AVM Fritz!Dect 200 with Sleep

Thanks to Julian Wiche for this tutorial!

I’ve successfully intigrated a switchable socket from AVM (Fritz!Dect 200) connected to a FritzBox 7490 via Dect.
Needed: BoxToGo Pro (only pro supports Home Automation functionality)
Tasker Plugin AutoShortcut.
Process: 1. Set up Box to go with your account settings, and try if switching your Dect!200 works there.
2. Create a Task in Tasker: Plugin -> AutoShortcut. Then press the pen symbol,
and choose BoxToGo Shortcut. As action choose Smart Home,
the actor you want to switch and kind of switching.

3. Pick “event” -> Plugin “Sleep as Android” and select the trigger.

4. Place the light near your bed and go to sleep 😉