Sleep tracking

On Galaxy Nexus and few Motorola devices, you may be experiencing an issue that the sleep graphs turns wild at a specific hour during all tracking.

There is a known bug in acceleremeter which is causing the accelerometer data to go wild whenever any other app touches the accelerometer and sets it to mode DELAY_NORMAL. The apps we know about are triggering this is Noom Weight Loss and Noom Pedometer. But in general, although we are not sure, we believe this may be triggered by any other app which is using the accelerometer.
Category: Sleep tracking

From various error reports we know that the accelerometer sensor implementation on some firmwares has issues. Over the time the accelerometer may get into a broken state and it stops sending data. The only way we know to resolve this issue is to do a reboot. In all cases so far, reboot did solve this issue.

To test whether the accelerometer is working, you can useĀ menu > test sensors or some 3rd party app such as Sensor List.

Category: Sleep tracking

The red block indicates that something went wrong with tracking at that time. We did not get the expected data from accelerometer. Maybe Your phone has restarted or if You are using smartwatch, we could have lost connection to it.

Category: Sleep tracking