Sleep noise recording

TIP: Are you making noises in the night? Sleep as Android will tell you!

What is noise recording good for?

Noise recording allows you to record significant noises during your sleep. You may reveal that you are sleep talking, sleep laughing, snoring or even have a more serious issue (such as obstructive sleep apnea OSA).

How does noise recording work?

Noise recording is based on volume. Whenever a certain noise volume exceeds the configured threshold, noise recording is triggered and continues recording for a few seconds. If another noise over threshold event occurs, the recording is prolonged. Volume threshold is configured under Settings > Sleep noise recording and this setting is device dependent.

Recording threshold and the current volume level is visualized directly on the sleep tracking screen. You may experiment with different thresholds and whether recording is triggered here.


TIP: If you are seeing to much uninteresting recordings try to increase the threshold, on the other hand if you get hardly any recordings try to lower it.

If you use lullabies, noise recording starts after the lullaby stops playing.

NOTE: In order to achieve good recordings we recommend keeping the phone close to your head with the microphone area not covered. We do strongly recommend using airplane mode during the whole period of sleep tracking.


Where to find noise records?

  • In the inv_ic_action_noise Noise tab, in chronological order from latest to last
  • In theGraphs tab under any sleep record in reverse order (tap a sleep record and then on Noise in the inv_ic_dots_horizontal menu)

Give me the Stats

When you enable noise recording, noise statistics gathering is turned on automatically. This feature tracks the volume levels in your bedroom during sleeping. Bedroom noise is another factor which can influence the quality of sleep. You can see how much noise there was as a % under each sleep record.

When listening to the noise recordings, you may find that some of those are tagged with #snore, while others aren’t. If you find the tags inaccurate, you can adjust them yourself, which will adjust the statistics accordingly. Length of the records with a #snore tag is added to snoring length.

Setup noise recording

We recommend to enable high quality recording in Settings > Sleep noise recording > High quality recording. This bring much clearer high sample rate recordings with minimum background noise. This option is not enabled by default as it may cause higher battery consumption and issues on exotic firmware.

NOTE: Features such as Snoring detection or Anti-snoring require high quality recording in order to function properly.