Lockscreen does not unlock on alarm (Samsung)

Issue: When alarm goes off, it does not disable the lockscreen and you have to manually unlock the device to tap snooze or dismiss. Explanation: You may have Sleep as Android enabled under Border lights. This causes the alarm popup to not display over the lockscreen, as the notification is being shown as a light around […]

Lockscreen does not unlock on alarm (Xiaomi, MIUI)

On Xiaomi/MIUI, you need to grant special permission to Sleep as Android so that it may unlock your screen during alarm. Go to System Settings > Permissions > Advanced Permissions > select Sleep app and give it permission to access Lockscreen.

I change my alarm’s ringtone but it sounds the same

Alarm ringtone can be configured on two places. Globally for all new alarms in Settings but this may be overridden for each individual alarm in per-alarm settings. Please check both places if you setting is correct.

My alarm did not ring, I have a Sony phone

You are probably using the stamina battery saving mode or Extended Standby Mode which prevents Sleep as Android from waking up the device ans so the alarm will not ring if this mode is enabled. For stamina mode, you can either disable this mode or add Sleep as Android to the active applications in standby. […]