I bought SleepCloud premium, but the app doesn’t sync

The following should hopefully solve your problem: start sleep as android wait for ~15 minutes click on menu > backup > upload to cloud. The upload should be unrestricted at that point. Let us know if that does not help.

Play Store gives me an error

There are many problems that can occur between Play Store and your phone. Most often they result in an error and inability to download and install the app you want. Examples of the codes are Error -24, 905, 963, RH-01, and many more. Google doesn’t provide an explanation for those codes, so the internet is […]

I have been charged twice for the app

The purchase process is done by Google and is completely out of our control. But from other users’ experience any duplicate charges have always been refunded after a while automatically by the Google payment system. You can check if this has already happened in your Google Wallet account. Please let us know at urbandroid.info@gmail.com if no […]

App is not unlocked although I have paid for unlock

Did you buy the unlock as a separate app (“Sleep as Android Unlock“) or as an in-app purchase? The solution is different in each case. For separate app Please make sure you have installed both Sleep as Android as well as Sleep as Android Unlock in your phone settings->apps->downloaded. If not, head to the Google Play Store […]

What happens after the trial expires?

Please note that after the trial period is over you are free to continue using the app. The main limitation is that the sleep tracking functionality will be disabled for sleeps starting on Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat. But you can still track the other days and use all the alarm related features such as […]