3 thoughts on “More features

  1. Im looking for information about:
    “Settings > Misc > Fix wild graphs”
    But I can’t find it, it would be really useful if there was a settings category where the information have the same structure as in the apps settings.

    However the settings are confusing too, I was looking for the option to increase accelerometer sensitivity and I think it took 3 MINUTES to find the darn thing!
    Some form of “simplification” of the settings meny is probably needed, or something like a mini-map where you can see all the categories & subcategories at the same time (like the index in the top of a larger Wikipedia article)

    1. Hello Sebastian, this option is obsolete now. In fact it is a reaction to a accelerometer bug on Samsung which is causing wild graphs.

      Regarding sensitivity, there is no such think you could increase sensitivity of the sensor. We use maximum of the information the sensor provides with a high sampling rate, we cannot increase here :)..

      What is the issue you are trying to solve?

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