Sleep as Android is translated to many world languages, thanks to our translator volunteers. We could never do that without you!

The app automatically detects the appropriate language from your phone’s locale settings. If you’d prefer the app in English over your translation (or the translation is incomplete and you don’t like that), you can force the English locale for the app in Settings > Miscellaneous > Force English.

 Can you help us with the translations?

There are new features added all the time which need new strings, which in turn need to be translated. Can you give us a hand with it? Please ask for permission to access our translation spreadsheets:

Sleep as Android Translation Spreadsheet

SleepCloud Translation Spreadsheet

BabySleep Translation Spreadsheet

Twilight Translation Spreadsheet

Digital Detox Translation Spreadsheet

Thank you to the translators

Indonesian Translation

Gunawan Agung Wibowo

Hungarian Translation

Imre Németh
imisrac (at) gmail (dot) com
Gábor Tóth
mcdermott87hun (at) gmail (dot) com

Croatian Translation

David Boca
david.boca.2000b (at) gmail (dot) com

Turkish Translation

Merve Aydın
merveaydin85 (at) gmail (dot) com

Kadir Nadir SEKMAN
nsekman (at)
alkankizilca (at) gmail (dot) com

Chinese Simplified

Chen Ma
Eddy Yan
eddyping0917 (at) gmail (dot) com 

Chinese Traditional

Romanian translation

Alexandru Gheorghiu
alexandru (at) gheorghiu (dot) com

Thai Translation

Kiatateeti Anusornpakdee (Um)

Polish Translation

Filip Godlewski
Michał ‘yoyebie’ Paszkowski
yoyebie (at) gmail (dot) com
Robert Bucza-Buczyn
colorfulowa (at) gmail (dot) com
Kacper Paluch
duszek00 (at) gmail (dot) com

German Translation

Lukas Röllin
migrosxd (at) gmail (dot) com
Stanislava Peerová
peerova (at) seznam (dot) cz

Spanish Translation

Manuel N
contacto (at) agora-security (dot) com
Ignacio Fernández Quirósnachojr99 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Russian Translation

Слава Закалюжный
v.zakaljuzhnij (at) gmail (dot) com
Anthony Alexandroff
djtonik (at) nwd (dot) ru

Finnish Translation

Niko Koivu

Italian Translation

Matteo Guareschi
matteo.guareschi (at)>

Danish Translation

Martin Madsen
Arabic TranslationIsq Siali
isasiali1974 (at) gmail (dot) com
Bashar R. Abu Sba’
bashar.r.s (at) gmail (dot) com

Norwegian Translation

Jonas Andersen
ja.pro0308 (at) gmail (dot) com
Roy-Inge Karlsen
candyking20 (at)

Korean Translation

Kyung-Min Cha
kyungmin.cha (at) gmail (dot) com

Japanese Translation

Masahiro Inamura (Galyu Co.)
ms17xbiz (at) gmail (dot) com

Catalan translation

Agustí Descarrega

adescarrega (at)

Estonian Translation

Keijo Laas
keijo (at) kevira (dot) ee

Ukrainian Translation

Paul Furlet antidote (dot) box (at) gmail (dot) com
Ukraine, Zhytomyr

Hebrew Translation

Nir Klinger
klinger.nir (at) gmail (dot) com

Portuguese (Portugal) Translation

Pedro o Raposo
ptfraposo (at) gmail (dot) com

French Translation

José María Bescos
jmbescos (at) ibidemgroup (dot) com

Yann Le Brech yann (at)
funkynata (at) gmail (dot) com

Slovak Translation

Moni Kunovská
monciciatko (at) gmail (dot) com

Swedish Translation

Mattias Zippert
mattias (at) zippert (dot) org
Christer Meijer
christer (at) meijer (dot) se

Portuguese (Brazil) Translation

Lucas Lacerda tame.lucas (at) gmail (dot) com
Erick Ungarelli
erickungarelli (at) gmail (dot) com

Dutch/Nederlands Translation

Jeroen Maathuis

Hungarian Translation

Gábor Tóth
mcdermott87hun (at) gmail (dot) com

Serbian Translation

Marko Lazarevic


… this page is in progress. There are many more contributors and we are gathering their details now.