makes alarms unhackable 🙂
-Various showcase view to guide users at first time use in main screen, stats or settings
-Option to reset home location when you move
-Show SPO2 and respiratory rates on rating screen
-Prevent WiFi enable/disable requests collisions between IFTTT and Spotify
-Support for next button in noise playback when starting from the middle of the list
-TTS respects gentle volume in alarm, Good night message wjen starting tracking is just a whisper
-By default dimming is not done if screen timeout is at least 5 minutes
-Force sound with silent alarms in power save mode as vibrations are disabled
-Using latest Play Services
-Fix for disappearing sleep data when editing #snore events in noise recordings
-Fix for snooze limit resets
-Fixed turning off “alarm in silent mode”
-Fix for resetting skip next when changing alarm time
-Fix sound delay behavior when no volume increase is used
-Fix for showing priority option on pre M devices
-Fix for crash when SleepCloud not installed
-Fix for random alarm start on special occasion after updating the app
-Fix occasional crash in alarm with Playlist (many thanks Robin)
-Fix for the combination of ‘no snooze after alarm’ and ‘last used snooze time’
-New texts Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, French, Czech, Croatian, Serbian and Chinese (many thanks!)

-Material redesign: fabs kept when sliding, scrollable toolbar (Android 5.0+), hide show animations, fabs push up when snackbars are shown etc..
-Option to set priority mode for DND when sleep tracking (Android M+)
-Droid avatar opens eyes during the day
-Spotify integration allows to choose Spotify album as alarm song
-Fix for Spotify – start playing even dismiss was pressed before
-Fix Noise directory – reset to default directory in case recording fails
-Fix Google Fit – manual sync – info if there is no network available
-Cloud service integrations are now in a separate setting screen to make the main settings cleaner
-Fallback for Smile CPATCHA and QR code scanner due to error in Google’s vision API
-Fix for Sleep-apea pre-screening results presentation in sleep graphs
-Fix for ringtone name persistence
-Option to fix “wild” graphs on Samsung with S Health enabled
-Option to not show release notes automatically
-Fix for Automagic, Tasker, Locale plugin
-Fix for keeping the error report dialog when changing orientation
-Noise screen directly plays a record when tapped, context menu is shown on long press
-Fix for missing internet permission with Pebble Timeline
-Revert when using a not applicable remote ringtone
-More fixes for Gear S2 autostart
-Japanese, Hebrew, Catalan, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Polish, Latvian, Turkish translations (many thanks!)

-Experimental Sleep Apnea pre-screening using Berrymed Oximeters (see the doc).
-BT indicator for external HR monitor connection progress
-Fix for Wear HR data issues, many thanks for reporting
-Fix for time axes for manually added graphs
-Calendar settings: custom advance/prepone alarm time + redesign
-3rd party service synchronization screens redesign
-Fix for vibrations when using Spotify
-Tag for monthly period #menses
-NFC/QR CAPTCHA tutorial only shows for the first time
-Fix for Gear S2 auto-start issues
-Fixes for occasional crash on Gingerbread due to Google Play Services bug
-Fix for crashing Tasker
-Undo snackbars can now be dismissed with a slide
-Fix for TTS issue on S6 Android 6.0

-Experimental Jet lag prevention based on Stanford university research
-Material redesign: New material icon, droid avatar, droid widget, Charts, Tabs
-Experimental IFTTT support through the Maker’s channel
-Experimental screen backlight alarm in settings-smartlight
-Configurable noise recordings path on SD card on Lollipop and later
-Fix in Spotify integration, e.g. for volume adjustments after alarm when using Spotify integration
-Fix for wrong tab highlight when switching orientation
-Fix 1 minute shift in time to bed indicator
-Fix import and export of heart rates
-Flashlight option in internal barcode scanner
-Math CAPTCHAs now require correct answer to show next question
-Noise playback, tapping the waveform changes current playback position
-Deleting noises in playback requires a long press to prevent accidents
-Potential ANR fix on Android 6.0 and later
-Faster S Health synchronization, also star rating is kept
-Fix for specific security issue when controlling WiFi
-Batter handling of selected ringtone names in alarm configuration
-Fix QR/NFC captcha reset (+1 min)
-First use showcase view for most important features: alarms and sleep tracking
-Fix for choosing some per-alarm CAPTCHAs from the CAPTCHA pack
-Fix wrong noise level on rating screen
-Public holiday rescheduling now shows all the days which caused the alarm to skip
-Little overflow fixes on alarm dialog and debug reports
-Fix for multi-CAPTCHA when cancelling and active alarm
-New texts for Swedish, Ukrainian, Slovak..(many thanks)

-Fix for Mi Band sleep import through Fit after they fix their data inconsistencies
-Fix BTLE interrupted HR reading from devices like Polar H7
-Fix for beep sound when alarm starts with fixed alarm volumes – this also affects OnePlus users
-More places to ask for storage permission on 6.0
-Fix for calendar postpones in case there is public holiday and an morning event to postpone alarm
-Fix for font flashlight issue with peelight
-Fix for internal QR Code scanner
-Download 3rd party sleep records from S Health
-Fix for permissions and occasional crash in Calendar integration
-Fix for SleepMask sunrise wake up
-Android 6.0 second notification does not show “in bed” instruction when using smartwatch
-Potential fix for persistent tracking notification on Android 6.0
-Fix for Playlist option in alarm settings doing nothing on pre-Marshmallow devices
-Potential fix for crashes on 2.3 when starting the app
-New images in tutorial
-Fix for Spotify integration when Spotify is uninstalled
-Fix for occasional crash in Spotify support
-Fix for note recording when tracking paused or tracking suddenly terminated
-Fix for occasionally not saving sleep record with “save” battery
-Fix for lullaby turn off when using external players
-Fix for occasional crash in lullabies
-Hide anti-snoring instruction in case recording is off
-Fix for crashing Advice in Polish version
-French and other language updates (many thanks Leo and others)

-Captcha Pack with 9 additional CAPTCHAs
-Captcha Store with 3rd party CAPTCHAs
-Anyone can create a CAPTCHA for Sleep as Android
-Say cheese CAPTCHA makes you smile as the first thing in the morning
-Internal QR code scanner – no need for external app when using QR code CAPTCHA
-Sleep phase synchronization for S Health
-Redesign – new color scheme, more material icons, stats, tracking screen, CAPTCHAs, noise playback, tutorial, graphs, tablet layouts
-Hypnogram view is now default in graphs
-NFC tag scanning directly from the alarm dialog, for lock screen needs to be a trusted location
-New tutorials for NFC and QR code CAPTCHA
-Smart light uses start Alarm sound start settings if configured and simulates the sunrise alarm before sound starts playing
-Playlist selection fixes
-Attempt to fix some of the Wear HR and BTLE HR issue
-Battery optimizations for Wear HR collection
-Preparations for 6.0 Wear
-Pseudo waveform view for noises
-Better waveform position in recordings
-Fix for SomaFM online radio alarms
-Fix for noise recording on HTC with Android 6.0
-Year information for older records
-Fix for keeping times for add sleep on orientation changes
-Gentle volume shorter silent time on some devices
-Show HR in graph even with less values
-Require storage permission when setting ringtones
-Lullaby tagging
-Fix for tag occurrences
-Binaural beats played only with headphones
-Alarm label is part of bedtime message, including TTS
-Correct ordering of skipped alarms (in BETA)
-Require location permission for sunrise, not at home
-Button to delete all disabled alarms
-Turn off control on lullaby dialog
-Fix in sensor batching data outages
-Alarm dialog is portrait by default on phones
-Improvements in Sleep stages synchronization for S Health
-Fit sync fixes
-Fix for speech to text for comments on rating screen
-Potential fix for flat graphs on Android M
-Fix for lullabies not playing all night
-Big update in Korean (Many thanks Brian)

-Improved doze mode survival strategies on Android M
-Improve tablet layout
-Hear rate over Bluetooth Smart: fix for required location permission and service on M, auto-restarting when disconnected, fixes when delection HR monitor from more devices
-Fix for persistent vibratios after dismiss
-Experimental Spotify integration: alarms + lullaby
-Fix for Spotify suspend/resume alarm in CAPTCHA
-Convenience Tasker action to start an ideal sleep length sleep tracking
-Alarm dialog auto restarting when left
-Fix for requiring default permissions on a new install
-Fix showing alarm dialog instead of headups when notifications are disabled
-Different difficulty levels for each captcha
-Peelight in menu of the tracking screen available also for pre-M devices
-All permissions are now optional on Android M
-Experimental stop recording when lucid dreaming audio cue and show lucid cues in graph
-Option to choose path for noise recordings on your SD card on Lollipop and earlier
-Battery optimized option on tracking screen for device which support sensor batching
-Option to set silent Lucid cue and rather rely on light, vibe or smartwatch
-More battery efficient work-around for doze mode on Android M
-Enabling noise recording will now suppress “Battery optimized” mode
-Lullaby correctly handles phone calls
-Alarm postpone: allow temporarily postpone repeating alarms by X minutes
-Hide noise column from stats if not tracked
-Fix for HR sensor left ON after Wear app exists
-Fix for turning of lullaby (not just volume) when falling asleep
-Fix for weather info after sleep tracking
-Pebble: Pebble Time Round support, bedtime and alarm on timeline, fix for long press to resume paused tracking
-Skip next alarm directly accessible from alarm detail
-Fix for missing awake phase when detected from heart rates
-Google Fit + S Health: Import of sensor walking data into sleep graphs
-Noise recording playback position indicator
-Explicit configuration option for QR and NFC CAPTCHAs in Settings > CAPTCHA
-Interacting with CAPTCHA will increase alarm sound suppress timer automatically
-REM phase Taker event works even when lucid dreaming is off
-Fix for “…” button on alarm list
-Fix weird sounds with fixed volume alarms
-Fix broken vibration with fixed volume alarms
-Fix for crashes if auto start lullaby is miss-configured
-Fix in alarm postpone
-Fix in silent alarm regression
-Non-intrusive “Hello” splash screen
-Workaround for buggy phones that popup every time SD-Card is written. We significantly reduce number of these popups
-Fix for crash on startup on 2.3 firmwares
-Deleting all disabled alarm required solving captcha for snooze/soon alarms
-If screen orientation is locked on alarm, phones will always use portrait mode
-When notification about alarm coming soon is dismissed, it won’t appear again
-New texts in Ukrainian, Polish, Chinese, German, Dutch, Portuguese (Many thanks!)

-Workarounds for broken sleep tracking due to Android M battery optimizations (feedback needed)
-Fix for “Not before ideal” default OFF, this option has been reset for everyone as part of the fix, please re-enable it in Settings > Smart wake up
-Fix for blocked alarm dialog for 20s when using vibrate:before
-Vibrate before increase to one minute before alarm sound starts
-Fix for lost actigraph when synchronizing with S Health and having heart rate data
-Fix for too short walking sessions and correct walking session length with S Health and Google Fit
-Fixes for bypassing of captcha in some cases
-Fix for Sleep Mask not reacting when unplugged from USB and plugged again
-New texts in Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Czech (Many thanks!)

-Fix for walking sessions and lost actigraph when synchronizing with S Health and Google Fit
-Fixes for bypassing of captcha in some cases
-Fix for SleepMask not reacting when unplugged from USB and plugged again

-Sleep Mask support for light stimulated sleep, more info at
-Fix for CAPTCHA being solved but alarm still rings
-S Health integration: showing your sleep times in S Health and #sport tagging based on your S Health activity
-Tasker plug-in for easier automation
-Experimental TTS support for alarms, bedtime and weather. Enable in settings>misc
-Experimental heart rate monitoring for improved awake and REM phase detection
-Check Settings-Smartwatch-Heart rate monitoring
-Compatibility with BT smart (BTLE) devices on BT smart enabled phones (tested with Polar H7), default OFF
-BETA version only: Compatibility with HR sensor equipped Wear devices (e.g. Gear Live or G Watch R), default ON
-HR indicator on sleep tracking screen
-Google Now voice commands: start workout, stop workout, set alarm, start sleep
-Voice commands for Wear: in addition to start sleep tracking, you can also use start workout and stop workout
-Smartwatch vibrate: “before alarm” not yet fully supported, but fixed to vibrate at alarm start
-Android M compatibility
-Work in progress: Optional permissions: phone, location, camera, microphone and wifi
-Android M flashlight API in alarms
-Doze mode will break sleep tracking (workaround: phone on charger or noise recording enabled)
-Android M: Pee-light in Sleep tracking screen under menu using the new flashlight API
-Android Wear battery optimizations
-Last used lullabies sorted first
-Fix for snooze before alarm time
-Fix for unwanted Google Fit disconnected notification
-Fix for S Health sync with no sleep records
-Fallback for online radio alarm when wifi has not connectivity
-Fix for alarm time refresh in sleep tracking screen
-Fix for double deep sleep and rating values in tag-related charts
-Fixed status bar style during alarm
-Fixed incompatibility between delayed sleep tracking and battery saving mode
-Fix for CAPTCHA being open when pressing dismiss followed by snooze from a smartwatch
-Maximum pause time 2 hours is now enforced
-Fix for problems with alarms that should not terminate tracking (but sometimes they did)
-Fixes in alarm reliability
-New text in Japanese (many thanks)

-Experimental Google Fit support
-Upload your sleep data into Google Fit
-Download 3rd party sleep data from Fit into Sleep as Android
-Automatic synchronization of the #sport tag based on your fitness activity recorded in Google Fit
-Automatic import of walking sessions during the night, considered as awake (not considering sleep walking 🙂
-Several Google Fit fixes
-Fix for Facebook integration
-Fix in Pebble time support, when starting Pebble app from the phone
-Sensor batching more robust to even time errors
-Experimental option to view hypnograms (sleep phases) in graph list (settings>misc)
-Ability to add online radios from lullaby settings
-Workaround for long country names in stats>others
-Fix for rare unwanted restarting of sleep tracking
-Fixed for online radio preview keeping playing
-In call alarm is less intrusive
-Option to delete all disabled alarms at once
-Fix for sunrise times when location is not enabled
-Fix for unnecessary ringer mode changes when alarm is silent
-Fix for playing noises in zoomed graph view
-Fix for displaying deep sleep length in other people stats

-Wear: Fix for ability to dismiss alarms when watch is not connected
-Pebble Time support
-Vibrations before alarm starts sounding can be used again

-Support for M3U online radio URLs
-Fix for making sure online radio alarm will play when in airplane mode in morning
-Fix for enabling wifi for local alarms in the morning
-Fix for negative snooze times in status bar
-Fix for not showing alarm dialog in rare cases
-Fix for deleting custom online radio ringtones
-Fix for progress bar when selection silent ringtone

-Experimental online radio support (please report any issues)
-In alarm ringtone settings use the radio icon to see a list of build-in stations (top right)
-Tap it again to add your favorite radio station
-Online radio alarms will turn on WiFi when alarm starts
-You can use online radio also as lullabies (see settings>lullaby>online radio>preview)
-New option in settings>lullaby makes sure WiFi is turned off after you fall asleep and lullaby is faded. Especially useful for Play Music, Spotify or similar
-Philips HUE integration now compatible with the OSRAM Lightify RGBW bulb used with the HUE bridge
-Optional smartLight-based lucid dreaming and anti-snoring in settings>smartlight
-Lucid dreaming and Antisnoring on Philips HUE does blink based on your loop settings
-Fix for vibration settings when adding alarm through ideal sleep or nap options from the menu drawer
-Fix for alarm volume being set to maximum after each alarm cycle
-Fix for too short vibrations with gentle volume off and for vibration renewal when interrupting CAPTCHA
-New lullaby dialog with sections
-Lollipop: reverting at least to priority mode after silent mode has been disabled to make the alarm ring
-Lullaby playback option available from the main screen menu drawer
-Option to switch between hour (previous) or day alarm sorting in setting>misc
-Dismissing “delete after ringing” alarms before schedule will delete them
-Fix for rare crash in battery optimized sleep tracking
-Fix for graph list layout when no tags are shown
-Better icon antialiasing and more material icons, few tag icons updated
-New texts: Croatian, Slovak, Russian (many thanks!)

-New alarm list shorting based on days
-Redesign of alarm, stats, graphs, noises, add-ons: using cards
-Rework of vibration settings (vibrations can be turned off by default for all new alarms)
-Integrate your smart device: 3rd party smartwatch/wearable integration API (see the doc)
-Fix for hiding of the sleep tracking FAB with few alarms
-Option to make alarms not terminate sleep tracking
-Automatic merge of pause (awake) intervals with short gaps (max 12 minutes)
-More awake detection heuristics
-Fix for awake note on pausing dialog
-Fix for making smartwatch vibration enabled by default
-Higher sick tag occurrence not considered as -1
-Rating screen shows the hypnogram rather than actigraph if there are at least 3 cycles
-Pausing dialog indicates whether it was initiated by the awake detection feature
-Pee-light in Philips Hue integration is now optional
-Pie chart showing percentage of sleep/awake in your life time
-Fix for seeking to end in noise playback
-Layout and image quality improvements in Add-on screen
-Direct add nap option in menu drawer
-Showing sunrise / sunset in sleep graphs
-Button to enable WiFi on rating screen
-Smart watch: fix for alarm notification still visible after dismiss
-Android Wear: confirmation animations, showing/hiding of resume action
-Pebble: various fixes in Pebble app (please update to Pebble app version 2.1), support for Pebble Time and color screen, fix for Pebble not receiving messages after too many actions
-Backup alarm settings made more understandable
-Screen on tracking can now be only enabled under sleep tracking>dimming>Clock with screen
-Droid avatar in alarm list may be turned off in settings>misc
-Lollipop styling for the droid widget
-Fix for rare first run crash on pre-ICS devices
-In-call alarm even less intrusive
-Fix for sleep tracking widget preview icon
-Fix for occasional crash when deleting portions of the sleep graph
-Removed delete confirmation for sleeps as there is already undo implementation
-Support for new lullabies in the lullaby add-on (Chor, Girl singing, Spaceship, Pink noise)
-New texts for Russian, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Chinese and Czech (many thanks)

-Fix for auto start, lucid dreaming, flashlight, battery optimized mode and HQ recording options which may have been ineffective even being enabled
-Sony Smartwatch 3 sensor batching support reduces battery use from ~70% to ~15% per night
-Fix for respecting snooze limits when snoozing from smartwatch
-Improved predictive time suggestions when adding sleep manually to avoid overlaps
-Initial experimental awake detection heuristics
-Fix for missing alarm dialog on Lollipop in special cases
-Improved alarm rescheduling on time changes
-Small changes of time won’t cause alarms to be skipped or snooze to come late
-App icon fix for scheduling alarms from Google Now
-Fix for flip to snooze and HW buttons snooze on Lollipop
-Fix for deactivating alarm vibrations during ongoing phone calls
-Automation fix: Prevent duplicate SLEEP_TRACKING_STARTED intent broadcast after record is rated

-Fix for recent regression in dismiss and snooze from smartwatch
-Adding sleep manually is improved: slider to select range, smart default times based on previous sleeps for each day in the week
-New deep sleep % trend chart
-Charts layout fixes
-“Not at home” in QR code or NFC tag CAPTCHA works also when sleeping at home, but scanning outside
-Plus button as a hint to add custom tag names
-Fix for lucid dreaming vibrations preview and preview on smartwatch
-“Not before ideal” smart wake up option accounts for delayed tracking
-Fix for memory issues in tutorial on low-end devices
-Fix for saving comments and tags on noise playback when using the back button
-Fix for keeping comments on morning screen when changing orientation
-Button to download from Cloud if no records are found but the backup add-on is installed
-Trial version now supports sleep length measurement every day (but activity graphs are recorded only every second day)
-Workaround for problem with SwiftKey keyboard on Rating screen on Lollipop
-Fix for “Not a local file” error in ringtone picker
-Fix for widget refreshing after new graph is generated
-Fix for disappearing snooze notification after application update
-No more losing bug report texts by clicking outside of the report dialog
-New texts: Italian (many thanks)

-More material design: color scheme, FABs, menu drawer, settings, dialogs
-Fix for small and off centered app title text
-Fix for regression on L: alarm dialog not showing with secured lock screens
-Fix for tab text when not fitting width
-New sliding tutorial with images
-Fix for missing sleeps in the pattern chart
-Random advice text is shown on the stats screen
-Alarm head-ups notification on Lollipop when working with the device during alarm
-Fix for Facebook sharing
-Smartwatch settings section
-Fix in enforcing snooze limit
-Fix for opening alarm settings directly when clicking the alarm row
-Configurable vibration start for smartwatches
-Fix for Sony SmartWatch 3 issues after the firmware update
-Fix for alarm on Wear watch when also having the Pebble app installed
-Fix for updating sleep tracking buton and droid icon when all alarms are disabled
-New nature sound ringtone: Cockcrow
-Updated icon for Wear app
-Lucid vibrations on smartwatch, only if vibrations are enabled
-Fix for lucid dreaming vibrate option
-Various floating buttons fixes: hide animation, elevation on L
-First wave of settings clean up (let us know if you are missing a setting you have used)
-Sleep tracking button is there available on alarm list even when scrolling
-New auto-delete indicator on the noise list
-Fix seekbar preference on L
-Instead of 2 hours CAPTCHA is obligatory 30 minutes before alarm time
-Pebble has higher priority over Wear if both are connected
-Fix for crashing bug in noise recording
-Tab with statistics is not independent on current time of day
-Fix missing red section in end of graph in case tracking is broken
-Fix orientation lock on captcha screens – no more flipped screens
-Fix force EN language behavior in settings screens
-New texts: Italian, Japanese, Finish, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, German, Czech (many thanks)

-Full Material redesign
-Redesigned sleep time and alarm widgets – weekday color codes and time to bed indicator
-Fix for smart alarms which does not get properly dismissed
-Bigger rewrite of Philips HUE integration – fixes, more reliable
-Fix for not showing CAPTCHA when dismissing future alarm on rating screen
-Fix for QR/NFC code scanning when stopping sleep tracking before the alarm
-Repeating lucid dreaming vibe on smart watch, fixes in lucid dreaming preview
-Fix in week day in graph list
-Alarm indicator Lollipop compatibility fix
-Showing the next alarm notification can be disabled in settings > misc > status bar icon
-Dream diary CAPTCHA allows quick adding of a sleep records
-New predefined tags for good and bad dreams
-Bi-weekly alarm support (alarm settings > repeat)
-Fix for Moto360 tracking data outages
-Fix for wrong dates in graph list after time-zone change
-Fix quick nap scheduling when power-naps are used
-Lucid dreaming should not cancel silent mode
-Fix for from sleep length when re-entering the morning rating screen
-Wear integration handles better short periods when connection is broken
-Won’t show instruction to place phone to bed when using smartwatch
-Changing of any alarm setting that does not affect time will not reset “skip next” state
-Fix keeping state when adding alarms
-Advice bubble is oly shown if there is something new and occurs only for few seconds
-Fix problem with (not) showing smart wake-up period time interval in some graphs
-When deleting/disabling/skipping/editing an alarm with CAPTCHA that is scheduled to ring soon, CAPTCHA needs to be solved
-Fix for aggregation of charts when multiple timezones are used
-Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese, Portugal, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Italian updated (big thanks to the contributors!)

-Android L (Lollipop) compatibility fixes
-Fix for huge battery drain when using noise recording
-Fix for tracking in silent mode
-Fix alarms in silent mode
-Workaround for long Lullaby loading time
-Location & Auto airplane: if you sleep at home we try to disable airplane (if supported) or at least re-enable wifi if turned off by the app (limitation: starts working from 2nd track, location gathering needs to be enabled)
-Location & CAPTCHA: allows to skip CAPTCHA if not slept at home where you have your NFC tag or QR code
-Fix for an occasional issue when alarm timeouts but does not snooze to repeat itself
-Choose a lullaby to start automatically with sleep tracking (only if tracking is started manually)
-Graph selection improved with a set of context actions
-Next alarm notification for alarms in 2 hour range, allows to dismiss before triggering
-Philips HUE: multiple light support, ability to remember last authentication after disconnect, fixes
-Volume progress indicator in alarm dialog when using gentle volume increase
-Fix for crashing bug on some 4.4.2 firmwares in advice
-Fix for hiding system bars when dimming on virtual navbar devices
-Fix for regression on airplane disable icon on rating screen for Android 2.X
-Fixes for keyguard issues
-12-hour format for pattern chart
-Test sensors supports smartwatch again
-Fix for sensor test breaking smartwatch connection when used during sleep tracking
-Potential fix in battery optimized tracking
-Advice: comparison with other isn’t either negative nor positive
-Charts: new fall asleep hour chart, layout fixes, fix for smart wake up and rating chart to show averages for selected period only
-More contrast snooze button on alarm dialog
-Fixes in ringtone picker selection
-Refresh fix in charts-advice
-Few details updated in the droid pictures
-Vibration-based lucid cues
-Long press on quick nap option opens new nap dialog
-Quick ideal sleep tracking (menu drawer) accounts for default pausing and smart period
-Nicer tag number layout, few updated tag icons
-Option to turn of translucent navbar (requires restart)
-Translation updates: Norwegian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Czech, German (Many thanks!)

-More Material-like design elements, less contrast colors
-Redesign: Settings (clear look, icons, sections), set alarm, graph list, noise list, gream diary…
-Feature suggestion forum available from the menu, please submit your ideas and vote up
-Android Wear reduced battery use tracking – 15% consumption per night on Gear Live
-Fix for pausing on Wear devices
-Experimental battery optimized sleep tracking also for your phone settings > sleep tracking > battery optimized
-Only for supported devices e.g. Nexus 5, Sony Xperia Z1…minimum Android 4.4+
-Does not work with noise recording or snoring detection
-just 6% battery consumption on Nexus 5 per night of tracking
-Play all at noises respects filtering by tags or comments
-Fix for sleep length advice when minutes are up
-Others stats are no collapsible under the tag category
-Fixes in country detection for Others statistics
-Getting rid of confusing switch when skipping nex alarm, instead using a red Dismiss button
-Alarm range in sleep tracking is clickable to change next alarm settings
-One-touch sleep tracking with alarm scheduled through the menu drawer option – ideal sleep or 3 last used nap options
-Implicit CAPTCHA alarm suppress time has been reduced from 2 minutes to 1 minute
-Next alarm day indicator
-Disabling orientation changes setting also work for CAPTCHA
-Sunrise alarm with Philips HUE keeps the light on full volume after alarm is dismissed
-Fix for disappearance of weather and #fullmoon and #newmoon tags
-Fix for exporting/importing commas and line breaks in comments
-Fix for starring noises when adding tags from playback – noises may be un-starred
-Fix for wrong sleep duration when returning to rating activity after a while
-Fix for duplicate weather tags on rating screen
-Automatic airplane mode (removed in Android 4.2+) will at least automatically disable Wifi
-Saving noise edits when using X to close current noise playback
-Fix for refreshing the tags tab in charts when changing filter criteria
-Dream diary captcha texts get copied to clipboard when no active sleep record exists
-Fix for crash in widgets during app reinstall
-Fix problem with wrong time in graph axis during tracking
-Use application settings captcha when adding alarms automatically
-New texts in Chinese, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Slovak, Japanese and Czech (many thanks guys)

-Low alarm volume and vibration suppress during phone calls
-Non-applicable tags are left out from advice (such as #watch or #fullmoon)
-Fix for dim with clock regression
-Silent alarms vibrate from the start (if gentle vibe is enabled)
-Fix for alarm restarting during phone calls
-Pebble integration: next day alarms not shown and alarm vibrates even when connectivity is lost
-Fix for crashing bug in Android Wear support
-Fix for start up crash in few specific countries
-Screen won’t timeout in CAPTCHA
-Fix for sleep graph date when sharing from the rating dialog
-Fix for in-app purchases with too many accounts configured on a device
-Fix for connecting with Twitter for express sharing
-Fix for showing release notes after app updates

-Few fixes in Android Wear support
-Experimental sleep advice based on measured figures. Available in the stats screen. Notifies in case of severe developments:
1. recent figures significantly diverge from long term averages,
2. figures are significantly different than other user averages (taken from SleepCloud)
3. some figures are getting over thresholds
-Comparison of your measured values with the averages in your country or world-wide as collected in the SleepCloud service is now part of the stats tab
-Undo operation when you finish sleep tracking and decide to delete the sleep graph
-Fix for saving current noise record edits when playing previous record
-Updates in Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Romanian (many thanks guys)

-Experimental Android Wear support – tracking, alarms snooze and dismiss, time to bed, anti-snoring, lucid dreaming and alarm vibrations on watch
-Battery optimizations for Wear tracking, 8h of tracking is currently 40% battery on Gear Live (screen off, minimum backlight)
-Connectivity detection and warning support for Wear
-Experimental Samsung Galaxy Gear support, the required add-on is currently in approval process on Samsung App Store
-Fix for tracking time regression
-Fix quick ideal sleep time alarm addition form the menu drawer
-Fix for issues starting charts
-Bedtime notification gets dismissed when alarm starts
-Larger and more visible time to alarm progressbar in sleep tracking
-Snooze and dismiss actions directly from notification for time to bed notifications and alarms
-Navigation drawer for sleep tracking screen
-Fix for next alarm indicator shown even all alarms where disabled
-Fix for alarm and sleep tracking widget refresh issues
-Potential fix for rare snooze issues on KitKat
-Multi-line sleep comment dialog
-Updates in Romanian, Hebrew, Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Greek (many thanks guys)

-KitKat redesign – less contrast, gray shades, white pressed buttons, more flat design – single color actionbar, flat switch, flat green/red buttons, addon page (some of the changes are 4.0+ only)
-Alarm dialog redesign – additional snooze option instantly available
-Floating buttons in graph/noise lists – for quickly adding a new sleep or playing all on noises
-Navigation drawer to quickly access all functions also on 2.2+
-Chart styling fixes, tag related charts moved from advice to separate tab
-Instant (2-click) add nap and ideal alarm in navigation drawer
-Next alarm indicator can now be clicked to quickly change next alarm settings
-Fix for minute switching in time picker – regression in previous version
-Option to allow dismiss only after long press (configured in settings->alarms)
-Actionbar actions no more change with context, reduced to settings and add alarm

-SALE: Limited 50% OFF on SleepCloud Add-on till 14th of June
-A set of build-in widgets – changing droid icon (also on keyguard), next alarm, start sleep tracking with bedtime count-down and latest hypnogram
-Time picker dialog layout fixes
-Fixes in airplane mode issues introduced in the previous version
-Improvements in no snooze after alarm – should work properly also when user does not react for long time
-Fix for problem that prevents enabling of NFC in the morning when alarm is ringing
-Fix bug with potentially duplicating captcha

-Optimized bandwidth with automated backup
-Fix for hiding the delete button in QR code and NFC tag CAPTCHA
-Fix for alarm suspension in CAPTCHA – volume is never increased
-When a phone is plugged to a charger while running low on battery, tracking is resumed
-A few crashing cases have been fixed
-Ability to delete location also from graph detail
-Fix to reduce potentially larger network traffic (very rare case)
-Updates in German, Dutch and Chinese (many thanks guys)


-Fix for noise statistics not being recorded
-Fix for graph detail stars in landscape
-Fix for Android 2.2 compatibility
-Ability to delete location information
-Fix for snoring times on graph detail and rating screen
-Fix for Pebble anti-snoring response when anti snoring is disabled
-Warning on stamina mode breaking alarm on Sony phones
-Updates in German, Dutch, Russian, and Chinese (many thanks guys)


-UI speed up, faster startup and screen refresh…

-More consistent coloring – dialog, components
-Pebble: Long-press of select button resumes tracking (requires new Pebble app)
-Pebble: auto enabling BT in tracking after airplane
-Pebble: detection of no connection when starting tracking
-Pebble: use tagged with the #watch tag
-Fix for binaural beats in alarm regression
-Fix for layout issues in stats, rating screen and graph detail
-Deleting snoozed alarm with captcha still requires captcha to be solved
-If alarm is marked as “Delete after ringing”, it will be properly deleted after snooze cancellation
-Orientation change will not loose current settings when adding a new sleep record
-New texts in Portuguese, French, Dutch (many thanks Pedro, Leo, Jeroen)
-Completely new Indonesian translation (many thanks Gunawan)
-Fix in custom noise tagging
-Various other fixes


-Hypnogram view in sleep graph detail and on SleepCloud
-Redesign: fullscreen rating screen with hypnogram view, graph detail with landscape mode, math captcha, consistent color styling
-Smartlight: experimental Philips HUE integration – controlling your bedroom light from your alarm clock. Lucid dreaming light cue, navigation light when pausing, sunrise-like wake up from low red to bright yellow light
-Incremental sleep graph and noise graph, tag icons redesign, new QR code logo on shared graphs, day of week in graph view and list
-Pebble: time to bed notification, lucid dreaming and anti-snoring through a short vibe
-Sleep tracking survives Play Store updates and reboots
-Location-based features: quick sunrise alarm, weather information on rating screen, weather tagging, location tagging – automatically determines 3 most frequent locations and your home to compare your sleep, show sleep on map (COARSE_LOCATION permission)
-Location security notes: only very coarse location +/-5km is stored, you can opt-out from location storing altogether in settings->misc
-Unlock can be purchased through in-app payment for new users – does not affect Unlock users, does not introduce any additional billing whatsoever (GET_ACCOUNT, BILLING permissions)
-CAPTCHA, alarm suspend countdown with +2min button. Math+Sheeps: +1 question for each wrong answer (difficulty 3+). QR/NFC: learn multiple codes, require to scan all or any, if nothing learned CAPTCHA terminates silently
-Corner case fix for missed alarms when Rating screen was left open
-Option to snooze till scheduled alarm time (long press snooze button)
-No alarm dialog avoiding until dismissed (15% experiment, GET_TASKS permission)
-Battery save tracking – device in stand-by, no graph, only time tracking (tracking->menu)
-Repeating time to bed notification
-Music picker: fix for Play Music playlists, clear playlist button, now you can use 3rd party ringtone picker (“More”) also on KitKat
-Playlist modes: shuffle, in order, loop single
-Lucid dreaming: improved algorithm, played through SYSTEM stream – no interference with lullaby
-Anti-snoring and lucid dreaming minimum volume, configurable volume and preview for anti-snoring audio
-More precise graph selection with time range indicator
-Delete selections from manually added graphs
-Fix for pausing calculation when deleting graph selections
-Fix for 12-hour format graph time axis
-Fix for wrong captcha after cancelling snoozed alarm
-Fix for flip to snooze and dismiss interference
-Automation intent to disable/enable alarms with certain labels
-Button backlight control OFF by default, please enable it if needed
-Fix update of alarm/snooze text in sleep tracking screen
-3 minute snooze option
-Brand new Croatian translation (many thanks to David Boca)
-Updates in Chinese, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, Korean… (many thanks)

– Redesign: Graph detail, math captchas, more consistent coloring
– various fixes
– 3 minutes snooze option

BETA 20140814

-Graph details screen redesign with special landscape view
-Consistent color styling across the app
-Layout fixes in math captcha
-3 minute snooze option

Release 20140408
– Smart light: few fixes, ability to test and turn off from settings
– Fix for flip to snooze and dismiss interference

BETA 20140407
– Smart light: experimental Philips HUE integration – controlling your bedroom light from your alarm clock
– Lucid dreaming light cue, navigation light when pausing tracking, sunrise alarm starting at low red to bright yellow
– Fix for combination with a dismiss button click and flip to snooze interference

BETA 20140404

  • CAPTCHA: No more random clicking to solve CAPTCHA, you need to add 1 correct answer for each wrong (difficulty 3+)
  • Little rating screen design fixes
  • Few rare crashing fixes
  • Little start-up time optimization

BETA 20140204

  • Full screen rating activity with hypnogram and landscape view
  • Fix for very rare out of memory issue
  • Fix for 12-hour format graph time axis

Release 20140331
-Pebble: time to bed notification, lucid dreaming and anti-snoring through a short vibe
-CAPTCHA: alarm suspend countdown with +2min button
-Option to snooze till scheduled alarm time (long press snooze button)
-Fix for crashing bug on Android 2.2
-Fix for unscheduled alarms in a special case when Rating screen was left open from previous track
-Automation intents to disable/enable alarms with certain labels
-Button backlight control for “screen on” tracking is now off by default, please enable it if needed

Release 20140325
-Pebble: getting stable, install app opens appstore, entry on add-on page
-Hypnogram view in sleep graph detail and on SleepCloud – sleep phases in a glance
-Incremental sleep graph and noise graph, tag icons redesign, new QR code logo on shared graphs, day of week in graph view and list
-Battery save tracking – device in stand-by, no graph, only time tracking (tracking->menu)
-Music picker: fix for Play Music playlists, clear playlist button, now you can use 3rd party ringtone picker (“More”) also on KitKat
-Playlist modes: shuffle, in order, loop single
-Location-based features: quick sunrise alarm, weather information on rating screen, weather tagging, location tagging – automatically determines 3 most frequent locations and your home, show sleep on map (COARSE_LOCATION permission)
-Location security notes: only very coarse location +/-5km is stored, you can opt-out from location storing altogether in settings->misc
-Lucid dreaming: improved algorithm, played through SYSTEM stream – no interference with lullaby
-Anti-snoring and lucid dreaming minimum volume, configurable volume and preview for anti-snoring audio
-Unlock can be purchased through in-app payment for new users – does not affect Unlock users, does not introduce any additional billing whatsoever (GET_ACCOUNT, BILLING permissions)

-QR/NFC Captcha: learn multiple codes, require to scan all or any, if nothing learned CAPTCHA terminates silently
-Option to periodically repeat time to bed notification if not dismissed
-More precise graph selection with time range indicator
-Fix for pausing calculation when deleting graph selections
-Delete selections from manually added graphs
-Fix update of alarm/snooze text in sleep tracking screen
-Fix for sleep length in rating dialog
-Escaping alarm dialog is blocked (10% experiment, GET_TASKS permission)
-Overlapping sleeps not allowed
-Sleep tracking survives Play Store updates and reboots
-Fix for wrong captcha after cancelling snoozed alarm
-Sleeping sheep difficulty 5 – if you miss you must catch +1
-Brand new Croatian translation (many thanks to David Boca)
-Updates in Chinese, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, Korean… (many thanks)

Release 20140204

-Smart time to bed fixes – indicator and droid icon, double notification
-Fix for math CAPTCHA with custom fonts
-NEW Dream diary CAPTCHA – saves your dream log as a sleep graph comment (many thanks Emily)
-Option to hide morning stats to avoid rating bias (settings->sleep tracking)
-Twilight integration
-CAPTCHA: Simplifications of NFC captcha usage, Math CAPTCHAs now use division and subtraction for higher difficulties
-SLEEPCLOUD: Option to share your data with doctors or friends via URL
-PEBBLE: pausing indicator, starting app on watch starts sleep tracking, fix for dismiss and snooze buttons in notifications, sensor test uses Pebble
-Fix for time to bed indicator to not account time to bed notification before trigger time
-Fix for SD card warning
-Fix for occasional crashing bug in alarm list screen
-Delete confirmation for noises in player
-Configurable noise recording storage location
-Improved fix for Android 4.3 bug which cause lullabies suddenly stop
-Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Hungarian, German translations (many thanks)

Release 20140131

-Smart time to bed now helps reducing sleep deficit (adds 5 days avg deficit up to 45min)
-Fix for smart time to bed indicator in alarm screen
-Fix for lullaby volume down elapses when pausing
-System ringtone picker (“More”) – pre-KitKat only
-Fix for alarm volume when mute alerts is enabled
-CAPTCHA redesign – QR, NFC, typed math
-Fix for time picker landscape issue
-Pebble app update – menu icon and Pebble fixes
-Fix for sleep tracking progress bar when snoozing
-Tracking screen and rating dialog redesign fixes
-Fix for time to alarm progressbar in sleep tracking
-Support for BarcodeScanner not to store scan history (many thanks to Dariusz)
-Allows starting Sleep as Android from the system alarm notification
-Warning on stopped tracking because of low battery
-More whales in the whale lullaby
-App is compatible with Sleep Unlock purchased on Amazon
-Tags support diacritics and dashes

Release 20140114 REV3

-Fix for occasional wrong sleep graph length after edit
-FIx for occasional time picker crash
-Fix for lucid cue repeat

Release 20140114 REV2

-Redesign: tutorial, droid icon
-Fix for Twitter sharing
Less confirmation dialogs, tracking Stop slider directly saves graph
Delete graph button in rating dialog REV2

Release 20140114

-Redesign: sleep tracking, rating dialog
-Pebble: fix for pausing, more battery efficient
-Launcher icon update
-Removable Noise and Addon tabs
-Noise recording runs with lullaby and headphones
-Fix Dim with clock movement
-Fix occasional crashes in HQ recording
-Less confirmation dialogs


-Experimental Pebble sleep tracking and alarm support – Pebble Firmware 2.0 required, install app to Pebble from settings->tracking
-Flip to snooze/pause tracking, no need to interact with the screen (needs enabling in settings->snooze, settings->tracking)
-Redesign: alarm list, adding sleeps, alarm settings, icon fixes (more to come)
-Fix for issues in import and export
-Delete old now makes a backup first to easily undo
-Fix for delete selected noise graph
-Basic support for Delete/Add/Modify Undo
-Automatic full moon and new moon tagging
-Sunrise alarm, no location permission required, but needs to be set manually
-Improved noise recording, captures beginning of evens and more snoring
-Fixes in new time picker size and overflow
-Fix for noise statistics only mode, without noise rec.
-Fixes in tag removal and noise tagging
-Fix crashing problem on automated airplane mode switch on some firmwares
-Fix in Force English on orientation change in Alarms tab
-Big update in French, and updates in Chinese, Polish, Portuguese..(many thanks to Leo and others)

20131217-pebble-experimental Fixes for Pebble experimental support
Pebble related changes
-fix for sleep tracking on BETA3 (if you did use the app on BETA3 already a firmware reset may be needed)
-better alarm time update and snooze time display on Pebble
Other changes in Sleep as Android

-flip to snooze/pause tracking, no need to interact with the screen (needs enabling in settings->snooze, settings->tracking)
-redesign: alarm list, adding sleeps, alarm settings (more to come)
-basic support for Delete/Add/Modify Undo
-automatic full moon and new moon tagging

-sunrise alarm, no location permission required, but needs to be set manually
-improved noise recording, captures beginning of evens and more snoring
-fixes in new time picker size and overflow
-fix for noise statistics only mode, without noise rec
-fixes in tag removal and noise tagging
-fix crashing problem on automated airplane mode switch on some firmwares
-fix in Force English on orientation change in Alarms tab
-big update in French (many thanks to Leo)

20131205-pebble-experimental (experimental release with Pebble support)

CAUTION: This version is experimental, please use at your own risk.
1. Pebble support only works with the Pebble 2.0 BETA firmware which may be downloaded and installed at
2. Sleep as Android Pebble app needs to be installed first from settings->misc
-Sleep tracking through Pebble accelerometer – Sleep tracking on Android automatically starts the Sleep as Android Pebble app and movement data gets transferred from Pebble over bluetooth
-Sleep as Android alarm is performed on Pebble using vibrations
-Ability to snooze or dismiss the alarm from Pebble (top button = snooze, bottom button = dismiss)
-Pebble app shows current time and alarm time during tracking

-Fix for error reporting issues
-Fix for tabsspinner issue when selecting tabs in landscape
-Ability to scroll through screens in landscape – tablets
-Big update in Brazilian Portuguese (many thanks to Lucas)

-Contextual integration with online documentation (settings, graph detail and tutorial)
-Fix for sleep length when adding manual records in past
-Intent to stop sleep tracking from automation apps
-Updates in Catalan, Turkish, Chinese (many thanks)

-New time picker component and new screen for adding sleep graphs manually (on Android 4.0+) – may be reverted in settings -> misc
-Improved sharing compatibility with apps that have bad sharing implementations
-Fix for rendering of marks and periods in sleep graphs at the end of teh graph
-Finally a real fix for missing last value in sleep graphs after smart wake up
-Scheduled for deletion text is not shown if noise auto-delete is disabled
-Application sends intent when tracking starts: com.urbandroid.sleep.alarmclock.SLEEP_TRACKING_STARTED
-Updates in Catalan and Dutch (many thanks)

– Fix for 20131020 regression related to noise tags and recorded audio quality
20131020- Fix for 20131013 regression which may cause flat sleep graph
– Fix to not auto-share on social networks when editing sleep graphs
– Remembering custom tags
– Ordering tags by frequency of use
– Ability to add quantity to tags – e.g. #caffeine_2x
-Improved speed of tab switching
-Alarms can be configured to be auto-deleted after ringing
-Fix bugs in deleting parts of graph
-Fix bug in back button in sleep tracking
-Fix for a special case when sleep graph may get lost
-When running low on battery, noise recording is terminated to reduce risk of full battery discharge
-If no gradual volume increase is used, a non-silent volume of alarm is enforced
-When alarm rings, phone silent mode is temporarily disabled
-Noise recording is paused during incoming call to not block the mic
-NFC captcha allows tag scanning even in airplane mode, if NFC is enabled
-Swiping alarm away from recent alarms won’t kill alarm
-Configurable back-up alarm duration
-New notification icons for Android 4.0+
-Deleting of old/all noise recordings of a particular graph does not affect other noise recordings
-Time picker accepts 0 in the beginning when typing time
-Fix day cut off in statistics screen
-Fix for backup icon missing in graph screen

-NEW! SleepCloud – a new cloud service – keeps your data safe, makes them available on all your devices or in the browser and allows you to compare your sleep with others in different countries. You can synchronize your data with SleepCloud using the SleepCloud Backup Addon.
-Sleep tracking graph is stored each few minutes to persist your data even in case of battery discharge or phone crash
-Please consult new terms of use added under menu->terms
-Binaural volume setting is effective also for binaurals in alarm
-Collapsible instructions in sleep tracking screen
-Fix for ads to get hidden immediately after Unlock installs
-Graphs list will properly update in landscape mode, if graphs are imported/deleted.
-Color-blind-friendly marks in graphs
-Sleep tracking pausing through volume or camera button – needs to be enabled in settings->sleep tracking, screen off device needs to be powered on first
-No snoring detection when tracking is paused
-Default dimming is no dimming for devices which support screen off tracking and have a screen timeout 3.0 (will work with next update)
-Fix for forced high quality recording when noise statistics are enabled
-The feature to type in alarms with one click is back with improved parsing
-Few localization updates (many thanks to our contributors)

– Snoring detection – new snoring detection algorithm, based on long collected data-mining (only with high quality rec.)
– Snoring duration stats
– Success rate of anti-snoring greatly improved with the new algorithm
– Snoring moments marked in sleep graphs
– Snoring auto-tagging for noise recordings
– Quick “turn next alarm off” from rating dialog when tracking is terminated before alarm
– Average noise level statistics, expressed in % (noise recording needs to be enabled)
– New time/number picker in alarms and adding manual records
– Manually added sleep records with +/-5min precission
– Deterministic tags sorting in graphs and stats
– Fixes in airplane mode on 4.2 and crashes on 4.3
– Fix for binaural beats on Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One
– Fix for binaural beats when lullaby volume down isn’t set
– Experimental REM phase detection in graph detail
– Unfortunately lullabies are broken on Android 4.3 and there is so far no workaround

– New feature poll – cleaned up, please vote
– Zooming into detailed sleep graph directly from Rating dialog (many thanks to Karen)
– Starred filter for noise recordings
– Got rid of the 300 limit for noise recordings in the noise tab
– Automatic airplane mode support for rooted JB devices with “JB 4.2 Airplane Mode” app installed
– Fix alarm scheduling via Google Now, Voice Search etc…(they should obey default alarm settings)
– Improved HQ recording – should remove weird sound artifacts on some phones
– complete Greek translation – many thanks to Sotiris
– New Polish, Portugal texts (many thanks)
– Fix in alarm output setting in Slovak

– New translations in Polish, Japanese, Spanish and Turkish (many thanks to our contributors)
– API to add alarms (for example adding alarm to SaA from Google Now)
– Scheduling of a new alarm no longer cancels current snoozed alarm.
– Fix in experimental noise based smart wake-up. The setting was ignored, but it should work now.
– Crashed and restarted sleeps do not duplicate delayed tracking time.

Release 20130621-Fix for twitter synchronization (API 1.1 update)
-SparkTweets – unicode based sleep graphs representation for automatic social sharing
-Text filtering in noise list
-Correct density scaling of sleep graph axis and height
-Fix for time to bed count down when changing ideal sleep income
-API to start and stop lullaby through intents (see website for details)

Release 20130419
-Experimental music player playlist support in ringtone picker
-Smoother gradual volume increase
-Backup of alarms, graphs, settings and partially noises through Google backup service (needs enabling in phone’s settings->privacy)
-Fix for volume control in ringtone picker to set alarm volume (not media)
-Volume setting for irregular noises in lullabies
-Baby tag
-Fix for rare alarm re-occurrence
-Fix in sleep graph sharing
-2 hour ideal sleep option (Uberman)
-Fix for stars precision display in graph list
-Time to bed notification is removable
-Fixes in time to bed shown even disabled
-Fixes in Turn next alarm off
-Fix for graphs not correctly saved if snoozed alarm was cancelled.
-Updates in Finnish (many thanks Niko)

Release 20130406
-Default “Application settings” option for smart period in per alarm setting
-Limit for number of consecutive alarm timeouts (auto-snooze) when no user action is performed
-Fix for adding alarms in Ukrainian locale
-Updates in Spanish, Finish, Ukrainian, German, Czech (many thanks to our contributors)

Release 20130404
-Better handling of airplane mode and NFC disabled states in NFC CAPTCHA
-Noises per graph ordered and played chronologically from first
-Hide noise tab option (settings->misc)
-Speech recognition for graph comments
-Long press clock icon – directly brings time settings
-‘Turn alarm off today’ -> ‘Turn next alarm off’ with special indicator
-Fix for stats double length of latest sleep in year view
-Fix for lag when sliding through the stats tab
-Warning on no SD card when recording noises
-Fix for sharing graphs in landscape
-Show turn off airplane even sleep graph has been discarded
-Volume control in ringtone picker

Release 20130327
-Stability fixes
-Fix for rare crashing issue with custom tags

Release 20130326
-Collapsible tag section in build-in stats
-Deep sleep length in stats
-Fix for tag occurrence count when sleep graph has N/A deep sleep
-Aggregated stats for a day use weighted average to calculate deep sleep %
-Fix for precision issue in total deficit (thanks Michael)
-Fix for occasional crash on start up
-Fix in sleep graphs import regarding paused periods
-Compatibility workaround for Meizu firmware crashes
-Fix for occasional crash in noise playback when doing delete
-Up to 31 days in stats based on period
-New CPAP tag
-New translations in Ukrainian, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese (many thanks to our contributors – Pavlo, Jeroen, Chen…)

Release 20130314
-Stability fixes
-Fix for sharing service being started even sharing is not configured
-Use settings->misc->Allow graph discard to bring back the option to not save the graph
-Fix in sleep deficit in rating window
-New tags – sick, work, laugh

Release 20130313
-Tagging of sleep graphs and noises: snoring, alcohol, sport, medicals, sleep talk, or custom tags…
-Tag-based statistics – average sleep length and deep sleep % per Tag
-Period selection in statistics – 14 days, month, quarter, year…
-All in one dialog after wake up – sleep rating, tagging, airplane, stats…
-Tagging in noises playback
-Stop – do no save – is allowed only for short graphs
-Fixes in lullaby volume down to properly reset volume down timing when a second lullaby is played
-Fix for HQ recording device compatibility
-Fix for deletion of most recent graph in special situations
-Experimental version of automated backup of settings and data (Android 2.2+, needs enabling in settings->privacy)
-If screen off control is disabled, the screen should not turn off automatically
-Faster graph import and app start up on some devices
-Holo styling of resume/+5 buttons in sleep tracking

Release 20130119
-Fix for occasional crash when alarm starts
-Fix for binaural beats volume setting
-Fix for lullabies on 2.1 firmware
-Fix for time to bed notification to get cancelled after click
-Fix for snooze notification to cancel alarm
-Fix for interference of flashlight and QR code CAPTCHA on some firmwares

Release 20130118
– Lullaby add-on compatibility fix

Release 20130117
– New noise player now supports also playing selections from sleep graph
– Fixes in noise player previous and next function, direct delete of noises from noise player
– Optional routing of alarm sound only through headphones, headphones required (Experimental)
– Improved binaural beats – no clicking sound, step by step frequency adjustment, relaxing beats with lullabies, stimulating beats may be combined with alarms
– New offline help screen – menu->help
– Holo-styled alarm dialog
– New paid lullaby add-on with 11 additional lullabies
– Fix for active noise recording when lullaby plays
– Improved wake-up with light – more devices supported, flashlight blinking – more noticeable + prevents overheating
– Fix in stats – last day may have caused distortion
– Allow more scale of stars in sleep rating
– Fix for sleep graphs occurring in Android Gallery when sharing is used
– Star rating more visible with better contrast
– Updates in Hungarian, French, Norwegian, Dutch, Japanese, German localization (many thanks to Gergő, Vincent, Steiner, Jeroen, Yasu, Lukas)

Small Size Release 20130102-small:
– this is a special release for devices with are short on memory. Instead of 5MB the apk is only 3MB.
It is full featured but has the following limitations: English only, simpler Lullabies
Download: here.

Play Store Release 20130130 brings:
-Non-recoverable DELETE of old unstarred noises
-Lullaby volume down improved – starting a new lullaby restarts lullaby volume down, in case of movement volume down is paused
-No screen timeout in Noise player
-Smart time to bed – accounts for tracking delay and smart wake up, needs to be enable in settings (many thanks to Colin)
-Faster start-up with many records
-Support for copying of alarms
-Fix problems with dates in build in stats that could occur due to timezone changes.
-A few crashing fixes
-Fixes in download from Cloud when using SleepBackup
-New Japanese, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Turkish texts (many thanks to Masahiro Inamura, Pedro, Lukas, Eniko, Harun)

Play Store Release 20130122 brings:
-Fix for crashes on dialogs on some 2.3.X firmwares (many thanks to David and Simon)
-Gradual volume increase is now configured per total increase time
-Fix for facebook connect with Android 4.2
-Fixes in high quality sound recording

Play Store Release 20130115 brings:
-More devices compatible with high quality recording
-“Play All” noises to quickly scan through recordings
-Automatic deletion of old noises, please star those which you want to keep
-Lucid dreaming and anti-snoring warning
-Configurable anti-snoring response (vibrations / tongue click), please re-enable
-Fixes in Lucid dreaming switch, please re-enable
-Localized Good Night message
-Fix for occasional beep beep sound with playlists
-Updates in Dutch, Portugal, Czech (many thanks Jeroen, Lukas)

Play Store Release 20130107 brings:
-Fix for errors in new noise player
-Various UI and layout fixes
-Fix for dates in stats
-Stability fixes
-Fix for deficit with zero sleep records

Play Store Release 20130105 brings:
-Action bar support
-Sliding gesture to switch views
-Holo+Actoionbar on Android >=2.1
-improved tablet support
-New high quality OGG noise recording (enable in settings)
-Binaural beat lullaby for quicker fall asleep, enable in settings->lullaby
-Stats redesign
-New noise player
-Graph x-axis labels fix when timezone changes
-Clock in dim moves to prevent screen over-burn
-Lullaby stop in phone call
-Updates in Chinese, Italian, Russian, many thanks to Tom, Matteo, Dima

-Fix in CAPTCHA selection in German, Norwegian and Slovak locale
-Italian locale updates (many thanks to Matteo)

-Limited SALE – 50% off on SleepStats
-New backup options with Sleep Cloud Backup Add-on – automatic backup in the morning to Dropbox or GoogleDrive, synchronization with more devices (graphs->menu->download/upload to Cloud)
-New Turkish, Slovak, German, Norwegian, Russian, Portuguese, Italian translations (many thanks to Kadir, Pavol, Lukas, Jonas, Alex, Lucas, Tiziano)
-First version of NFC captcha
-New lullaby – Chants of Tibet
-Option to completely suppress alarm in captcha
-Fix bug in pausing (noise recording was never resumed, unless pause was manually stopped).
-Fix for music ringtones in case song files contain special characters
-Clicking on notification bar to cancel snooze does not longer cause snooze limits to get reset
-Fix starting of tracking from widget (or using external widget) if no alarm is scheduled.
-Fix problems with orientation changes
-Fix for tabs rendering on pre-Holo devices
-Fix for white flashing when loading stats or addons

-Fix for occasional higher battery consumption outside of sleep tracking.
-Fix in lullaby timing
-Romanian translation (many thanks to Alexandru)

-Fix for crashing bug in screen-off support detection.
-Fix bug with auto-starting triggering if there is no alarm scheduled.
-Updates in Arabic (many thanks to Bashar)
-Fixes in Danish (many thanks to Martin)
-Support for forcing screen-off tracking. Intended only for a very small portion on devices with issues in screen off tracking detection. Use with caution, as on most device enabling will break sleep tracking.

-Fix for alarm dialog disappearing when clicking outside of the dialog area.
-Shake-it and math CAPTCHAs do not reset on orientation change.
-Prevent auto-start to initiate tracking immediately after boot.
-Warning about more known dangerously interfering applications.
-Fix AM/PM time setting when scheduling ideal-sleep time.
-Fix crashing bug in Lucid dreaming.
-Fix crashing bug in DropBox synchronization.
-The plane icon in sleep tracking takes you to airplane mode settings on 4.2 where automatic airplane was dropped
-Updates in Danish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech (Many thanks to Martin, Pavlo, Jeroen, Lukas…)

-Fix for Honeycomb and some ICS tablets menu accessibility
-Fix for text wrapping in tabs
-Fix for more black dimming
-Warning about broken auto airplane mode feature on 4.2 JB
-Update in Polish, Slovak, French (many thanks to Michal, Moni, Yann)

-Fix for recent FB sharing issue
-Update in PT Brazil (many thanks to Lukas)

-ICS styled controls look (on >=4.0)
-Styling improvements, alarm list, dialogs, android icon…
-Explicit menu button on alarm list, sleep tracking and history
-Rating option now in sleep tracking settings section
-Fix for time to bed notification settings
-Updates in localization, many thanks to all our contributors
-Fix for recent FB sharing issue

-Fixed a bug which caused screen to stay on with stand-by: “Never”
-Support for default “Application settings” ringtones in alarms (thanks to Wojtek)
-Fixes for various rendering issues with sleep graphs and noises, noise list should no more produce artifacts on tabs when scrolling
-When screen off tracking is supported noise recording does not pause when leaving the sleep tracking screen
-Few more fixes in noise recording
-Sleep rating settings which as hard to find under “social” is now also available under “sleep tracking” settings
-Few locale updates (many thanks to our contributors)

-Noise recording – better filtering of empty recordings,fix for broken recording after tracking pausing (many thanks to all who reported this issue and sorry for a longer time to resolve)
-Backup alarm makes sure you will wake up in the morning, 1 minute high volume ringer at alarm auto-kill time
-Turn off alarm for today – useful wen you wake up before the alarm (many thanks Wojtek)
-Lullaby – new settings section – more options and preview (many thanks to Daniel)
-Support for Arabic language (many thanks to Isq)
-New translations in Dutch, Norwegian, Slovak, Italian, Ukrainian, Swedish (many thanks to Jeroen, Jonas, Moni, Gabriel, Pavlo, Mattiash)
-Fixes for noisy accelerometers – graph rendering, deep sleep calculation
-Improved anti-snoring – better detection and a munching sound
-Improved screen off tracking support – hopefully more devices are covered (please provide feedback on Motorola, Samsung S3…)
-New typed math captcha
-Fixed stand-by:”never when <X%” on devices supporting tracking with screen off
-Stand-by “Always” and “Never when charged” options were removed. If you have them set, your behavior will default to “Never when <10%” option
-Per-alarm time to bed notification time
-Configurable alarm volume and vibrations during captcha
-Primitive graph zooming
-New graph coloring based on deep/light sleep
-Several rare crashing bugs resolved.

-Fixes in pausing
-Improved screen-off tracking detection
-Experimental auto-recovery of sleep tracking when application gets interrupted or updated
-Vibrations are now temporarily suspended when solving CAPTCHA
-Lucid dreaming algorithm improved – triggers not before 2nd consequent deep sleep block after slight movement detected
-Titanium Backup is known to interfere with Sleep tracking, please schedule backups during the day – we have added a warning to the tracking screen (many thanks to Anna)
-Update in Polish, Norwegian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Chinese, Czech translations, many thanks to Robert, Jonas, Moni, Pavlo, Eddy
-Added 15min tracking delay option
-Thunder in Summer storm lullaby is less disturbing, more volume in Old Clock

-Fix for empty sleep graph on some devices made by Samsung, Motorola or Huawei
-Two new lullabies: Wind walking, Old clock
-Untagged music files are also shown in ringtone picker at the end of the list
-Polish translations (many thanks to Kacper)

-Various fixes and stability improvements
-Fix for a occasional second unwanted alarm at the end of the smart period
-Fix for pausing issues
-Fix for limited snooze with snoozing set to unlimited and halving of snooze interval
-Fix for screen on issues on >=4.0 devices
-Next button in ringtone picker search
-New ringtones for sleepyheads – ringer, bells, horn…
-Fix for tracking graph updates when dim is disabled
-Lucid dreaming looping option
-Scrollable debug dialog text
-Lower difficulty of ShakeIt CAPTCHA
-Update in Ukrainian (many thanks to Pavlo)

-Various fixes and stability improvements
-Fix for crash on graph detail for manual graphs
-Fix for occasional crash during sleep recording (many thanks to Donna)
-Fix for issues with ringtone picker and search
-Fix for missing Norwegian on some phones (many thanks to Jonas)
-Fix for issues with ringtone picker and search

-Fix for vibrations won’t stop issue

-Alarms, snoozes, smart interval and tracking pauses are now visualized in sleep graph detail
-Search in ringtone picker
-Fix in sharing graph details, now the whole high res graph is shared
-Pause tracking is no longer a dialog, but part of the tracking screen to access airplane mode and other controls
-Icons revamp – one step closer to ICS look
-Japanese, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Dutch translations (many thanks to Masahiro Inamura, Roy-Inge, Pavlo, Jeroen)
-Sharing of noise recordings (via applications that support audio)
-To prevent memory issues noise recording list is limited to 400 items, recordings not present on the SD card are no longer shown
-In addition to time to bed shown on alarm list bottom right now we show also time to alarm
-Fix for QR Captcha to keep volume down while scanning
-Fix avoiding snooze limit
-Debug reports now require description
-Experimental work in progress lucid dreaming support
-Delayed tracking no longer a beta
-Allow 90 minutes smart wake up period
-Allow 1 hour snooze

-Configurable time to bed notification, allow insistent ringing – needs user interaction to cancel, custom ringtone, vibration and colored LED light blinking
-New lullaby (menu->lullaby) ‘Ocean Beach’ and new ‘sea-side’ nature sound ringtones
-Fix for automatic sleep record comments not matching the alarm label
-Current snooze time on snooze button
-Correct snooze times in dialog after Snooze button long press when using snooze time halving
-Delayed recording is now done through pause dialog
-Fix for avoiding Math CAPTCHA

-Fix for force close on 1.5 cupcake firmware
-GO Locker interference warning (GO Locker may cause missing data in sleep tracking for some firmwares)
-Tracking pause interval up to 60 minutes
-Fix in QRCaptcha
-Fix for noise playback error

-Nature sounds lullabies – in sleep tracking menu->lullaby you can choose from various calming lullabies to take you straight to your dreams.
Such as: Diving with Whales, Deep in Caves, Fireplace, Mountain Stream, Thunderstorm… Lullabies are best combined with the Lullaby volume down feature
to turn them off after you fall asleep
-Alarm playlist support. In alarm settings, under “Playlist” you can choose multiple ringtones. Each morning one of them will be selected randomly to wake you up.
You can also configure default Playlist for new alarms.
-More nature sound alarms in full version
-Fixes for beep-beep sound even proper alarm was set (please reset your alarm ringtones)
-Fixes for ringtone picker dialog on some firmwares
-Fixed unintended airplane enable after sleep tracking finishes on some firmwares
-Fix for hanging ExportService
-Bug fix: When alarm is automatically killed, tracking will continue further until alarm is either properly dismissed, or tracking manually terminated
-New translations: French, Czech, Dutch, Ukrainian, Russian…(many thanks to all of you guys)

-Fixes in noise recording
-Fix for noises which could not have been starred or deleted and with missing amplitude data
-“Very low” smart wake up sensitivity option for devices with specific accelerometer behaviour
-“Share…” option in graph detail now shared the big graph including deep sleep % (thanks to Kenneth)
-Fix for “Edit record” to refresh the graph detail screen with updated info (thanks to AntidotE)
-Fix in Ukrainian locale when adding alarm
-Updates in German, Ukrainian (many thanks guys)
-Stability fixes


-Fixes in noise recording
-Fix for noises which could not have been starred or deleted and with missing amplitude data
-“Very low” smart wake up sensitivity option for devices with specific accelerometer behaviour
-“Share…” option in graph detail now shared the big graph including deep sleep % (thanks to Kenneth)
-Fix for “Edit record” to refresh the graph detail screen with updated info (thanks to AntidotE)
-Fix in Ukrainian locale when adding alarm
-Updates in German, Ukrainian (many thanks guys)
-Stability fixes

-Stability fixes

-Fix for crash in the morning after sleep tracking which occurs on some phone and may be related to low memory (many thanks to Walter)
-The ‘Stop and exit’ option can now be cancelled to continue tracking. Also touching the Sleep tracking notification in the status bar will bring up this dialog
-When mute alerts is used the app remembers last state and restores it correctly after sleep tracking finishes
-Fixed silent alarm option
-Fix for CAPTCHA settings which could have spontaneously change from default to different CAPTCHA (many thanks to William)
-New Russian and German translations (may thanks to Dima and Alexander)
-Fix for the snooze time change option – allowed by default
-Fix in airplane settings for Chinese locale

-Option to disable the ability to choose arbitrary snooze time when alarm starts (settings->snooze)
-Fix for occasional distortions in sleep length and deep sleep % after the previous release
-Automated detection of phone stand-by mode and filling of graphs with empty data has been reverted and will be release after more testing

-Sleep tracking pausing (moon icon -> menu -> pause), pausing is considered as light-sleep and it shortens total sleep duration in stats
-Fix for mute alerts to mute incoming calls correctly, resume is done on sleep tracking finish rather than on leaving the tracking screen
-Fix for export/import with timezone change in between (please do an export to fix)
-Automated detection of phone stand-by mode and filling of graphs with empty data
-Big update in Korean localization, many thanks to Cha
-Fix for occasional FC in DropBox sync
-Stability fixes

-Updates in Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish locale (many thanks to Inamura, Michael, Jeroen, Mattias)
-Fix in Twitter connection when there are more Twitter clients
-Fixes for settings FC in Italian and French localization
-Sleep tracking pausing did not make it into this release but will be released soon

-Fix very rare coincidence which caused scheduling of repeating alarms in the past (many thanks to Brady)
-Redesigned settings screen with more structuring – sections on tracking, alarm, smart wake up, advanced and beta sections
-Redesigned social network sharing – Social settings category – after connecting everything is done automatically without the need for further interaction
-Support for sharing on Twitter including sleep graph images
-Nicer login screen for Facebook connection, better support for low res screens
-New “Express Sharing” which publishes your graph to all connected services in one click
-Deep sleep % is now included in the shared comments, the app logo in embedded in the shared graph
-Fix for auto-sharing in the morning in case the pin code needs to be entered after airplane off
-Nicer sharing from graph detail page – bigger images, sleep phases etc…
-Fix for dim with clock in Hebrew locale
-Those who have issue with stuck button backlight turn off “Button backlight control” in Sleep tracking settings
-Updates in German…(many thanks to Mia)
-Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

-Fix to show all relevant media files when setting “Your Music” as alarm
-Updates in Russian…(many thanks to Dima)
-Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

-Fix for bug which caused alarm to silence when entering CAPTCHA
-Fix for occasional disappearance of time to bed notification
-Fix for ideal sleep time greater than 8:30 – was considered smaller in the build-in stats
-Updates in Swedish, Dutch…(many thanks to Mattias, Jeroen)
-Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

-Fix for bug which kept phone awake after snooze followed with alarm cancel through status bar notification.
-Support for improved advice with polynomial regression-based statistics to advice best fall asleep hour and sleep length to maximize rating or deep sleep %
-Fix for to start sleep tracking with airplane mode on when auto-enabled
-Fix bug causing alarm volume to remain silent after solving captcha with gradual volume setting on
-Option to hide alarm indicator from status bar
-Updates in French, Hungarian, Slovak, Swedish…(many thanks to Yann, Gabor, Moni, Mattias)
-Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

-Support for SleepStats to use deep sleep % for advice on your sleep habits such as ideal time to go to sleep or ideal sleep length
-Support for deep sleep % to show up in build-in stats
-Light sleep intervals are now marked in red in graph detail
-Big update in Japanese localization (many thanks to Masahiro Inamura)
-Further updates in Dutch, Russian, Italian… (many thanks to Jeroen, Gabriel, Dmytro)
-Sleep graphs will be imported from Dropbox in case the sleep history is empty and “Sync with Dropbox” is called
-Deleted portions of the graph in the middle are considered as light sleep
-Fix occasional crashes in nap alarm scheduling
-Fix occasional crashes when getting back to track activity through the notification

-Fix for deep sleep % calculation in recent charts
-Few bug-fixes in screen off tracking detection support
-Fix for crashes occurring when auto-starting of sleep was used with noise recording
-Catalan localization and updates in Italian, Dutch, Portuguese…(many thanks to Agusti, Jeroen, Gabriel, Michael, Joao…)

-Fix for combination of QR Captcha with Flashlight alarm
-Fix of FC on app start on some devices

-Fixed bug in device compatibility on Play
-Time to bed notification vibrates
-Few more minor bug fixes
-Updates in Czech and German localization

-Deep sleep detection in sleep graph detail, deep sleep percentage as sleep quality measure
-Support for Napping, use menu->”add nap” or switch to nap mode when scheduling alarms (used naps are automatically deleted)
-Wake up with flashlight (if supported)
-Revamped add-on screen, recognizes when apps are installed, localization, more apps by our team
-Allow back button from captcha on accidental dismiss
-Revamped alarm dialog with bigger snooze and dismiss buttons
-Ability to play noise recordings in external player
-Alarm settings which differ from defaults are highlited in alarm list
-Warning when invalid use of tracking is detected (i.e. jumping out of tracking activity)
-Alarm ringing volume is lowered while solving captcha (resumes when captcha is left without being solved)
-Fix for double nature alarm sounds (may need to delete the old alarms using e.g. MP3 Ringtone Maker and installing them again)
-Fix for only partial import of sleep data from Dropbox
-Fix for Dropbox synchronization case when data hasn’t been yet exported to SD and there is no backup yet at Dropbox
-Context menus in history screen are now visible only on tabs they belong to
-New smart wake up sensitivity settings – more peaks are necessary to trigger the alarm
-Fix for occasional exception when rendering a graph and screen off tracking
-Many thanks to our contributors (Jeroen, Monika, Markmaster, Mattias, Mia, Alexander, Nir, Gabriele…) for updates in Dutch, Russian, Italian, German, Hebrew, Swedish, Slovak and Czech localization

-SleepBackup add-on now allows synchronization of sleep data and starred noise records with Dropbox (sleep graphs->menu->Sync with Dropbox)
-Mute alarms correctly works even with screen off tracking
-Silent alarms are highlighted with a mute icon
-Delete old records now with optional range: 2 weeks, month, 3 months, half year, all…
-Fixes in snooze limit and snooze interval halving, should work correctly now (please report any issues)
-Fix for reboots after dimming with the default dim option on exotic firmwares (Not tested, feedback appreciated)
-If you like our app you can rate it on Play through a dialog in alarm list which disappears after first click

-Brand new Finnish translation (many thanks to Antti)
-Updates in Turkish version (many thanks to Alkan)
-Redesigned screen for adding manual records
-Similarly to the SleepWidget, the droid icon in the alarm list changes over the day according to the hour and time to bed
-Time to bed timer in to bottom of the screen
-Ok/Enter works when entering text alarms using keyboard
-Your Music now contains also internal store music, may fix missing music on some devices
-Fix for CAPTCHA workaround through alarm disable
-Any code will stop QR CAPCTHA which hasn’t been learned
-Fixed time format for delayed tracking
-Larger letters in Math CAPTCHA
-Fixing crash on some 2.3.3 firmwares when alarm starts
-Fix for errors when Play is not installed

-Fix in cancelling snooze using status bar notification.
-Fix in showing the CAPTCHA when cancelling snooze.
-A big update in Spanish translation, many thanks to Ignacio.
-Updated Turkish translation, many thanks to Alkan.
-Fixes in snooze limit and snooze interval halving.
-Fix sporadic crashes on first application start.
-Fixed delayed sleep tracking. It now tracks since start, but all values are zeroes until delay period is over.
-Stand-by always mode works properly with screen off detection.

-Automatically track with screen-off – fixes on some phones

-Fix for occasional FC when alarm starts

-Automatically track with screen-off on phones that support it (fixed)
-Fixes in various settings when using Swedish locale
-Each alarm may now have different CAPTCHA settings, more per alarm settings to come
-Hebrew localization – many thanks to Nir Klinger
-Configurable times for time to bed notification
-Button bar hiding in sleep tracking on ICS
-Fix in sleep debt stats when there is a zero length sleep entry
-QR Droid support in QR CAPTCHA
-Application is properly shown in a recent applications history

-Screen-off tracking detection from 20120218 reverted due to problems on some devices.
-Android 1.5 compatibility fix.
-New strings in Portuguese (Brazil) – Many thanks Erick

-Automatically track with screen-off on phones that support it.
-Better protection against key-guard issue on phones with Android 2.0 and later.
-Fix sometimes buggy time of sleep tracking auto start.
-Fix time in description of auto start tracking option.
-Recording should work also with screen-off on some devices.
-More ideal sleep time options.
-New translations in Korean, Portugal, Swedish, Danish (many thanks to our translators)

-Hot fix for compatibility with Android 1.5 and 1.6 devices
-Portuguese Portugal (many thanks to Pedro)
-Google Goggles may now be used for QR CAPTCHA

-Fix for blocked Home button when Airplane mode is disabled
-Nicer graph crop rendering (If you don’t like graph cropping you can disable it in the settings!)
-Cropping is not applied in sleep tracking
-Sometime the last peak which triggers the alarm is not shown in the graph – there is a fix for this.
-Fix for gradual & vibration default value, now default value is to start vibration at the end of the gradual volume increase period.
-Fixed snooze limit bug, when a volume button could be used to bypass the limit.

-Configurable graph peak cut-off.
-Configurable vibrations with gradual volume increase
-Configurable halve snooze times, each consequent snooze time it halved
-Fixes in malformed encodings in stats page.
-Fix for crashes when exporting graph images or doing automatic FB publishing.
-Fix some crashes on startup.
-Max comment length increased to 10000.
-Many new French translations (many thanks to Natalia)

-When escaping from CAPTCHA using the home button a notification is shown to easier return to solve the CAPTCHA.
-Fix to not display key guard when sleep tracking auto-starts.
-Auto-start now works even when sleep tracking in active. You can enable auto-start, schedule an alarm, start sleep tracking and put your phone to stand by. Sleep tracking activates again ~1 hour before wake-up and you obtain the correct length of your sleep but sleep graph will show development only for the last ~1 hour.
-Better debt and sleep length formatting in build-in stats.
-When deleting a selection of a graph in the middle, sleep length gets adjusted (in case you have been awake in the middle of the night, you can adjust the sleep length for the stats).
-Fix for freeze when a batch of noise recordings gets deleted.
-Sleep quality measure gets calculated for new sleep graphs.
-Alarm dialog orientation change is now allowed by default. It needs to be disabled in advanced settings.
-Option to delete only old (more than 7 days) noise records (long press noise recording)
-Fix for scheduled time in graph history when no alarm was scheduled
-Intent on alarm start and alarm dismiss so that 3rd party apps may react (see API reference on Sleep as Android site)

-CAPTCHA is much harder to avoid, cannot be killed through the notification.
-QR CAPTCHA can now only be learned in settings not during alarm dismiss.
-Screen brightness when un-dimming fixed.
-Alarm gets snoozed when automatically killed after a while.
-Button (star) to set alarm for ideal sleep time with one touch.
-Several little force close fixes.

-Fix for graphs and statistics when in different timezones – fix in wake-up date, statistics. Timezones shown in graph list.
-Fix for speech recognition – shows error when engine is not installed.
-vote for features)
-Many translation updated – Japanese, Italian, Turkish, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian… Many thanks to our great translators.
-Slovak translation (many thanks to Moni)
-No screen orientation changes in alarm dialog to not miss the right button.
-Configurable maximum number of snooze. See advanced settings. (Beta)
-Check out new with chart zooming.

-Check out our new CAPTCHAs
-Shake It CAPTCHA – Shake your phone heavily in order to stop the alarm.
-QR Code CAPTCHA – makes you get to your bathroom and scan a QR code in order to stop the alarm.
-Fixes in back button behavior across different screens.
-Set alarm through speech to text.
-Alarm range in Sleep tracking contains day information.
-More ideal sleep options.
-New notification bar icon.
-Minor UI tweaks – title bar, optimization for small screens, layout fixes…

-A new add-on released. SleepWidget shows your latest sleep graph and next alarm on your home screen and a cute android tells you when it is time to go to bed.
-CAPTCHA difficulty setting to proof you are really awake. More sheeps or math.
-Simple/Advance settings, 10 most important settings come first, the rest after choosing the last option.
-Fix for automatic backups with SleepBackup when doing imports.
-Fix for reboot on some exotic ROMs when screen dimming – please use ‘dim more’ option in the settings.
-Content provider for settings, so that add-ons may set settings such as ideal sleep time (used by SleepStats or SleepWidget).
-Portuguese translation.

-Importing backup data is now allowed with the Unlock, Backup plug-in brings automatic exports every time a new sleep graph arrives.
-Fixed editing of graphs – comments, stars, data.
-Better database connection handling, may avoid DB corruption. Please report if you see black screen at app start.
-Sleep graph title now contains sleep duration
-Improved translations

-Fix for long alarm description in title
-Automatic restarting of tracking in case it is unintentionally terminated by the system. (Experimental)
-Filtering of sleep graphs based on comments
-Alarm label gets copied into comment (allows to mark sleep graphs e.g. weekend, long sleep… and filter based on that)
-Delete old graphs menu option
-Sleep graph history is loaded from latest graph to allow immediate use
-Save and Exit tracking with one click (no confirmation)
-Polish translation

-Sleep tracking warns about possibly interfering applications such as various task killers which may kill sleep tracking.
-Fix in content provider which now provides also timezone information to add-ons.
-Fix in export in case there is a comma in comments.
-Fixed rare crashing bug on application startup, if noise records folder got corrupted.

-Fixed crashing bug in Chinese version.

-Experimental version of Chinese (simplified) locale.
-Noise recordings should no more show in music.
-Sleep record splitting. Select area of the sleep graph and menu->Split will delete the selected and split the record in two.
-Fix in ideal time to bed notification. Now it is displays 15 minutes in advance to give time to prepare for bed.
-Fix in ideal sleep time alarm in case idea-time was not a whole hour.
-Fix in deleting data from sleep record (in case multiple deletions were performed on a same graph, the 2nd and later deletions failed)
-Fixed bug in shortening sleep records (data were incorrectly deleted in case either beginning or end of sleep record was selected for eviction)
-Experimental ad in alarm list when trial period is over.

-Fix in playing noises from graph view when noting is selected. In this case all noises related to that graph are played back.
-For those who did not migrate to the new data format, they can migrate through main menu -> Migrate data. Migration is strongly recommended, the old format may not be supported in the future. Migration enables editing ratings and comments, staring noises, viewing noises in the sleep graphs, showing amplitude for noises.
-Fix in deleting all noises when on old data format.

-Amplitude view for new noise recordings.
-Starring of favourite noise recordings to not get deleted (works for new).
-Noise recordings are visible and playable directly in the sleep graph. You can select an area of the graph nd play all related noises.
-Ideal sleep time alarms are deleted after dismiss.
-Fixes and improvements in Music alarms. A short preview is played when a song gets selected.
-Fixed a problem when importing sleep records which line breaks in comment.
-More alarm auto-kill and lullaby times to configure.

-Hungarian localization support.
-Fixed incorrect size of early-wakeup period length in Czech locale.
-Fixed crashing bug in sound recording.
-Fixed crashing bug on Snooze in Swedish version.
-Fixed default value displayed in settings for automated update checks.
-Support for sending on-demand debug logs to help us with problem troubleshooting.
-Stop-and-exit button works also after the tracking is finished.
-Warning about too short tracking process, when no data are going to be saved.
-Attempt to fix some bugs in (non) persisting of sleep records in some cases.
-Fixed crashing bug in selecting of alarm music in case external storage is not-accessible.

-Fix in export! Import was not possible with some languages. Please do a NEW export to backup your data!
-EXPERIMENTAL feature to set your music as alarm ringtone.
-Fix for wrong time format in sleep tracking when in 24-hour mode.
-Small update in Dutch language

-Fix for wrong month in stats screen
-Fix for wrong 24-hour format showing 24:05 instead of 0:05
-Updated German, Dutch, Czech and Japanese language

-Fixed buggy date in statistics
-Fixed crashing bug in Norwegian locale settings
-Added missing strings to Russian version
-Updated German translations
-Lock-up detection ignores certain known bugs in Android OS, to avoid useless records

-Fixed crashing bug on opening of sleep records when using old data format.
-Fixes in Japanese language version.
-Support for in-app release notes.
-Date format localization.
-Minor user interface improvements.
-Access to SleepStats directly from stats tab.
-New notification icon.

And many more since 20101024…

26 thoughts on “Release notes

  1. When using the Google now Google voice system telling it to start sleep tracking, doesn’t work. It just makes a search using the phrase start sleep tracking.

    1. please try to say “start workout” instead. Google has a limited list of trigger phrases and we did not fit into any of them…

  2. This is the best sleep tracking app out there. But you might want to alert new users that it disables the native alarm on the phone. And without the alarm being set to on means that you wont get woken up until you also set the sleep tracker to have the alarm on.

    Luckily for me i also use the rock clock to wake up to and that wasnt disabled by the sleep tracker. I would have overslept without it.

    Please advise users that the alarm on the tracker will override their phone alarm and they will need to set their alarm using the tracker.

    1. Hello Colin,
      thank you for your feedback. Please note that we don’t disable any alarm app nor we do have power to do it. If your native alarm clock malfunctions when Sleep as Android is installed, there has to be some firmware bug. Android apps are designed to have no power to block each other in this way as every one of them is run as a different user and they have specific pipelines to communicate, but not block each other on this level.

  3. I have bought this wonderful app and have a gear 2 classic, when I wake up at the morning and stop tracking, the app on watch forces to continue tracking, so I have to reset the watch.
    Do you have any idea what’s happening?

    1. Hello, sorry about that – this is a known bug and will be fixed in an update that will be released soon.

    1. Hi Artur, currently it is unclear whether independent 3rd party devs can publish apps for Fit 2, so once it’s clear, we’ll definitely publish our integration.

        1. Hello Cory, unfortunately developing for Samsung is a hell. We try to find out how to release our app for the Fit 2 but we cannot find this out. We will try to contact Samsung and hopefully find out some details..

          1. Ok, thanks Petr. I got excited because I now see a third party app in the gear store. Maybe they have some special partnership with Samsung…

  4. The prevent escape captcha is not completely foolproof as it allows sceen use for some milliseconds. That’s not enough to get rid if alarm but i press back button while going to another room to scan QR CODE and then to scroll open notification bar and select dismiss in that small amount of time (prevent escape captcha locks scrren)just frustrates me.

  5. Hiya,
    I have been using your great app for years now, thank you.
    I quite regularly press the wrong button in my sleepy state in the morning. Can you make it easier to press the snooze button and harder to cancel the alarm.
    Would it also be possible to add a secondary alarm so that if I press the snooze button to many times I am not late for work.

    Cheers Ben Bartle-Ross

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