Quick start

At first Sleep as Android may look complex with all its options, but in fact it is fairly easy to get started improving your sleep and wake up.

You can delve deep into all the amazing options Sleep as Android provides later on. But to get started just rely on our carefully selected defaults.

  1. Use the top right inv_ic_add plus icon and set up your Alarm time e. g. 8:00
  2. Smart wake up inv_ic_action_smart makes sure to find the best time for your wake up between 7:30 – 8:00 based on your sleep cycle
  3. Tap the moon inv_ic_action_trackicon and Sleep tracking starts, we use your phone’s sensor to find out what sleep phase you are in (see How it works)
  4. We recommend turning off your phone’s radios inv_ic_action_airplane_mode_off during sleep tracking
  5. Now just place the phone on the mattress near your body (see Setup sleep tracking) so it is able to sense your movement and wake you in the right sleep phase to bring your wake up experience to a new level
  6. After dismissing the alarm in the morning you will see your sleep phases, deep sleep % and more..


How it works explains how we use sensors to track your sleep. But there is much more than just smart wake up and sleep tracking, find out about Statistics, AdviceNoise recording, Snoring detection, Lullabies or even Lucid dreaming.

You can rely on your phone’s sensor, but if you prefer not having the phone in bed check out our Wearable integration or use sonar.

The app itself provides comprehensive Statistics and Advice but you can get maximum out of your data by connecting with Google Fit, S Health, Zeno base, Fluxtream, Beeminder and more.