Sonar – compatible devices

Find out below if your phone supports sonar.

The list is just general guidance. On your phone, sonar may behave differently. Please try it and let us know if it works ([email protected], ideally send a debug log [Menu > Report a bug])!


  • supported: A lot of Android phones are able to track sleep using ultrasound (sonar). The ones in the table below are confirmed to be working.
  • partially – small signal strength: The device has been repeatedly used by a sufficiently large number of users, so it means that it a kind of works. But the signal strength that we measured is not very big so the sensitivity might be poor.
  • partially – large average offset: The device has been repeatedly used by a sufficiently large number of users, so it means that it a kind of works. But many users set large volume offset which indicates that the device tends to produce audible artifacts.
  • unsupported: The device has been tested by a sufficiently large number of users, and the signal strength tends to be very small. We are not certain that these devices do not work at all, but it is very likely that they perform poorly at the best.
SupportDeviceNameUsers CountMedian Signal StrengthMean Volume Offset
SupportedSamsung SM-N900W8Galaxy Note355780
SupportedSamsung SM-N910W8Galaxy Note451650
SupportedSamsung SM-T810Galaxy Tab S27610
SupportedMotorola XT1225Moto MAXX4280.50
SupportedSamsung SM-N900VGalaxy Note365100
SupportedSamsung SM-G928VGalaxy S6 Edge+8264.50
SupportedSamsung SM-J700TGalaxy J7(2016)43500
SupportedHUAWEI NXT-L29Mate 858670
SupportedSamsung SM-G892AGalaxy S8 Active53620
SupportedBlackBerry BBB100-2KEYone6109.50
SupportedSamsung SM-G900W8Galaxy S510465.50
SupportedLGE LG-H830LG G561466.50
SupportedXiaomi MI 6MI61297.50.1
SupportedSamsung SGH-M919Galaxy S455200.2
SupportedElephone P900051530.2
SupportedSamsung SM-G900PGalaxy S594870.2
SupportedSamsung SM-N900TGalaxy Note379080.3
SupportedHUAWEI VIE-L09P9 Plus910100.3
SupportedSamsung SM-G903FGalaxy S5 Neo181210.3
SupportedAsus ASUS_Z00ADZenFone 2 (ZE551ML)28117.50.3
SupportedLGE VS985 4GLG G373370.4
SupportedSamsung SM-J730FGalaxy J751330.4
SupportedHUAWEI FRD-L19Honor 853480.4
SupportedHTC 1033640.4
SupportedGoogle Pixel CPixel C51010.4
SupportedLGE LG-H932V3082360.4
SupportedSamsung SM-N900Galaxy Note3619740.5
SupportedSamsung SC-02JGalaxy S84303.50.5
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G890AGalaxy S6 Active113450.5
SupportedSamsung SM-G903WGalaxy S5 Neo10910.5
SupportedXiaomi Redmi 4Redmi 4480.50.5
SupportedLGE LG-D852LG G378620.6
SupportedAsus ASUS_Z010DZenFone Max (ZC550KL)55840.6
SupportedMotorola XT1095Moto X (2nd Gen)715800.6
SupportedSamsung SM-G935UGalaxy S7 edge88070.6
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-N910AGalaxy Note473100.6
SupportedMotorola XT1097Moto X (2nd Gen)6497.50.7
SupportedSamsung SC-03JGalaxy S8+627070.7
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G930AGalaxy S7298910.7
SupportedSamsung SM-N910CGalaxy Note4322090.8
SupportedSamsung SM-S327VLGalaxy J3 Pop4530.8
SupportedSamsung SM-A500FUGalaxy A541000.8
SupportedSamsung SM-G920TGalaxy S643750.8
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G870AGalaxy S5 Active62150.8
SupportedSamsung SM-G965U1Galaxy S9+128910.8
SupportedHUAWEI GRA-L0981860.8
SupportedSamsung SM-G925VGalaxy S6 Edge6469.50.8
SupportedSony D6633Xperia Z3 Dual4580.8
SupportedHUAWEI EVA-L19P951720.8
SupportedMotorola XT1563Moto X Play5900.8
SupportedSamsung SM-G925IGalaxy S6 Edge12496.50.9
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G920AGalaxy S610947.50.9
SupportedHUAWEI VKY-L09P10 Plus152130.9
SupportedSamsung SM-G920SGalaxy S648951
SupportedAsus Nexus 7Nexus 7 (2012)36151.51
SupportedHUAWEI CRR-L094962.51
SupportedSamsung SM-A910FGalaxy A9 Pro41641.51
SupportedSamsung GT-I9195Galaxy S4 Mini126091
SupportedHUAWEI VKY-L29P10 Plus82871
SupportedMotorola XT1635-01Moto Z Play Droid8176.51
SupportedSamsung SM-G930VGalaxy S7678861
SupportedSamsung SM-G9350Galaxy S7 edge512791
SupportedLGE VS986LG G451501
SupportedHUAWEI MLA-L03nova plus4148.51
SupportedLGE Nexus 5XNexus 5X274433.51.1
SupportedSamsung SM-G900TGalaxy S514399.51.1
SupportedSamsung GT-I9505Galaxy S4523951.1
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I337Galaxy S473161.1
SupportedLGE VS987LG G574631.1
SupportedSamsung SM-G900IGalaxy S5161246.51.1
SupportedSamsung SM-N9005Galaxy Note3554021.1
SupportedSamsung SM-G900MGalaxy S512443.51.2
SupportedXiaomi Mi-4cMi 4c52341.2
SupportedOnePlus ONEPLUS A30003761281.2
SupportedLGE RS988LG G54278.51.2
SupportedHUAWEI FRD-L04Honor 843221.2
SupportedSamsung SM-G935VGalaxy S7 Edge669161.2
SupportedSamsung SM-G930UGalaxy S7915121.2
SupportedSamsung SM-J320FNGalaxy J3(2016)91421.2
SupportedAcer T03Liquid Z630461.51.2
SupportedSamsung SM-G930TGalaxy S73415071.3
SupportedSony G8342Xperia XZ16266.51.3
SupportedSamsung SM-N9500Galaxy Note8710411.3
SupportedSamsung SM-G920PGalaxy S610325.51.3
SupportedSamsung SM-G920FGalaxy S61583691.3
SupportedSamsung SM-G930PGalaxy S72712171.3
SupportedSamsung SM-N910VGalaxy Note4197461.3
SupportedZUK Z2 Plus6636.51.3
SupportedSamsung SCH-I545Galaxy S495301.3
SupportedMotorola Moto G (5)Moto G (5)24106.51.3
SupportedLGE LG-H831LG G518563.51.3
SupportedSamsung SM-G935TGalaxy S7 Edge3310161.4
SupportedXiaomi MI 5s PlusMI 5s Plus7781.4
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G928AGalaxy S6 Edge+51161.4
SupportedWileyfox Swift 2 XSwift 251661.4
SupportedHUAWEI FRD-L09Honor 8212301.4
SupportedOnePlus ONE E100552391.4
SupportedMotorola XT1254Droid Turbo151761.4
SupportedSamsung SM-G900FGalaxy S51023921.5
SupportedLGE Nexus 5Nexus 51232731.5
SupportedLGE LGM-V300KV304101.51.5
SupportedHUAWEI PLK-L01Honor 710663.51.5
SupportedSamsung SM-T713Galaxy Tab S24551.5
SupportedSamsung SM-G960U1Galaxy S9622401.5
SupportedSony C6903Xperia Z16801.5
SupportedXiaomi Mi A1Mi A156245.51.5
SupportedSamsung SM-G920VGalaxy S6312841.5
SupportedGoogle Pixel 2Pixel 21952181.5
SupportedSamsung SM-N930FGalaxy Note7415611.5
SupportedSamsung SM-G955NGalaxy S8+61144.51.5
SupportedSamsung SM-G900FDGalaxy S5 Dual SIM56381.6
SupportedSamsung SM-G930W8Galaxy S72813291.6
SupportedSamsung SM-G925FGalaxy S6 edge857351.6
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G900AGalaxy S5193091.6
SupportedSamsung SM-G950UGalaxy S815310801.7
SupportedSamsung SM-G955FGalaxy S8+23619441.7
SupportedSony D6603Xperia Z318951.7
SupportedSamsung SM-G955UGalaxy S8+1461070.51.7
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G891AGalaxy S7 Active227011.7
SupportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G935AGalaxy S7 Edge4314431.7
SupportedMotorola Moto E (4) PlusMoto E (4) Plus71711.7
SupportedHUAWEI EVA-L09P9332571.7
SupportedSamsung SM-N920IGalaxy Note564941.7
SupportedSamsung SM-N920CGalaxy Note5107141.8
SupportedHUAWEI WAS-LX1P10 lite111041.8
SupportedSamsung SM-N920VGalaxy Note520504.51.8
SupportedHUAWEI NEM-L21Honor 5C6701.8
SupportedSony D2303Xperia M24301.51.8
SupportedSamsung SM-N910UGalaxy Note461201.8
SupportedSamsung SM-N950U1Galaxy Note82610801.8
SupportedSamsung SM-N950UGalaxy Note81479451.8
SupportedSony SGP612Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact44721.8
SupportedZTE Z981Z98141181.8
SupportedLGE LG-H860LG G5915541.8
SupportedSamsung SM-G935FGalaxy S7 edge3575791.8
SupportedSamsung SM-J530FGalaxy J5111291.8
SupportedSamsung SM-G920W8Galaxy S6183611.8
SupportedSamsung SM-G960FGalaxy S92913911.8
SupportedSamsung SM-G950FGalaxy S83781280.51.8
SupportedSamsung SM-N910FGalaxy Note4584781.8
SupportedHUAWEI MHA-L09Mate 986891.9
SupportedSamsung SM-G950U1Galaxy S82710121.9
SupportedLGE LG-H812LG G4172391.9
SupportedOnePlus ONEPLUS A3003244971.9
SupportedHUAWEI VNS-L3130263.51.9
SupportedSamsung SM-N950WGalaxy Note8826531.9
SupportedSamsung SM-N950FGalaxy Note814517962
SupportedSamsung SM-G935W8Galaxy S7 Edge317202
SupportedHTC Desire 62641398.52
SupportedLGE VS988LG G6668.52
SupportedHTC U11 life6181.52
SupportedLGE LG-TP450LG Stylo 3 Plus43002
SupportedMotorola Moto X PlayMoto X Play62032
SupportedHUAWEI VNS-L21115072
SupportedSony D5503Xperia Z1 Compact171432
SupportedSamsung SM-N920GGalaxy Note5697.52
SupportedSamsung SM-G928FGalaxy S6 edge+241082
SupportedSamsung GT-I9295Galaxy S4 Active4140.52
SupportedLGE LG-D855LG G3215742
SupportedSamsung SM-N920PGalaxy Note56383.52
Partially – large average offsetZTE A2017U18208.52.1
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-H990V2010182.1
Partially – large average offsetOnePlus ONE E1003OnePlus171332.1
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G900VGalaxy S5343362.1
Partially – large average offsetSony G8142Xperia XZ Premium7972.1
Partially – large average offsetHTC One M91447.52.1
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-N920TGalaxy Note5198232.1
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-H910V207152.1
Partially – large average offsetMotorola XT1585DROID Turbo 212201.52.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-A510FGalaxy A5(2016)397822.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G930FGalaxy S73467872.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G960UGalaxy S9223332.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G950WGalaxy S82211752.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G965UGalaxy S9+459512.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-J500MGalaxy J55642.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-N950NGalaxy Note857502.2
Partially – large average offsetXiaomi MI 5Mi 5231012.2
Partially – large average offsetXiaomi Redmi 3SRedmi 3S1311042.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G800FGalaxy S5 mini155752.3
Partially – large average offsetXiaomi MI MAX 2MI MAX 2612.52.3
Partially – large average offsetNextbit RobinRobin11522.3
Partially – large average offsetXiaomi Redmi Note 3Redmi Note 31332.3
Partially – large average offsetMotorola XT1092Moto X (2nd Gen)755462.3
Partially – large average offsetMotorola Moto G (5) PlusMoto G (5) Plus511092.3
Partially – large average offsetXiaomi Redmi Note 4Redmi Note 435362.3
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G965FGalaxy S9+757572.3
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-H820LG G565762.3
Partially – large average offsetOnePlus ONE A200321060.52.3
Partially – large average offsetAsus ASUS_Z00LDZenFone 2 Laser (ZE550KL)9902.3
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI PRA-LX1Honor 8 Lite14276.52.3
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI BLN-L21honor 6x13782.4
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G955WGalaxy S8+161905.52.4
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-H818LG G454192.4
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G901FGalaxy S5 LTE-A14801.52.4
Partially – large average offsetHTC OneOne162252.4
Partially – large average offsetAsus ASUS_Z017DAZenFone 3 (ZE520KL)84612.5
Partially – large average offsetSony G8232Xperia XZs442.52.5
Partially – large average offsetSony G3121Xperia XA14843.52.5
Partially – large average offsetMotorola XT1572Moto X Style621762.5
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-H850LG G5135832.5
Partially – large average offsetMotorola XT1562Moto X Play173382.5
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-A310FGalaxy A3(2016)153072.6
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G935PGalaxy S7 Edge237222.6
Partially – large average offsetMotorola XT1650Moto Z391532.6
Partially – large average offsetBlackberry STV100-3PRIV by BlackBerry5332.6
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-H930V30201362.6
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI RNE-L21Mate 10 lite7822.6
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-H840LG G5 SE73542.7
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI VTR-L29P1017942.7
Partially – large average offsetSony SO-01JXperia XZ72292.7
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI VTR-L09P1029592.7
Partially – large average offsetMotorola Moto G (5S) PlusMoto G (5S) Plus26306.52.7
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G920IGalaxy S616289.52.7
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G610MGalaxy J7 Prime4302.8
Partially – large average offsetHTC One_M8187562.8
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-T800Galaxy Tab S 10.56115.52.8
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G930SGalaxy S747792.8
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G955U1Galaxy S8+161843.52.8
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI MHA-L29Mate 9252322.8
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI CLT-L29P20 Pro76522.9
Partially – large average offsetSony G8141Xperia XZ Premium181412.9
Partially – large average offsetSony F5321Xperia X Compact1716602.9
Partially – large average offsetMotorola moto x4Moto X (4)232792.9
Partially – large average offsetOnePlus ONEPLUS A5000OnePlus59733
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-T820Galaxy Tab S35683
Partially – large average offsetSony E6853Xperia Z5 Premium10194.53
Partially – large average offsetZTE A2017G10103.53
Partially – large average offsetSony F8331Xperia XZ26113.53
Partially – large average offsetSony G8341Xperia XZ171093
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-LS993LG G6412.53
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-H918V20624.53
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G900HGalaxy S542713
Partially – large average offsetMotorola XT1575Moto X Pure Edition164573.1
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-H815LG G4571313.1
Partially – large average offsetSony G8441Xperia XZ1 Compact12582.53.1
Partially – large average offsetEssential Products PH-1254313.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-J500FNGalaxy J55443.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-N915FYGalaxy Note Edge4175.53.2
Partially – large average offsetXiaomi Redmi Note 2HM Note 241293.2
Partially – large average offsetXiaomi MI 5sMi 5s114863.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-N920AGalaxy Note592743.3
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G925AGalaxy S6 Edge5403.4
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-N910GGalaxy Note473473.4
Partially – large average offsetMotorola Moto Z (2)Moto Z (2) Force22146.53.4
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-A720FGalaxy A7(2017)7203.4
Partially – large average offsetBullittGroupLimited S60ALTICE S604133.53.5
Partially – large average offsetHMD Global TA-1004104083.5
Partially – large average offsetSony C6603Xperia Z440.53.5
Partially – large average offsetHuawei Nexus 6PNexus 6P2264073.6
Partially – large average offsetMotorola Moto G (5S)Moto G (5S)74363.6
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI BLA-L09Mate 10 Pro7753.6
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI BLN-L24Honor 6X51173.6
Partially – large average offsetMotorola XT1635-02Moto Z Play481283.6
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-N910TGalaxy Note496233.6
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-A520FGalaxy A5(2017)58823.7
Partially – large average offsetMotorola MotoG3Moto G (3rd Gen)312763.8
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI ALE-L21P8 Lite351143.8
Partially – large average offsetBlackberry STV100-4PRIV by BlackBerry6123.53.8
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI STF-L09Honor 9171133.8
Partially – large average offsetOnePlus ONEPLUS A5010OnePlus5T7354
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI BTV-DL09M341226.54
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-N9208Galaxy Note571554
Partially – large average offsetSony E6553Xperia Z3+52154
Partially – large average offsetHMD Global TA-102152234
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-N920KGalaxy Note551204.2
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI RIO-L014122.54.2
Partially – large average offsetMotorola XT1580Moto X Force56544.2
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-A320FGalaxy A3(2017)5794.2
Partially – large average offsetLGE Nexus 4Nexus 420113.54.3
Partially – large average offsetSony E5823Xperia Z5 Compact294294.3
Partially – large average offsetSony F5121Xperia X91124.3
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-G925W8Galaxy S6 Edge72604.4
Partially – large average offsetXiaomi Redmi 4XRedmi 4X156924.4
Partially – large average offsetAsus ASUS_Z017DZenFone 3 (ZE520KL)8163.54.4
Partially – large average offsetLGE VS996V305594.4
Partially – large average offsetAsus ASUS_Z00A57104.4
Partially – large average offsetLGE LG-D802LG G283124.5
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-A520WGalaxy A5(2017)4154.54.5
Partially – large average offsetWileyfox Swift 2 PlusSwift 261374.5
Partially – large average offsetSony E6653Xperia Z5242694.5
Partially – large average offsetMotorola Moto G PlayMoto G (4) Play171154.5
Partially – large average offsetSony SO-01KXperia XZ152774.6
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-T719Galaxy Tab S251754.6
Partially – large average offsetMotorola Nexus 6Nexus 6536044.9
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-A320FLGalaxy A3(2017)14146.55
Partially – large average offsetHTC U Ultra6545.2
Partially – large average offsetMotorola Moto G (4)Moto G (5) Plus591485.2
Partially – large average offsetHTC U11 plus6556.55.3
Partially – large average offsetFairphone FP2FP28367.55.4
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-A510MGalaxy A5(2016)412535.5
Partially – large average offsetAsus ASUS_Z012DZenFone 3 (ZE552KL)4361.55.5
Partially – large average offsetHUAWEI LON-L29Mate 9 Pro5915.6
Partially – large average offsetMotorola Moto Z2 PlayMoto Z (2) Play231705.6
Partially – large average offsetSamsung SM-A530FGalaxy A8(2018)4124.56.2
Partially – large average offsetBq Aquaris M5Aquaris M54226.8
Partially – large average offsetMotorola XT1068Moto G (2nd Gen)4439.56.8
Partially – large average offsetLENOVO Lenovo P2a42P2112087.5
Partially – large average offsetBq Aquaris X5 PlusAquaris X5 Plus4684.57.8
Partially – large average offsetOnePlus A0001One553978.5
Partially – small signal strengthHUAWEI WAS-LX1AP10 lite9330
Partially – small signal strengthLGE LG-US996V20590
Partially – small signal strengthXiaomi MI MAXMI MAX6330
Partially – small signal strengthLGE LG-H873LG G613350.2
Partially – small signal strengthSony D5833Xperia Z3 Compact430.50.2
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung SM-T310Galaxy Tab3436.50.2
Partially – small signal strengthLGE LG-H872LG G612200.6
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung SM-J730GMGalaxy J7 Pro442.50.8
Partially – small signal strengthGoogle PixelPixel274450.9
Partially – small signal strengthSony D5803Xperia Z3 Compact25301
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung SM-T350Galaxy Tab A 8.0441.51
Partially – small signal strengthGoogle Pixel XLPixel XL238311.1
Partially – small signal strengthHUAWEI BKL-L09Honor View 107481.1
Partially – small signal strengthLGE VS995V206251.2
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung SM-J727VPPGalaxy J74201.2
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung SM-J710FGalaxy J7(2016)15371.3
Partially – small signal strengthHUAWEI BLA-L29Mate 10 Pro2624.51.3
Partially – small signal strengthOnePlus ONEPLUS A301023311.4
Partially – small signal strengthSony SO-04JXperia XZ Premium421.51.5
Partially – small signal strengthBlackBerry BBB100-1KEYone4281.5
Partially – small signal strengthLGE LG-H870DSLG G61227.51.5
Partially – small signal strengthLGE LG-H870LG G64033.51.6
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung GT-I9301IGalaxy S3 Neo7111.7
Partially – small signal strengthAsus ASUS_Z00EDZenFone 2 Laser (ZE500KL)842.51.8
Partially – small signal strengthHTC U1127171.8
Partially – small signal strengthGoogle Pixel 2 XLPixel 2 XL316301.9
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung SM-J510FNGalaxy J5(2016)20442
Partially – small signal strengthLGE LG-H910V207152.1
Partially – small signal strengthHTC One M91447.52.1
Partially – small signal strengthLGE LG-H990V2010182.1
Partially – small signal strengthXiaomi MI MAX 2MI MAX 2612.52.3
Partially – small signal strengthXiaomi Redmi Note 4Redmi Note 435362.3
Partially – small signal strengthXiaomi Redmi Note 3Redmi Note 31332.3
Partially – small signal strengthSony G8232Xperia XZs442.52.5
Partially – small signal strengthBlackberry STV100-3PRIV by BlackBerry5332.6
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung SM-G610MGalaxy J7 Prime4302.8
Partially – small signal strengthLGE LG-H918V20624.53
Partially – small signal strengthOnePlus ONEPLUS A5000OnePlus59733
Partially – small signal strengthLGE LG-LS993LG G6412.53
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung SM-J500FNGalaxy J55443.2
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung SM-A720FGalaxy A7(2017)7203.4
Partially – small signal strengthSamsung SAMSUNG-SM-G925AGalaxy S6 Edge5403.4
Partially – small signal strengthSony C6603Xperia Z440.53.5
Partially – small signal strengthOnePlus ONEPLUS A5010OnePlus5T7354
Partially – small signal strengthBq Aquaris M5Aquaris M54226.8
Not supportedMicromax Q415410.8
Not supportedSamsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I747Galaxy S31010.4
Not supportedOnePlus ONE A20053612
Not supportedOnePlus ONE A2003212311.1
Not supportedLeMobile Le X527Le 2419.5
Not supportedLGE LG-F800KV20510.6
Not supportedZTE A2017G3812.4
Not supportedHUAWEI KIW-L24honor 5X612.2
Not supportedSamsung GT-I9305Galaxy S31311.5
Not supportedHUAWEI KIW-L21Honor 5X2013
Not supportedWIKO FEVERFEVER410
Not supportedHTC One X610.8
Not supportedDOOGEE X5pro512.4
Not supportedXiaomi MI 4LTEMI 4LTE510.2
Not supportedXiaomi Redmi 3Redmi 33511.3
Not supportedBLU R1 HDR1 HD513.4
Not supportedXiaomi Redmi Note 3Redmi Note 311511.5
Not supportedXiaomi Redmi ProRedmi Pro510
Not supportedTCL 6039Y6039Y413
Not supportedOnePlus ONE A20011920.5
Not supportedOnePlus ONEPLUS A5000OnePlus541422.3
Not supportedSony Xperia Z2921.7
Not supportedSamsung GT-I9300Galaxy S33221.3
Not supportedSamsung SM-T285Galaxy Tab A
Not supportedOnePlus ONEPLUS A5010OnePlus5T27032.5
Not supportedSamsung SCH-I535Galaxy S3541.8
Not supportedSamsung SM-T230Galaxy Tab4 7.0540.2
Not supportedOPPO F1fF1f442
Not supportedSony Xperia Z3C440.2
Not supportedOUKITEL K6000 Pro740.9
Not supportedZUK Z2121852.5
Not supportedLENOVO Lenovo A7010a48VIBE X3 Lite1552.1
Not supportedMeizu PRO 5776.6
Not supportedMeizu M3sM3s675.7
Not supportedMotorola XT1049Moto X (1st Gen)480.2
Not supportedMotorola XT1052Moto X (1st Gen)582.2
Not supportedMotorola XT1032Moto G (1st Gen)1980.8
Not supportedSamsung SM-G350Galaxy Core Plus483.5
Not supportedLGE LG-US996V20981.9
Not supportedXiaomi Redmi 4Redmi 43491.8
Not supportedXiaomi MI MIX593.6
Not supportedDOOGEE X5792.3
Not supportedWIKO U FEELU FEEL594.8
Not supportedSamsung SM-G550T1Galaxy On549.51.8
Not supportedSamsung GT-I9100Galaxy S211103.1
Not supportedLGE LG-H910V202410.51.4
Not supportedSamsung GT-I9300IGalaxy S3 Neo610.50.5
Not supportedMotorola XT1033Moto G (1st Gen)1010.50.3
Not supportedSamsung SM-A500MGalaxy A55110.2
Not supportedSamsung SM-T813Galaxy Tab S26121.8
Not supportedLGE LG-H915V207121.6
Not supportedLGE LG-LS997V2013120.2
Not supportedSamsung Nexus 10Nexus 108130.4
Not supportedMotorola XT1060Moto X (1st Gen)5131.2
Not supportedSamsung GT-I9060Galaxy Grand Neo4140
Not supportedMotorola XT1058Moto X (1st Gen)14141.1
Not supportedSamsung SM-S920LGalaxy Grand Prime414.50.2
Not supportedMotorola XT1053Moto X (1st Gen)5150
Not supportedLGE VS995V202415.51.7
Not supportedXiaomi Mi MIX 2MIX 29160.6
Not supportedBq Aquaris E5Aquaris E58163.1
Not supportedOPPO A1601A16015160.6
Not supportedSony D6503Xperia Z239181
Not supportedLGE LG-LS993LG G69191.3
Not supportedSamsung SM-J710MNGalaxy J7(2016)4190
Not supportedLGE LG-H873LG G62419.50.2
Not supportedLGE LG-H990V203019.51
Not supportedSamsung SM-G530HGalaxy Grand Prime6200.3
Not supportedSamsung SM-J727VPPGalaxy J74201.2
Not supportedAmazon KFDOWI6210.8
Not supportedLGE LG-H871LG G6821.52.2
Not supportedSamsung GT-N5110Galaxy Note 8.0421.50
Not supportedHUAWEI BLA-L09Mate 10 Pro2021.52
Not supportedLGE LG-F800LV205222.6
Not supportedMotorola XT1039Moto G with 4G LTE (1st Gen)13223.4
Not supportedAcer T03Liquid Z6307221.1
Not supportedSamsung GT-I9301IGalaxy S3 Neo1622.51.1
Not supportedSamsung SM-G570FGalaxy J5 Prime5231.6
Not supportedMeizu MX4 Pro4235
Not supportedHTC_U-3u11250.4
Not supportedLGE LG-H918V2043251.6
Not supportedAsus ASUS_Z00TDZenFone 2 Laser (ZE551KL)4250.5

26 thoughts on “Sonar – compatible devices

  1. Sonar works absolutely great on my Samsung Galaxy S7. There is just a slight issue which is that if I activate the Noise recording / Snore detection, the recording is composed mostly of the sonar continuous blips, and very little of the actual sound recording can be heard over that. Unlike operational sonar sound which is not heard as expected. Maybe in the future you could process the recording to digitally remove these continuous blips of fixed frequency, that would be great 🙂

    1. Many thanks. We are working on a sonar redesign which will address mainly this issue. Hopefully we will be able to not get the artifact in the recordings in the first place 🙂

    2. I have the S7 as well but the sleep record charts are off… (95% deep sleep… euh… I don’t think so!)

      Does the orientation of the phone has anything to do with it…?
      I also wireless charge… could that be the issue?

  2. Sonar worked very well on my Samsung S5 (SM-G900I) but says not supported on my LG G6 (LG-H870K). Bug report sent as this is I’ve of the best features of this app.

  3. Sonar works on my Doogee X5-max-pro. But I would like to know the best sonar setting. On 18-20 I get a signal of 50 but on 19 I get 150. Does 18-20 vary the setting automatically or is it better to specify a value that gives the biggest signal?

    1. The best is to choose a setting that gives the least hearable artifacts. Regarding detection, they should all work, but some of them may be hearable on your hardware and some not.

  4. It is supported on meizu mx4pro. There is the following idea: my device has a built-in audio chip, which has the ability to reproduce a frequency of 192,000 Hz. Operating system Flyme on the basis of Android. Not all players can use the output of sound through this chip. A vertex can use an audio chip. I thought maybe you could use this feature of the device to watch for breathing during sleep? (There are other devices with audio chips)

    1. Hi Alexey, thanks for the idea. We are unable to implement such hardware specific features as that will quickly lead to maintenance hell on our side. Sorry about that but since the vast majority of phones do not have such capabilities, we don’t want to go this way.

  5. It is supported on meizu mx4pro. There is the following idea: my device has a built-in audio chip, which has the ability to reproduce a frequency of 192,000 Hz. Operating system Flyme on the basis of Android. Not all players can use the output of sound through this chip. A PowerAmp can use an audio chip. I thought maybe you could use this feature of the device to watch for breathing during sleep? (There are other devices with audio chips)

    1. Doesn’t work well for me. I try to test it and it says “Sonar NOT supported” “Signal strength: 12-48” even though it sometimes occasionally gets “Sonar is supported”

    1. We are making great improvements in the snoring detection, but every fan, every room and every snoring is different, so the easiest way to find out would be to try. Just one night of trying will tell you pretty much how it works for you.

    1. Hello Zero,

      many thanks for reporting the issue. On some devices the sonar sound which we produce can also get recorded through some feedback loop or may produce audible artifacts in lullabies or normal use.

      We should have a workaround for this with our Sonar version 2 we are currently working on. The new method should not produce this kind of artifacts in recordings or playback. Would you be willing to test this out?

      Please make sure to install the latest BETA version. If you are no already in the BETA group please opt-in here:
      or install the APK from:

      Please go to Settings – Sleep tracking – Sensor: Sonar – Test sensor. After your signal strength gets detected, please use the switch right to the volume bar and choose F20 instead of F18-20, wait until signal strength gets detected again and see if sonar reacts ok to your movement. If there are any issues, please or you feel sonar is not that sensitive, please try F19 and than F18. Please let me know if this new setup does not produce any artifacts.

  6. I don’t understand, my blackview bv5000 worked fine with the solar until a month ago. Since then, it suddenly gave a flat line. When tried to test it, it suddenly says the device is not supported, although it already took records very well for about a year that I have this phone..

    1. Hi, could you please try to restart the phone? Also make sure to test sonar at the highest volume. Also try to clean the mic/speakers, it’s a long shot but dust might have accumulated there, blocking some volume?

  7. En las pruebas de la aplicación si funciona el sonar en mi ZTE Axon Mini, pero luego al monitorear el sueño sólo recoge los datos de MIBAND 2. Antes de tener la pulsera MIBAND 2 si funcionaba el sonar.

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