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Sleep Mask is Urbandroid’s first hardware product dedicated to be used with Sleep as Android and the Mindroid mind machine app.


Sleep mask makes your sleep light stimulated. It can set you to sleep faster, make even more pleasant wake up and help you with snoring or lucid dreaming.

Sleep Mask is configured under Settings > Smart light > Sleep Mask.


Fall asleep

It uses an audio-visual stimulation to lower your brain frequency for faster fall asleep. This technique is similar to what mind machines do. Sleep induction has shown as being one of the most effective domains for mind machines.

Sunrise wake up

Sleep mask simulates natural wake up with simulating a sunrise. The LED light start at low red and slowly transfer to full yellow. You can turn off alarm sound completely and leave the wake up only to the light which creates a pleasant wake up experience.

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Sleep Mask


    1. Hello, you can set the sunrise alarm below the timepicker, when you are setting the time of the alarm. Tap on the dawning sun icon.

      1. That would be how to set the time of the alarm to be at the local time the sun would rise… But how do you enable the Sleep Mask to simulate the sunrise with the red to yellow light to wake you up at your chosen (different than local sunrise) time?

        1. Hello, unfortunately there is a bug in the latest version which stops the app from showing the sunrise simulation with SleepMask, but this is fixed in the latest BETA version. Otheriwse sunrise will start at alarm time, so if you schedule an alarm with a sunrise option this is when you get the sunrise start on the mask..

          1. Still not clear on how to set the sleep mask sunrise simulation. Can you please explain how to turn it on in “Sleep as Android”? I thought I might have turned it on, but it does not slowly brighten, it turns on right away and is not yellow/red light it’s blue/green light.

  1. Any idea when a non-wifi version of this could be available? I’ve been looking for an illuminating sleep mask forever to help me wake up in the morning. I’d prefer a version of this that did not depend upon an app and smartphone, even if all it does is illuminate to wake you up, without all the other stuff. I had high hopes for Lumi – we know how that turned out.

        1. Hello, Happy Electronics is working on the BT model but so far all prototypes have issues with placing the BT module and battery into the mask which caused a big regression in waer comfort so at the moment we are not sure whether we will release a BT model..

      1. Hi there…
        Wish the 4% was true for me and my Nexus 5x on Android O.
        Phone in battery save mode, airplane mode (no cell, wifi or location) will not stand a sleep tracking for more then 8 hours with the mask connected.

        And that’s even though there is no lucid dreaming light or anti-snore light available in the mask (like promotes). And sunrise wake up won’t work either …. Lol

  2. Is there any chance this mask could be programmed to treat diabetic reticulopathy as detailed in the following quote from the British company Phototonix?

    “The treatment works on the principle of preventing the rods in the eye from dark adaptation, which reduces the oxygen demand of the eye at night, preventing hypoxia and the compromised blood vessel proliferation that can result in the retina. The mask directs a low intensity light of a specific wavelength into the rod cells during sleep. It restores the rods to their daytime state, reducing the need for oxygen, avoiding the hypoxic responses and therefore preventing the progression of DR and DMO.

    The Noctura 400 Sleep Mask consists of an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) light housed inside a soft cushioned fabric mask, designed to be worn at night, to deliver a precise dose of light therapy during a patient’s normal hours of sleep. The mask is programmed to administer the correct dose of light each night as part of a continuing therapy.”

    I’m not diabetic, but I have very low SpO² levels at night and am on O². I often wake up with the cannula off, and over the last several years, my eyesight has worsened severely. My opthalmologist keeps asking if I have diabetes. I would love to try this treatment/prevention method. I’m eagerly awaiting the BT version.

  3. Hello,
    I wrote to the sleep as Android contact email for help since receiving the sleep mask I bought. I still cannot figure out how to use it for an alarm (the sole reason I bought the mask, I already own regular mind machine glasses, but wanted one to wake me, for help with circadian rhythm disorder.) So far, I have not once been able to make it work for an alarm! I had bought the kindle pro version for sleep mask with sleep as Android. They do not seem to have mindroid, so I downloaded that on to my android, as well as the sleep as Android app. But since I have pro on the kindle, I’m assuming I’m better of using the kindle since I already bought it, & as far as I can see, it can’t be shared with my android phone (is that right?) But I’m assuming the pro versions are the same? Are the instructions the same? I’m having such a hard time!

  4. What’s the refund/return policy on the mask and now it’s July 2017 I was wondering if you’re close to releasing the wireless Bluetooth version soon yet as sleeping with a wire attached to my phone (especially with tossing and turning though the night) is not very appealing..? Thanks for your reply

    1. Hello, Happy Electronics is working on the BT model but so far all prototypes have issues with placing the BT module and battery into the mask which caused a big regression in waer comfort so at the moment we are not sure whether we will release a BT model..

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