Full alarm screen not displayed on Android 10

As Google made it impossible to start screens from background on Android 10, we can no longer show the alarm screen with the big buttons with usual settings. To get full screen alarms in all cases you can do the following workaround: – set Settings → Alarm default settings → Flip to snooze (depending on your settings […]

Volume goes to max when tracking with sonar

Sonar needs the music stream to emit ultrasonic signal and we need to keep sonar volume at maximum to maintain reliable results. Unfortunately, this also affects media volume in 3rd party apps as we cannot control those separately from sonar media volume. This means that while using sonar, you can only use media apps on […]

How does Sleep as Android (actigraphy) compare to PSG?

PSG = Polysomnography We use a different input than polysomnographists, and define our own sleep phases, reflecting an objective aspect of sleep, easy to measure with common devices. One naturally needs to ask whether there is any relationship between the EEG-phases and our ACT-phases. Fortunately, several research teams raised similar questions before (See this one, or this, or […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear: Watch app stuck at “Starting tracking”

This can be a result of multiple things, so please make sure to do the following troubleshooting: Make sure you have Sleep as Android Gear Addon installed on your phone It can happen that the addon cannot be started by us if it was force stopped previously. In that case please go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.urbandroid.sleep.addon.generic.samsung on […]

Cannot install app on Wear OS 2.0

If you come from Wear OS 1.0, please note that Wear OS 2.0 changed the way apps get installed on the watch, you now need to install them manually using Play Store on the watch. Companion apps also have a special way to install on the watch: If you already have Sleep as Android installed […]

Lockscreen does not unlock on alarm (Samsung)

Issue: When alarm goes off, it does not disable the lockscreen and you have to manually unlock the device to tap snooze or dismiss. Explanation: You may have Sleep as Android enabled under Border lights. This causes the alarm popup to not display over the lockscreen, as the notification is being shown as a light around […]

Lockscreen does not unlock on alarm (Xiaomi, MIUI)

On Xiaomi/MIUI, you need to grant special permission to Sleep as Android so that it may unlock your screen during alarm. Go to System Settings > Permissions > Advanced Permissions > select Sleep app and give it permission to access Lockscreen.

Mi Band – heart rate tracking doesn’t work

Check your HR settings in the Mi Fit app. When the Mi Band is in “Sleep Assistant” HR mode in Mi Fit, it doesn’t feed the HR data to Mi Band Tools / Sleep as Android. When it is in regular HR tracking mode (24-hour), it works.

I don’t trust the app – I think it’s generating random data

Accelerometric sensors are really sensitive, which is great for sleep tracking. Normally, what you see when you leave the phone on the table gets immediately dwarfed when you do some more significant move. Just leave phone on the table for a while and you will see a dramatic development, but then move the phone and you will […]