Why Unlock?

FREE to play

Most of the features in Sleep as Android are FREE. You have 14 days without any limits to test every aspect of the app and even afterward you are FREE to continue using the app with only the limitation of sleep tracking being functional every second day.

There are no other limitations to the app functionality after the 14-day trial expires.

Why do we charge for the Unlock?

Since 2010 we have invested an incredible amount of time into making this app the best for Sleep tracking on the Android platform. Have a look at our Release notes what we did for the app since then. We do several new releases monthly bringing timely fixes, new features you ask for.

More over we are absolutely committed to customer support. We answer 99.9% support emails!

We are obsessed with Sleep as Android and spend every free minute to think how to improve it.

We do research in the sleep domain cooperation with research programs on world universities and sleep labs.

All this effort costs time which we do finance from the Unlock purchases.

Still we keep the Unlock price low so that it is affordable for everyone in any country around the globe. You pay just once and you get an unlimited life time license including all future updates and future features. Look what those who purchased in 2010 got for there few bucks Release notes.

What do I get?

  • Sleep tracking every day
  • Import data from SD card
  • No ads whatsoever
  • +10 lullabies
  • +6 alarm ringtones
  • Our immense dedication to improve this product and help you out

Unlock now!

Please consider purchasing the Unlock here. We will use your contribution to further enhance the app.