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SETUP: Google Fit integration is enabled in Settings > Services. When connecting with Fit you are asked whether you like to synchronize your past records. This is currently limited up to 3 years. Otherwise all new sleep records are synchronized with Fit.


  1. Upload your sleep data into Google Fit
  2. Download 3rd party sleep data from Fit into Sleep as Android
  3. Automatic synchronization of the #sport tag based on your fitness activity recorded in Google Fit
  4. Heart rate import and export


NOTE: Data sync between two devices using Google Fit is unsupported.

When does sync occur?

There are two sync methods:

  • normal sync: saves data for the past 2 weeks. Happens everytime sleep tracking ends, or when you create a sleep record manually. Also everytime you start the app, if a sync did not happen in the past 24 hours.
  • full sync: saves data for the past 3 years. Can be triggered from Settings > Services > Google Fit (you have to toggle off and on) Upload (button in the lower right corner)

NOTE: Heart rate data are saved only for the past 7 days in both normal and full sync (they are computationally intensive).

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  1. Hi, I activated the upload to Google Fit and it says that the data are uploaded. But what can I do with it ? Can’t see anything in Google Fit…!?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello, the data are stored in Google Fit and any 3rd party app can view. Same as Sleep as Android can show any sleep data generated by other app. For the time being sleep data are not shown in the official Fit client app.

      1. On the first upload of data, it hangs with only a 3/4″ green bar on the top left and “stop and exit” on the bottom right.

  2. Hi, have you any plan on the integration with the UP by Jawbone app (the one with the purple icon)? I am using it as activity tracker together with Sleep as Android on my Sony Smartwatch 3 and both work really really well, but there’s no communication between them… Thank you 😉

      1. There may be no API to access the device sensors to do the sleep tracking, but I don’t think that’s what’s being asked for here. They *do* have an API to send sleep data into the Up by Jawbone app; it would be nice to have Sleep As Android start and end sleep data sent into the Up application. (I don’t even have a Jawbone device, but the Up app works nicely with Android Wear devices to track activity, and I currently manually enter my sleep data collected in SAA into the Up app as well.)

        1. I see, you are correct. At the moment we are not looking into this as the priority for us is a smooth transition to Android M, but you can already connect Sleep with Jawbone UP via It can read data from Sleep and write to many services including Jawbone UP. It is also free.

  3. When you said it is currently limited to 3 years, you mean storage capacity? Only the last 3 years can be stored? But we can backup the data into the sleep as android servers in parallel, right?

  4. Is there some way to get Sleep for Android to automatically download Google Fit sleep data daily? I use Health on my Pebble Time, which syncs it’s sleep data with Google Fit, and I don’t want to use the Sleep app on my Pebble. Currently I turn the integration off and then back on again to get the data to Sleep for Android.

    1. Hi, we’re looking into this issue right now, so please stay tuned for updates. We’ll be probably doing automatic updates after X hours.

      1. Sounds good. I just noticed another oddity. The Google Calendar sync only works for sleep added in the app itself, it isn’t syncing the data imported from Google Fit towards Calendar at all.

      2. Hello, is there any update to this as well as the Google Calendar sync issue mentioned in the reply by PP, “it isn’t syncing the data imported from Google Fit towards Calendar at all.”?

  5. I have 55 graph saved on sleep as android but it syncs only 32 this is strange (to Google fit but it’s the same for shealth)
    And why on Google fit I can see yesterday night but not the 2 nights before and again I can see one night… On shealth I can see the full 4 nights

  6. HI Is it possible to import the sleep data from S Health and sync with Google fit? I have both Fit and S Health on my mobile. Sleep as Android pulls the data from S Health successfully but the data doesn’t show up on Google fit. I have enabled all sync options on sleep as android for Fit and SHealth

    1. Hello, unfortunately this is not possible. We do not want Sleep to work as a pipeline from S Health to Fit yet, because it would create many kinds of problems for which we are not yet prepared.
      The records pulled from S Health get a special flag which prevents them to be pushed to Fit.
      You can use something like to achieve that…

  7. Fit and Sleep do not play well together for me and never really have. I have Fit sometimes (not for months now) showing that it received data from sleep. Usually I will get a #sport in sleep from Fit but not always, on the plus side sleep has never shown a #sport I didn’t earn so there’s that. The killer is that I paid for sleep and it has turned into little more than a glorified alarm clock that vibrates my pebble to wake me up, and don’t even get me started on why is my phone now vibrating when the alarm goes off even though I have the phone totally silenced, it didn’t do that before.

    1. Hello, sorry for the issue, unfortunately there are bugs in Google Fit client related to displaying sleep records. Sometimes they double and sometimes they are no shown at all. Google Fit team knows about this, they confirmed the issue is on their side and they are working on resolution.

      For the vibration issue can you please send a menu – report a bug, this is the best way to report bugs anyway it gives us insight on the issues. Please check that vibration is off both as the global settings as well as for each particular alarm..

  8. Just downloaded Sleep for Android and Google Fit. App is not showing sleep details of any kind in Google Fit. There isn’t even an option to add, view or anything for sleep.

  9. Hi there,
    I bought Sleep as Android from the Amazon App Store, and I’m trying to connect it to my Google Fit. When I hit the toggle, it asks me which google account to use for fit, which I select, then it kicks straight back with the toggle turned off. This happens ad infinitum. The version of Sleep I have is 20160411.6060 and Fit is 1.57.51-100. Thanks.

    1. Hello Jeff, it happens when there are none sleep records. Is it your case? If not please send us report via “Menu – Report a Bug”. Thanks

  10. Sleep doesn’t seem to be importing sleep data from Google Fit anymore. It used to do this, and that was nice since sometimes I’d forget to start sleep tracking, but I’d still get the data that Pebble Health had recorded.

    EDIT: Seems I had to disconnect/reconnect and then click the Cloud icon for a manual sync. But how do I get to the manual sync page without disabling and re-enabling Google Fit? Not sure if it is syncing all of the previous data that Pebble Health had sent up, though on this page it says it should capture up to the past 3 years.

  11. The annoying thing is it puts one half of my sleep on one day and the other half on the next day, then it shows up as two separate sleep sessions and then it thinks my sleep is shorter.

    1. Hello Nathan, it seems there are bugs in how Fit represents sleep session, they vary from splitting records to not showing some records at all. Please note that the data we send are correct in the Fit storage and this is only a presentation issue in the Fit client app. The Fit teams have confirmed the issue and they are working on it..hopefully they fix it soon..

    1. Hello Erin, yes unfortunately there is again a bug in Fit, we contacted the Fit team and now are waiting for feedback. We already have problems displaying sleep sessions properly when consisting of segments and the latest version did not fix the problem but unfortunately made it worst, most sleep session are no more visible in Fit. Sorry lets hope they will address this soon..

  12. Good Day,
    What is the dataTypeName and dataSourceId to be use in getting Sleep records using the Rest API of google fit?

    Thanks you!

    P.S. I’m able to get steps using this:

  13. First of all thank you for the great app!!

    I normaly use Heart Trace to measure my HR every 5 minutes but Heart Trace makes Sleep stop the measurement. I therefore have to pause Heart Tracer at night. Is is possible to either make the two apps work together or to export the recorded HR data do Google Fit?

  14. Google Fitness just not play well with others, period. It pretty much ignores Map My Fitness – except when it does and then it doubles up your workout in other hubs.

    Withing works okay with the weight situation, but without a quick click, all your friends can see that you weigh more than the Hindenberg and you’re about to burst into flames. It shows the weight! Grrr. Oh, the humanity!

    All the other cards seem gone. And the timeline seems tof mainly count steps. They need to work on it.

  15. I can’t load previous sleep data from Google Fit (acquired from Mi Band 2) is there a specific actions required to do this? I have purchased this app to link data this way – from Mi Fit to Google Fit (this part works fine), from Google Fit to Sleep As Android (this part doesn’t seem to work).

    1. Well now its working, but it splits sleep data to fragments. Is there a way to make an extra option “merge sleep fragments which go one after another”

  16. Eventhough it said there were 72 entries being uploaded to Fit when I activated the feature (and it took forever to do the upload), I only get to see the data from the past week on the Google Fit app, and I see nothing on the Fit web portal.
    Is this normal?

    1. Hello David, yes unfortunately there is again a bug in Fit, we contacted the Fit team and they approved the issue. We already have problems displaying sleep sessions properly when consisting of segments and the latest version did not fix the problem but unfortunately made it worst, most sleep session are no more visible in Fit client although they are saved on the server data storage properly. Google Fit team knows about this and hopefully they will address this one day (although they did not address it in the last year)

  17. When I started to use Mi Band, SaA was only syncing last phase from Google Fit (GF). I kept the service on, but didn’t used it. I was using the sleep tracking feature of SaA or manually entering data. 4 days ago when I was entering manual data again, I realized that SaA has imported last Mi Band record from GF. I was so happy. Second day I didn’t started tracking from SaA. This time I waited half or about one hour but imported again. I was happy that bug is fixed. But third day, I waited several hours and yesterday’s record didn’t be imported. I disconnected from the GF service and reconnected, because a ‘get the last sleep record from GF’ button is missing to start sync manually. It synced for a long time, but still last day was missing. Today it didn’t sync anything, too.

    1. I could sync fifth day. I realized that Google sync settings under Android settings has been closed somehow. When i tapped Google Fit in the app list of that sync settings, I could manually sync.

  18. I would like to know if the Fit App support tracking Sleep data in more that a single point. Treat sleeping and the sub attributes as an activity , build graphs over time, set goals, etc. Also can we have a document the parse tags, and record formats you are expecting so those users of yours which are not programmers can do move with your app than just guess and cross our fingers.

  19. Hi, my sleep as Android pulls mi fit sleep data from the cloud and counts it in addition to its own data. As a result I get sleep double counted. I use the mi fit integration through mi band tools. I think mi fit measures sleep and upload it to Google fit. Sleep as Android does it too and them later adds mi fit data to its own data. For some reason it doesn’t realize that it’s the same sleep. So, I have two graphs every day and all the statistics is screwed up.

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