Smart light bulbs

Supported lightbulbs

  • Philips HUE
  • Philips HUE Lux

You can also control other smartlights (such as LIFX or Wemo) via IFTTT or Tasker.

How to set up

Enable Settings > Smartlight > Use smartlight.


  • Sunrise-like wake up – you can use light-only alarm which starts at minimum brightness red and slowly moves to maximum yellow light if gentle alarm feature is used
    • To set it up, turn on Use smartlight and set up either (mutually exclusive):
      • gentle volume increase in either Alarm settings > Gentle volume increase or in Settings > Alarm default settings > Gentle volume increase. To adjust the speed at which the light brightens, adjust the gentle volume increase time.
      • alarm sound start in either Alarm settings > Alarm sound start or in Settings > Alarm default settings > Alarm sound start. The light will rise in intensity so it will be at maximum when the sound starts.
    • When you snooze, the light will turn off until the snooze runs off.
    • Dismissing alarm will turn the light intensity to the maximum at once.
    • To have the alarm silent, go to the alarm in question and then to Ringtone > Silent.
  • Night-light or pee-light – when you pause sleep tracking, a minimal red light allows you to navigate around
    • Turn it on in Settings > Smartlight > Pee-light.
  • Light-powered lucid dreaming cue
    • Turn it on in Settings > Smartlight > Lucid dreaming. To use light lucid dreaming, you need to have lucid dreaming enabled in Settings > Lucid dreaming.

158 thoughts on “Smart light bulbs

    1. Hello, unfortunately no product from Xiaomi has an API open to 3rd party developers, so also the yeelight is stuck in its own ecosystem…

          1. Hello — we haven’t been able to integrate it yet. Once we get hold of some yeelight bulb, we’ll look into it, but currently we are working on perfecting actigraphy, snoring detection, Samsung Gear integration and Garmin integration…and routine maintenance as well…

  1. Just got my LIFX bulb in the mail. It’s awesome and I can’t wait for LIFX integration in Sleep As Android (because I can no longer live without SAA)!

  2. I’ve successfully intigrated a switchable socket from AVM (Fritz!Dect 200) connected to a FritzBox 7490 via Dect.
    Needed: BoxToGo Pro (only pro supports Home Automation functionality)
    Tasker Plugin AutoShortcut.
    Process: 1. Set up Box to go with your account settings, and try if switching your Dect!200 works there.
    2. Create a Task in Tasker: Plugin -> AutoShortcut. Then press the pen symbol,
    and choose BoxToGo Shortcut. As action choose Smart Home,
    the actor you want to switch and kind of switching.

    3. Pick “event” -> Plugin “Sleep as Android” and select the trigger.

    4. Place the light near your bed and go to sleep 😉

    Hope this will help someone 😉

  3. Hi,
    I have a Phillips Hue light (with bridge). Is there a way to set the light color when waking up (instead of the red to white default) ?

    1. The bulb simulates sunrise or it starts at low red and gradually gets to bright yellow.. the transition time can be adjusted either you have “alarm sound start” set to zero and than it based on your gradual volume increase time, otherwise the transition is based on “alarm sound start” time..

    1. Hi Valentin, sorry for the late reply. We haven’t moved in this matter, since we had been knee deep in Garmin and other integrations, also perfecting sonar and snoring detection.
      We are currently considering buying and integrating yeelight.

  4. Time to support TicWatch 2 Global! i how to see it soon as it is and is going to be a hot product with ours amazing specs and great price point blowing away the competition.

    Having your App among the first in the last would be fantastic. The first generation of owners are hungry for apps, yours is delicious, please feed is soon!

  5. Hi, I’m on the latest beta build and since some weeks, the full light is a cold white while it was a warmer yellowish color in the past.
    Can you make the Cold or Warm white a switch in the Smartbulb menu section ?

    1. Many thanks for the feedback. Based on consultations with Philips we implemented the sunrise feature like a move from the lowest color temperature CTI to highest. The blue-white color at the finish should stimulate the body for a fresh start to help to avoid melatonin which makes us sleepy in the morning and to encourage our circadian rhythm.

      Can you explain why you prefer the yellow tone at the end of the wake up cycle? We will definitely hear your suggestions here..

  6. New user here – love the Hue integration but there’s one thing I haven’t been able to figure out – the instant I do any interaction with the app the assigned light immediately turns off. We have other applications controlling the house lights based on various conditions and would like to have Sleep only affect it during the wakeup phase. Am I missing an option somewhere?

  7. Any chance of options for what happens on alarm? Turning off the alarm sets the bulb to max which is extremely bright and jarring. I’d love to either be able to adjust the brightness or just have it not react to the alarm at all. Love how we it turns off when I turn on the alarm though.

  8. I have a 3rd gen color Hue bulb. When the alarm begins and the light starts to turn on, it is pretty abrupt. It doesn’t fade on initially– it looks like it goes from 0 to 30% brightness instantly. The ‘Fade In’ feature from the Hue app doesn’t do this and is much more gentle. Would it be possible to have the initial light turn on more slowly?

    Also- is a white bulb preferred over multi-color? It doesn’t seem that you use the actual red color.

    1. Hello Ben, the idea of snooze istogive you as much quality sleep as we can for the limited time, so this is why we turn off the light to allow you to sleep. If you don’t want to slee anymore and rather get up, you use dismiss where the light turn on at max intensity..

  9. Any chance of options for what happens on alarm? Turning off the alarm sets the bulb to max which is extremely bright and jarring. I’d love to either be able to adjust the brightness or just have it not react to the alarm at all. Love how we it turns off when I turn on the alarm though.

    1. Hello, at the moment there are no other options and the scenario is hardcoded. To adjust the lightbulb’s behaviour, you would need to use Tasker to define your own rules. I can help you with that if you want to at

  10. Love the Hue integration, but I’ve found one problem.

    Pausing the sleep tracking triggers the Pee light, but the lights turns off after 30 seconds or so, I would like for it to stay active until I resume or stop the sleep tracking.

    1. Hello Renato, this is by design since we assume you wouldn’t need more than 30 seconds to get out of bed and then it would be better to turn off the light so as not to disturb your partner potentially. Is your use case different?

    1. Hi Royi! For that, please disable snoozing in Settings > Snooze.
      We understand snooze to be an intent that you’d like to sleep in a little more. If you believe that you should not do this, please either disable or limit snoozing and set up a captcha to force you out of bed.

  11. Hi,
    thank you very much for this implementation. It is not clear to me which philips bulbs you use. There are basically three bulbs: white, ambiance and color. What happens if you use the simple (also cheapest) white bulb?

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