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If you have some interesting graphs you’d like to share with your friend or possibly a doctor, you can do so easily directly from the application. Sleep as Android offers 2 ways how to share your data:

Manual sharing

This is the simplest sharing option that is suitable, if you do not share regularly. It can be initiated in 2 ways – either by doing a long click on a graph in the Graphs tab and choosing the share option, or by clicking on the share icon in graph details page. In either case a list of applications is shown and you have to choose which application you want to use for sharing. The content of the application list varies from device to device, it depends on the applications you have installed. A typical example of applications you can use for sharing are Gmain, Facebook, Picasa.

Note, that not all applications implement fully/correctly the sharing protocol, so some applications may fail to share graphs properly. A notable example is Facebook sharing, that does not work on some latest firmware. Express sharing option for Facebook should work on all devices.
Automated (express) sharing

If you plan to share graphs often or even automatically, this option is for you. Go to Settings > Sharing sleep with friends. There you can connect Sleep as Android with either your Facebook or Twitter account. After connecting, you can use the Express share option that is available in the same menus as standard manual Share option. Express share does not ask you for any additional confirmation, it directly shares graph to connected services. If you have connected more services, it is shared to all of them.

The connected sharing service also allows automated sharing. In Settings > Sharing sleep with friends > Sharing preferences, you can choose out of 3 sharing modes:

  • Manual only: No automated sharing is done, you have to share everything using Express sharing option.
  • Auto-publish sleep graphs: This will automatically publish all your sleep graphs as soon as the recording is finished.
  • Auto-publish graphs and comments: In addition to the previous option, it also publishes a text on the social network when you start sleep tracking. This will your friends know, you are no more available as you are sleeping. Share comments and tags option controls, whether shared graphs will contain also comments and tags you associated to them.

Using WiFi only for automated sharing

Similarly as backup, the automated sharing can also be restricted to work on WiFi only. For this, you have to restrict background data usage of the Sleep as Android application itself.

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  1. Hahaha!!!!!funny application I had hearing listen my sleep registration on the app sleep as android after awake while snoore….o my god I snoore shame….

  2. Only concern about sharing sleep data is showing patterns to those who might rob or break in. Of course that’s from a LEO background.

  3. There used to be options on how you shared. I don’t want to share with others, only so that I can see in the future. That’s creepy for others.

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