Samsung S Health

CAUTION: Samsung S Health integration works only with the S Health app version 4.0 and higher

SETUP: S Health integration is enabled in Settings > Services. When connecting with S Health you are asked whether you like to synchronize your past records. This is currently limited up to 5 years. Otherwise all new sleep records are synchronized with S Health as they occur.


  1. Upload your sleep duration and times into S Health
  2. Download 3rd party sleep lengths
  3. Automatic synchronization of the #sport tag based on your fitness activity recorded in S Health
  4. Automatic import of walking sessions during the night (considered as awake, not considering sleep walking 🙂 )
  5. Heart rate import and export


When does sync occur?

There are two sync methods:

  • normal sync: saves data for the past 2 weeks. Happens everytime sleep tracking ends, or when you create a sleep record manually. Also everytime you start the app, if a sync did not happen in the past 24 hours.
  • full sync: saves data for the past 5 years. Can be triggered from Settings > Services > S Health (you have to toggle off and on) Upload (button in the lower right corner)

NOTE: Heart rate data are saved only for the past 7 days in both normal and full sync (they are computationally intensive).

How to connect to S Health

Install S-Health, start it up, you’ll see an empty Sleep well on your dashboard asking you to “Manually enter sleep by tapping here”


In Sleep as Android, go to Settings and turn on “Samsung S Health”

A dialog will show up, asking you to grant permissions from S Health to Sleep as Android. Make sure to grant all of the permissions.





Connecting to S Health…


Tap on the cloud to sync your graphs to S Health




You can go back to Settings, you’ll see that “Samsung S Health” is now turned on


If you now go to S Health, you might see that in your Sleep well is a caption that says “No recorded sleep data”. This, as strange as it looks, means that it has no data for TODAY.


If you tap on the Sleep well, you can scroll to a day where you have data from Sleep as Android and it will look like this.

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    1. We don’t know, those are S Health’s qualities and we have no idea how do they compute it. Sorry…

  1. Hi when i turn on the s health service the program say:Connection with S Health is not available due to security/ signature issue what I can do? ?

    1. Hello Amir,

      many thanks for reporting this problem and sorry for the issue.
      We got the following guide on how to resolve this S Health issue from the Samsung S Health team:

      In order to resolve this issue, user can try either one of following:
      1) Clear S Health data from Android Settings > Applications > S Health > Clear data.
      2) Change the locale of the phone and wait 1 day.

      The Samsung S Health team is working on this to fix it. They promised it will be fixed in S Health v4.6, but evidently isn’t :/

        1. Sorry – it’s a Samsung issue and this is what they gave us to resolve it. If it doesn’t work, we’re at loss here :/

  2. Would be awesome if you could also link sleep rating! Samsung Health now asks you to rate your sleep later that morning.

  3. How can I import sleep phases from SHealth to SaA? I have Samsung Gear S3 watch and it is very good in sleep tracking. But for full statistics in SaA it imports only the duration. Without phases.

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