Due to an issue in our Tasker integration, we had to disable it by default in one of the releases in mid-2017. Please go to Settings – Service – Taker and re-enable it there. Sorry for the trouble.

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This is a bug in S Health that the S Health team promised to be fixed way back in S Health v4.6, but didn’t.

We got the following guide on how to resolve this S Health issue from the Samsung S Health team:

In order to resolve this issue, user can try either one of following:
1) Clear S Health data from Android Settings > Applications > S Health > Clear data.
2) Change the locale of the phone and wait 1 day.

Category: Integrations

If you are using the “skip alarm for holiday” feature, SaA might offer to skip your next alarm even if there is no holiday in your country tomorrow. This is because we use Google public holiday calendar, which is sometimes wrong.

Please see the docs to fix this issue.

Category: Integrations