Automate the technology surrounding you with Sleep as Android via IFTTT!

We use the IFTTT Webhooks channel to send triggers from Sleep as Android.

How to use IFTTT with Sleep as Android?

  1. Go to Settings > Services > IFTTT, turn it on and tap Retrieve. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. The IFTTT webpage appears. Enter your email and password and click sign up (doesn’t matter if you already have the account. The sign-up field works as sign-up as well as sign-in).
    IMPORTANT #1: Don’t use the Google/Facebook login. It doesn’t work inside the Android Webview.
    IMPORTANT #2: If you don’t want to fill in your password, you can get your ID from your browser (from https://ifttt.com/services/maker_webhooks/settings – check the URL on page, the code is after /use/ )
  3. Your ID gets loaded automatically and “IFTTT connected” message will appear.
  4. Now you can add IFTTT recipes on the IFTTT create page.
    • click on +THIS and select “Webhooks” > “Receive a web request”.
    • In the “event name” field, insert one of the events below. Push “Create trigger”.
    • click on +THAT and choose your desired action.


Sleep as Android fires various events, which you can use to trigger a plethora of actions. You can set up the IFTTT Maker channel to be triggered by the following events:

  • sleep_tracking_started
  • sleep_tracking_stopped
  • sleep_tracking_paused
  • sleep_tracking_resumed
  • alarm_snooze_clicked
  • time_to_bed_alarm_alert
    • fires when you get a bedtime notification
  • alarm_alert_start
  • alarm_alert_dismiss
    • fires when you dismiss alarm (after you solve CAPTCHA, if it’s set)
  • rem
    • fires when we estimate the start of REM phase
  • antisnoring
    • fires when we detect snoring
  • smart_period
    • fires 45 minutes before the smart wakeup period starts

Example recipes