I don’t trust the app – I think it’s generating random data

Accelerometric sensors are really sensitive, which is great for sleep tracking. Normally, what you see when you leave the phone on the table gets immediately dwarfed when you do some more significant move. Just leave phone on the table for a while and you will see a dramatic development, but then move the phone and you will […]

Huawei/Xiaomi sleep tracking interrupted

Huawei together with Xiaomi are the most troubled phones on the market, some vendors tent to ignore Android best practices and implement very bizzare custom modification which make background task nearly impossible to run. Please take a look at http://sleep.urbandroid.org/documentation/faq/alarms-sleep-tracking-dont-work/

Is sonar safe?

Is sleep tracking with sonar safe for your health? Ultrasound is generally considered safe if it is at normal volume. Regarding health effects, it works in a similar way to normal hearable sound, i.e. very loud ultrasound can damage your hearing, whereas at low volume it is safe to hear. When using speakers, smartphones are […]

Automatic sleep tracking

Sleep as Android doesn’t come with automatic sleep tracking. Actigraphy by itself isn’t a good method to tell if you have fallen asleep. On the other hand, you can setup Sleep as Android to start sleep tracking at specific time, using Tasker. Just install Tasker and create a profile which starts “Start sleep tracking” event […]

Sleep tracking starts automatically

Please make sure that you are not accidentally starting the Sleep as Android app from your watch. This would start sleep tracking immediately. On Samsung S2, we observed an issue where sleep tracking started really on its own. We have found a solution for the issue, so please uipdate to the latest version of Sleep as […]

Why does the screen turn on during sleep tracking? What to do about it?

Unfortunately, quite a lot Android devices out there do not support gathering accelerometric data (sleep tracking) with screen-off. This is duo to a bug which is on 100% of devices with Android version 1.6 to 2.3.4, on many +2.3.5 device and even on several devices with +4.0. We are doing an automated detection of whether […]

App crashes during sleep tracking! What to do about it?

Crashing during sleep tracking seems very rare but still may happen on some firmwares, especially on custom ROMs. Here is a list of featured with has been reported as causing rare crashing issues on specific firmwares. You may want to try disabling them: – noise recording – screen dimming – wake up with flashlight Also […]

Why it is not possible to enable airplane mode automatically after sleep tracking starts?

Unfortunately due to dummy security restrictions the Android team introduced in 4.2 there is no option to enable airplane mode from an app automatically. You always have to use the settings or long touch power button. If you have a rooted phone you may consider using https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lv.id.dm.airplanemh we have support for that in Sleep. There is a similar […]

My graph went wild! What causes this?

On Galaxy Nexus and few Motorola devices, you may be experiencing an issue that the sleep graphs turns wild at a specific hour during all tracking. There is a known bug in acceleremeter which is causing the accelerometer data to go wild whenever any other app touches the accelerometer and sets it to mode DELAY_NORMAL. […]