Awake detection

Does the app know if I am awake?

In general, actigraphy is not powerful enough to distinguish you being awake in the bed and not moving  from being out of bed for toilet. This means that it is not able to tell how long it takes you to fall asleep. It also gets confused when you go to toilet in the night. However, we have developed an experimental way of overcoming this deficit.
a) Awake detection
    Enable awake detection in Settings > Sleep tracking > Awake detection.
    Awake detection estimates the length of the awake phase in two ways:
    1. By comparing the length of the first light phase of your sleep with a standard, we can estimate how long it took you to fall asleep
    2. By considering unusual positions of your device, we can find time points in which You were awake and estimate from there. This works as an automatic pause.
b) Without using awake detection
    In this case we need a little help from you to correct your sleep tracking data. Use the sleep tracking pause feature whenever you are tracking but not sleeping.
Pause is available from sleep tracking screen using the Pause button. This will display the pausing dialog with the pause time left. Pausing is designed to finish without your further interaction. You may add +5 minutes anytime.
You can add pause time without looking at the touch screen. This feature needs to be enabled in Settings > Sleep tracking > Volume and camera button effect. This allows to cap pausing at minimally 5 minutes every time your press the volume of camera buttons. If your device is tracking with screen on (see the next section for details), no other action is required. If your device tracks with screen off the sequence to cap pausing is to press the power button and than one of the volume buttons or camera button.
In case you already know your typical fall asleep sequence you can configure automatic pause time at sleep tracking start. This option is available in Settings > Sleep tracking > Delayed sleep tracking.
You can also edit your sleep graph ex-post in order to correct your wake up or before fall asleep periods. This can be done in the sleep graph detail screen. Graph detail screen is displayed, when you click on  a graph on the screen that lists all your recordings. You can select the related portion of the sleep graph and choose MENU > Delete selected

Using heart rates for awake detection

In contrast to manual techniques or estimates, using a heart rate sensor gives us an exact information about your awake times.
During sleep, your heart beats up to 10 BPM slower than when awake. Heart rate tracking together with actigraphy gives a solid overall picture about your sleep.
  • actigraphy recognizes between light and deep sleep phases
  • heart rates help to identify awake and asleep states
We always take a 5 minute average HR values to check your awake state. This means mainly two things:
  1. We cannot measure awake states shorter than 5 minutes
  2. You do not need to supply your resting heart rate since we infer that from your sleep values
Sleep as Android supports most Bluetooth heart rate devices via BLE, and various smartwatches sensor. Please refer to Wearable for more details.

Using light level for awake detection

Sleep as Android uses the ambient light sensor (lux sensor) that is present in nearly every smartphone to measure the level of ambient light in your bedroom.

How to enable

Settings > Sleep tracking > Awake detection

What does it do

When awake detection is enabled, light is being measured during sleep tracking.

  1. You will see light level plotted on your sleep graph (in the same way as heart rates or breath is plotted), in lux units.
  2. #dark / #light tags will be added to your sleep records.
  3. If there is disturbing light (more than 30 lux) after sunset, we consider it as an Awake period.

The #dark tag is added when you have less than 30 lux for at least 90% of the night.
The #light tag is added when you have more than 60 lux for at least 33% of the night.

Light measurement also plays a role in automatic sleep tracking.

22 thoughts on “Awake detection

  1. I sometimes get up during the night and move away from the phone. Therefore I would prefer a UI which allows me to
    clock into Pause and clock out again if I go to bed again.

    1. Hi Mark, there is a pause button on the sleep tracking screen, and while the pause is running you can easily cancel it by pushing the play button.

      1. The pause/restart taking screen doesn’t function properly. It won’t pause, ever. Also when I try and shut it down, it’s near impossible… I have a galaxy note 5 and a samsung gear 2

        1. Many thanks for your feedback. We are very close to releasing a new version of the Gear addon which should fix the issue.

  2. Heĺlo,
    I use the Huawei wirst watch with HR-Sensor and i have the Beta Version sleepasandroid and all whatchsupport Button are aktivated. App and watch are connected. but i cant find the ❤ Symbol in the Graphik. Should i aktivad the heartrate Modus in the watch?

  3. When tracking with a HR strap I get accurate graphs recording my sleep phases but it has never been able to tell when I am awake, logging awake times as light sleep instead. Is it possible to calibrate hr tracking to my resting heart rate when awake? If possible could this be implemented to set an ideal sleep length alarm starting when I fall asleep as opposed to starting when I initiate tracking?

  4. Hi, why do the pause Marks disappear from my graphs once I’ve listened to and labelled my recordings? I wish they wouldn’t, I find it quite frustrating, especially as the graph changes afterwards so that those paused periods no longer show as “awake” in the graph!! It defeats the object of the feature. Those periods of pausing don’t seem to subtract that awake time from the duration info either, it would be good to know how much time I’d been awake in the night…

  5. Hi, first off I love this sleep tracking app. I use the S7 edge and moto 360 2nd gen (watch is tracking HR and movement, phone is just receiving info from watch via Bluetooth.

    I have the beta enabled, and most the beta features. In my sleep tracking it seems to mostly pick up when I’m awake and not, however today I forgot to shut sleep tracking off 4 hours into my day, where I had driven around and walked alot, and the graph seemed to decide any pause I had (even working out) was light sleep?
    I have awake detection on (experimental)
    HR enabled

    Is there anything else I’m missing? I don’t have any major complaints as the app is great, I just was curious if it could be calibrated to my own Heart rate (mine rests at 50-60 bpm so it’s quite slow, could be why it thinks I’m sleeping haha)

    I appreciate any and all input. Thank you!

  6. I use wake detection but when i get up during night for the toilet neither the accelerometer or the sonar reliably detects this. The manual pause methods available are to hard to use in my bemused state. Using them just wakes me further. One phone doesnt have a camera button either. The pause button is too small. I could manage a big pause button on the screen.

  7. In previous versions of the program, when I woke up and turned on the screen, information about the pause popped up. In the current version of the program, the screen seems to have been flickering and nothing more. Is this how it should be? Awake detection is on. There is no indication on the graph.

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