Sonar needs the music stream to emit ultrasonic signal and we need to keep sonar volume at maximum to maintain reliable results.
Unfortunately, this also affects media volume in 3rd party apps as we cannot control those separately from sonar media volume. This means that while using sonar, you can only use media apps on full volume.

We have also added a separate volume settings for lullabies, you need to set your lullaby volume upfront and let the music volume maintained by the sonar.
When using sonar, you cannot control lullaby volume by volume buttons as it always jumps back to maximum.

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With Sleep as Android, you are also getting your data compared to the data of people who have contributed to SleepCloud.

You can see this in statistics screen as well as in advices and in some charts. Don’t worry, if you do not use SleepCloud, your data are not saved in cloud and used for this comparison.


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You have probably activated Prevent escaping CAPTCHA option.

This option registers the app as a device administrator in order to block turning off the phone when an alarm rings.

To uninstall the app, you have to unregister the app as device administrator first. This is usually done as follows:

  1. System settings >Location and Security > Device Administrator and deselect the admin which you want to uninstall.
  2. Now uninstall the application. If it still says you need to deactivate the application before uninstalling, you may need to Force Stop the application before uninstalling.
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The following should hopefully solve your problem:

  • start sleep as android
  • wait for ~15 minutes
  • click on menu > backup > upload to cloud.

The upload should be unrestricted at that point. Let us know if that does not help.

Settings for Captchas are set in Settings > CAPTCHA.
Choose the Captcha in Default Captcha – this opens a list of all Captcha. Then set the difficulty of it.
You can also preview the Captcha.

For QR/NFC Captcha, you can learn the code for recognition by tapping the “learn” button in Settings.

For changing the QR/NFC Captcha, tap on Settings below Preview, and then tap “learn” button. You can also delete the old code by tapping the trashcan icon in the same screen.

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Usually this is not caused by the sleep tracking directly as this is usually not consuming too much resources (usually around 1-3% battery per hour of tracking).
The issue appears because we hold a wake lock (keeping the phone awake) – any badly written apps may access the CPU extensively during the sleep tracking time. We suggest checking which services are running before you get to sleep.
For us it is hard to debug this. Also battery statistics are not a hint here as all battery consumption is accounted to the app which holds the lock even it did not consume the battery – this is by design in Android.

To conclude, this issue may happen, although we did not get any similar reports for a very long time now. But the most probable cause is some wrong 3rd party service or app on your device.

To see more on the issue we would need a debug report (menu > report a bug).

A good test would be to reboot Your phone before sleep tracking (or kill any unnecessary services running) and see if that helps.

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Sleep as Android is not officially supported on Blackberry. However, a lot of users have reported running it without any hassle.

Often an issue is when you try to unlock Sleep as Android. You won’t be able to install the “Sleep as Android Unlock” app from the Play Store. A working solution is to buy the unlock and then send us a proof of purchase and your phone’s IMEI number (at support@urbandroid.org). We’ll unlock the app specifically for your phone.

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This is great! Please drop us a line on urbandroid.info@gmail.com!

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Please first check to you have sufficient connectivity, ideally a home WiFi at the time of synchronization. If synchronization is still an issue, please send us a debug report directly from the backup add-on in Settings > Backup > Menu > Send debug.

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Normally we use Google’s backup function. So if enabled in  Device settings > Privacy and after installing Sleep as Android on the new device you will get all your settings, alarms and other data. This assumes you install with a fast network connection enabled.
You an also do a manual export/import process. In the Graphs tab, please use [MENU] > Backup > Export and make sure the dialog says successful. Than copy the directory/sdcard/sleep-data to you new phone’s SD card. Install Sleep as Android on the new phone and do [MENU] > Backup > Import. This should preserve your sleep data. You will need to adjust the settings manually.
Third option is to use some of the Cloud Backup methods from the SleepCloud Add-on.
Please see more on this in Backup.
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Many users asked for the ability to wake up with light. This is possible with the phones flashlight and to start the flash light you need the camera permission. Unfortunately permissions are very rigid and you cannot turn them off selectively and in many cases you need a permission only if you use a very specific sub-feature. For example we need many connectivity related permissions even GPS just to be able to turn on the airplane mode when sleep tracking starts. Please see all our permissions explained in Permissions.

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