Alarm ringtone can be configured on two places. Globally for all new alarms in Settings but this may be overridden for each individual alarm in per-alarm settings. Please check both places if you setting is correct.

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You are probably using the stamina battery saving mode or Extended Standby Mode which prevents Sleep as Android from waking up the device ans so the alarm will not ring if this mode is enabled.
For stamina mode, you can either disable this mode or add Sleep as Android to the active applications in standby. The option resides in settings->Power management. To add Sleep as Android to the active applications in standby, click on “stamina mode”, then “Add applications” and check Sleep as Android.

To disable Extended Standby Mode, go to settings->Power management and then uncheck Extended Standby mode.

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Noise & Snoring

Please check that you have enabled noise recording in Application settings → Sleep noise recording. Noise recording in not enabled by default as it causes slightly increased battery consumption during sleep tracking.

Next please check your Application settings → Sleep noise recording → Recording volume threshold you may want to lower your threshold in order to get more recordings, 20% is the default but 10% may be a better match for your device.
Also Application settings → Sleep noise recording → High quality recording is good to enabled as it features a better algorithm to capture significant noises.
Next try to adjust the recording threshold. You can start very low – for example 5/100…If you start sleep tracking you see a recording progress bar at the top. There are two indicators, one shows the actual threshold and the other the actual recorded level. When even the second line gets over the first line recording starts.
Please do a loud noise to calibrate the scale and then try to make a normal noise you would expect sleep talk would be during night. If you see your talking is getting recorded (red icon to the left) than you are setup. Otherwise please try to adjust the recording threshold.
In case you are still suffering issues please send us a debug report (Alarms tab → menu → send debug).
Category: Noise & Snoring

Sleep tracking

Please make sure that you are not accidentally starting the Sleep as Android app from your watch. This would start sleep tracking immediately.

On Samsung S2, we observed an issue where sleep tracking started really on its own. We have found a solution for the issue, so please uipdate to the latest version of Sleep as Android to have it.

Category: Sleep tracking

Crashing during sleep tracking seems very rare but still may happen on some firmwares, especially on custom ROMs.

Here is a list of featured with has been reported as causing rare crashing issues on specific firmwares. You may want to try disabling them:
– noise recording
– screen dimming
– wake up with flashlight
Also make sure you don’t use any task killer apps or automated backup tools. And if you insist on using them than please try to white-list Sleep as Android.
Also it may happen that the app updates during the night. We have a restarting mechanism in the Sleep as Android Unlock app which shall restore sleep tracking under normal conditions. If this mechanism is failing for some reason you may want to disable auto-updating or track with airplane mode which is anyway highly recommended.
Finding out what is the cause of the problem on each individual firmware is a very difficult task as this problem is not caused by the application but on the contrary by a bug in the firmware itself.
If you would like to help us debug the problem please try the following (SD card needed, Android <4.2!):
1) Download alogrec (free) from Play Store
2) Start it before you start tracking.
3) Start tracking.
4) If the tracking is not running in the morning, send us the output of alogrec.
Category: Sleep tracking

From various error reports we know that the accelerometer sensor implementation on some firmwares has issues. Over the time the accelerometer may get into a broken state and it stops sending data. The only way we know to resolve this issue is to do a reboot. In all cases so far, reboot did solve this issue.

To test whether the accelerometer is working, you can use menu > test sensors or some 3rd party app such as Sensor List.

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Unlock & Payments

Did you buy the unlock as a separate app (“Sleep as Android Unlock“) or as an in-app purchase? The solution is different in each case.
  • For separate app
    • Please make sure you have installed both Sleep as Android as well as Sleep as Android Unlock in your phone settings->apps->downloaded.
    • If not, head to the Google Play Store and download Sleep as Android Unlock again! As long as you use the same Google account you did the purchase with as your primary account in Play Store it remembers your purchases and you should be able to download again.
    • If you are unable to download it (you see a price instead of download button), please go to the Play Store on your computer and check if you are able to download it there.
  • For in-app purchase:
    • If you have bought the unlock as an in-app purchase, a bug with the Play Store app might very rarely occur. Play Store sometimes doesn’t report that there are in-app purchases in your account. This can have multiple reasons, most likely because you have multiple Google accounts on your phone.
      There are few ways that you can try to go around that:

      • After the initial purchase, you need to wait for a while (maximum a few hours), the app should contact the licence server and unlock itself. If it does not, then:
      • make sure the Google account your did purchase the app with is the primary account on all your devices in the Play Store app,
      • go to “My apps” in the Play Store app in order to refresh, then restart your phone. This is super important.
      • If the app doesn’t seem to unlock, please reinstall the app, this has solved the problem for many users recently.
      • Another way that seemingly helped recently:
        • Uninstall Sleep as Android
        • In a BROWSER on your desktop: Log in to the web interface of Google Play with the account you used to purchase
        • Install Sleep as Android from the web interface to your device
        • Don’t let it open the Play Store app, but use the install button and choose your device in the browser.

Please send a debug report ( alarmlist>menu>report a bug) if the issue should persist. Also please let us know the order number of your purchase. This is included in your purchase confirmation you should have received via email – or you can check it at payments.google.com.