Jet lag prevention

Flying across the globe? With Sleep as Android, you don’t have to fear jet lag issues.

What is jet lag?

Jet lag is a misalignment of the biological clock of your body and the light/darkness cycle of the environment, usually ocurring after travelling across time zones. When left to itself, your body adjusts to time change at a slow pace of about one hour per day. The misalignment will cause you fatigue, dizziness and worse. 7376801582_0c4e7496c3_k

How to prevent jet lag?

A 2016 study from Stanford University School of Medicine found that short flashes of light at the right time during sleep can shift your melatonine cycle.

You can prevent jet lag with the Jet lag prevention feature of Sleep as Android. We use short flashes (around 2 ms) of light every 15 seconds.

Prior to travelling abroad, go to Settings > Jet lag prevention and enable it. Each hour of timezone difference requires a day of adjustment. If you travel e.g. 4 timezones away, start 4 days before the departure. Select the target timezone and in the evening, start sleep tracking and point the LED light at the ceiling. You can also use SleepMask or Philips HUE.

If your target destination is west from your current location, jet lag prevention will flash starting from your bedtime. If you are heading east, it will start during the night and flash until the morning. The duration of the flashing depends on time difference between current and target timezone.

NOTE: Currently battery saving mode is not supported when using jet lag prevention.