Installing Samsung Gear S2 add-on

Update 20161104

The Samsung Gear addon is back on the Gear store. It supports Gear S, Gear S2 and Gear Fit 1.
Gear Fit 2 is not supported yet.

Find it under name Sleep as Android – Native Gear Companion.

Also make sure to install Sleep as Android – Gear Addon on your phone.

Update 20160919

For Beta-testers:

How to install the Sleep as Android  Samsung Gear S2 add-on:

According to several of our users, the S2 addon can be run by going through the following. You can also check the forum thread on this addon.

  1. Download and install the Tizen IDE on your PC from Samsung website.
  2. Enable debugging mode on Gear S2 through Settings screen > Gear Info > Debugging.
  3. Restart the Gear S2.
  4. Connect the Gear S2 to your laptop as follows
    • Connect your Gear S2 to a phone so it can retrieve the Wi-Fi credentials from the phone
    • Turn the Bluetooth off on Gear S2 – the watch will now try to connect to a Wi-Fi network (might not be needed)
    • Connect your PC to the same network
    • If there is any problem with connecting, please see the official Samsung docs on this or contact
  5. Find the DUID of your device in the Connection Explorer (you might have to right click your device > properties)
  6. It is not possible to sign the .tpk file (the native package) yourself without the source code, so please send us your DUID ( and we’ll build you a special version for your device.
  7. Download the Gear S2 phone addon (.apk file) and install it on your phone.

NOTE: In case of freezing at “Starting tracking” screen, try to reinstall the app on your watch.