Smart light bulbs

Supported lightbulbs

  • Philips HUE
  • Philips HUE Lux

You can also control other smartlights (such as LIFX or Wemo) via IFTTT or Tasker.

How to set up

Enable Settings > Smartlight > Use smartlight.


  • Sunrise-like wake up – you can use light-only alarm which starts at minimum brightness red and slowly moves to maximum yellow light if gentle alarm feature is used
    • To set it up, turn on Use smartlight and set up either (mutually exclusive):
      • gentle volume increase in either Alarm settings > Gentle volume increase or in Settings > Alarm default settings > Gentle volume increase. To adjust the speed at which the light brightens, adjust the gentle volume increase time.
      • alarm sound start in either Alarm settings > Alarm sound start or in Settings > Alarm default settings > Alarm sound start. The light will rise in intensity so it will be at maximum when the sound starts.
    • When you snooze, the light will turn off until the snooze runs off.
    • Dismissing alarm will turn the light intensity to the maximum at once.
    • To have the alarm silent, go to the alarm in question and then to Ringtone > Silent.
  • Night-light or pee-light – when you pause sleep tracking, a minimal red light allows you to navigate around
    • Turn it on in Settings > Smartlight > Pee-light.
  • Light-powered lucid dreaming cue
    • Turn it on in Settings > Smartlight > Lucid dreaming. To use light lucid dreaming, you need to have lucid dreaming enabled in Settings > Lucid dreaming.

158 thoughts on “Smart light bulbs

  1. Hello,
    any news about the yeelight support? Would be so awesome, to use this cheap smartlight as wakeup light! Cheers

      1. That’s cool!
        I’m also considering buying one, a RGB version, to use with Sleep as Android.
        Did you get a RGB one? It’d be cool to have the dim red light option available as well.

  2. Any way to stop the light from turning bright when dismissed? I use this with my wife sleeping next to me and I don’t want to turn it bright like that. Thanks!

    1. Sorry for the limitation this is to make sure you wake up in the morning, but totally understand your use-case. Maybe a workaround would do the job? What about simply snoozing the alarm and immediately after dismissing it?

      1. I have snoozing, then turning the light off physically then disabling alarm. If I snooze and dismiss doesn’t the light come on still?

        Thanks for super fast reply.

        I also am struggling to get the light slowly light up. Seems to just come on when alarm is on. I tried doing the slowly increase sound setting (with no ringtone). Doesn’t seem to do it.

  3. I am having trouble getting my Phillips hue to simulate sunrise. Right now it starts the sunrise when my alarm goes off. So it I’d a deep red when I wake. I tried messing with the settings suggested above. No luck

  4. Hello,
    any update to the yeelight integration? Are you still working on this feature? I’m also waiting for this, would be very nice!

  5. Hi, I’ve been using Hue lights and I wonder, if it would be possible to program an automatic shutdown of the light? This could be like 30 minutes after the wakeup / end of sleep tracking. Time could be adjustable so that light will be shut down before you leave from home (adjust depending on how long usually your morning routine takes).

  6. Hey, so if I wanted to simulate sunlight in the morning with your program which Philips Hue should I pick right now? I just need one to wake me up 6 in the morning where it’s all dark in Turkey. But I want it to look as natural as a sun light.

    1. Hello, I would either recommend the White Ambience or Color.. White ambience will use color temperatures (not RGB colors).. this may be in fact what you are looking for and a cheaper option, in case of Color we use the full potential of the color and start at low red and go to max yellow..

      1. Does this integrate with other hubs such as smartthings? I have several bulbs in the house controlled by ST and would like to gradually increase the light prior to alarm trigger. Is this possible?

  7. Would love LIFX integration. I had it via tasker but upgraded my phone and since lost it (still trying to track it down but would love it to be native). There’s no hub for LIFX but they are native. Happy to donate a bulb or 2 (although they would only be white) to get you started.
    Great app, have been using it for many years now (almost 5!).

    Also using it along with MobVoi’s new Ticwatch E which runs AW2.0.

  8. Hi,
    Do you have any recommandation about bulbs having the best light quality for this usage (ex. capable of having no blue light when going to sleep, and enough blue light when lit on the morning)?
    And by ex., is the Hue Color capable of “better” whites (from warm to cold) than the Hue White Ambience?

    1. Hello, we try to do the best we can for each bulb, to achieve exactly what you say (no blue light when going to sleep, and enough blue light when lit on the morning). So there is practically no difference between Hue Color/Lux/Ambiance in this matter.

  9. I have bought a Philips Hue this week. This function is working nice with my alarms, but I’m wondering if I can control the light settings somewhere? Can I set the color (I have some white ambiance bulbs) and can I choose in which room the lights must go on?

    1. Hello, when you configure your connection to the bridge you choose the lights which are controlled by Sleep as Android.. regarding colors, we try to do thoughtful defaults here :).. so in case of white ambiance during sunrise we start at minimum temperature and keep adding until a reasonable cap so that the lights still keep comfortable in the morning..

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