Mi Band – heart rate tracking doesn’t work

Check your HR settings in the Mi Fit app. When the Mi Band is in “Sleep Assistant” HR mode in Mi Fit, it doesn’t feed the HR data to Mi Band Tools / Sleep as Android. When it is in regular HR tracking mode (24-hour), it works.

Tasker integration does not work

Due to an issue in our Tasker integration, we had to disable it by default in one of the releases in mid-2017. Please go to Settings – Service – Taker and re-enable it there. Sorry for the trouble.

Google Calendar skipped my alarm

If you are using the “skip alarm for holiday” feature, SaA might offer to skip your next alarm even if there is no holiday in your country tomorrow. This is because we use Google public holiday calendar, which is sometimes wrong. Please see the docs to fix this issue.

Do you support/integrate my device?

For a list of currently supported devices, go here. There is also a list of devices that we cannot possibly integrate. If you’d like us to integrate another device, please add it as a suggestion to our Uservoice. Also please check whether the device has an API so we can integrate it.

No heart rate measurements from my smartwatch

Please check our integrations table – only devices with a  icon will measure heart rate with Sleep as Android. Other smartwatches with HR sensor need to go around SaA – save HR to S Health or Google Fit, from where Sleep as Android will download it. Please note that Sleep as Android downloads the measurements […]